"You remember the rules?"

"I never forgot them."

"Good, then you never forgot what I'm capable of?"


"Shoppach, '95? Oh, and Barton?"

A sly grin.

"Surely you remember Kelly."

"What do you want, Ted?"

"You know what I want: twenty minutes with Stacey, no guards; a safe haven in Phoenix; and two one-way tickets to Me-hi-ko."



"I said 'No.'"

"I heard that part, but what was the other—the part after 'no'? What was it?"


"Was it 'Van'? Or did you say 'Deaq'? I didn't quite catch that..."

"You can have ten minutes with Stacey, your own one-way to Mexico, and ten thousand dollars, OR, zero minutes with Stacey, a bullet in your ass and a one-way ticket to hell. Guess which sounds better to me."


"I thought you remembered the rules?"

"I said I didn't forget them; that doesn't mean I follow this time."

"Fine. You never did like my rules. Fifteen minutes with Stacey, a single, one-way ticket to Mexico, and immunity from your boys—we wouldn't want to get them involved, now, would we? Mina?"

Wilhelmina Chambers lowered her gray glasses and looked up with a weary smile. "Then I get Robbie. And, I want out. For good."


Hey guys, this is my first story here... I hope I'm doing this right & I hope you all like it! I promise it will get more detailed--my openers are always different... :)