"I'll be honest, I never thought you'd show."

Van heard the coo of the woman he'd met just hours ago, but found himself at a loss for words when he realized how different she looked. She wasn't the punctually professional Federal Agent from before, and her sudden change in attire was certainly suspicious. No longer was she wearing her classy black suit; instead, she wore tight jeans and an old t-shirt. Her bleach blond hair was a tad darker, accented with blue tips that were almost impossible to detect with the matching, flashing lights of the nightclub. He shook his head, angrily.

Put on or not, he was not, nor would he ever be, buying it. He made that clear in his voice as he asked why she'd bothered to come. "Then why are you here?"

"Because I figured I'd give you the benefit of the doubt." She bit her lip as she sat down beside him and flagged down the bartender with a mere wink.

"Or, is it because you want me to incriminate my boss?" He said smiling dryly, before taking a swing of his beer.

"Lieutenant Chambers has incriminated herself. I don't need you or your testimony to prove that." She shrugged.

"Then why are we here?"

The woman smirked, and tilted her head towards the back of the club. "Do you see the man in the corner; stout. bald. Dark glasses?"

"So what?"

"His name is David. They call him "Davey," ...but his name is David. David LaSalle. Has Mina, ...'Billie' ever mentioned him before?"

"And what if she has?" Van replied, again with sarcasm.

"Look. I get it, Van. You don't trust me."

"Oh, I don't trust you? Damn right, I don't trust you." He snorted, jumping up from his seat. "...You show up here, just about blow my cover. Throw all this crazy information in my face, accuse Billie of.. of..." As Van shook his head wildly trying to sum up the accusations, she grabbed his arm and stared him down. The solemn look on her face ended both his sentence and his anger, because he knew, just by that look, something had happened. Something bad.

"I think he killed your partner, and you're next." She licked her lip and looked away.

Van didn't sit. He closed his eyes as he felt the room spin around him. He took a short breath, or two, but he didn't sit. His head shook softly, tongue resting hard against his bottom teeth, as he searched desperately for some sort of reaction, but he found none.

"Sit down, before he knows you know." She smirked, hating to be the messenger. Her message had yet to sink it.

"It's why I'm here, Van. Something is going on here. Something big, and your boss knows about it. Billie knows. She's known all along. How many more people have to die before I figure it out? Before we make the case? You know her better than anyone. Help me."

Van sat and looked away, his mind racing with thoughts.


"Yah kno' how mu'ch he missed yew?" Fritz smiled warmly. Billie crossed her arms.

She refused to acknowledge the fact that, out of all of the people she'd met through Ted, Fritz was her favorite. He was nice, funny, and, of course, good looking, but at the end of the day, he was still a tool. A pawn in the game. Always dispensible, never anything more.

She kept her body tense and her voice firm. "I want to see him."

"Well, he ain't heah. Yew kno' th'at." He rolled his eyes. She nodded, and laughed sarcastically.

"Yeah. I know. I want to see Deaq."

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