Author's Note: Yay, chapter 2 D! Sorry it took so long x.x; And sorry it's so short.

"Alex-chan!" cried the golden-eyed child as she tackled her little friend a childish smile set upon the 13-year old.

Pulling the orange-haired boy into a crushing hug the tigress immedietly opened her mouth to question her friend.

"Alex-chan what are you doing here? Kira-sama would surely punish you if she sees you, the cat isn't allowed at the banquet, you'll get in trouble!" she cried all in one breath, pulling the boy into an even tighter hug then before.

The boy gave an exasperated sigh, his dark amber eyes examining the girl before him. He was the cat of the Juunishi, the most cursed of them all. Forever scarred by that fate he had in where he would spend the rest of his years in confinementā€¦never to see the ones he loved again.

Why does she always worry so much about me?

The thought echoed around his mind, his amber eyes misty from thinking. His expression was dead, and not even a single smile lingered upon his lightly shaded pink lips. Closing his eyes for a moment, the 14-year old placed his hand upon the tiger child's orange head, untwisting her braids and ruffled her hair, just to annoy her.

"What Kira-sama doesn't know won't hurt anybody, right? Besides the banquet doesn't start until another three hours, so you're pretty early my dear." He said with a smirk set upon his pale face, his arms crossed as he eyed the little tigress.

Maki, paused for a moment glaring at Alex, her eyes that usually glowed with happiness, glowered with angered.

"Alex you really shouldn't be so care-free! Honestly if something happened to you I don't know how I can could go on with you, I have not one single friend but you. Also do you know how long it took me to accomplish this hair style." she hissed, a smile coming across her lips nonetheless as she jumped up and began wrestling the older boy.

A light pink blush manifested itself upon Alex's pale face as he felt the weight of the younger girl upon him. Smirking, the boy pushed her off of him pushing her down to floor.

"Who's a black belt and who's a beginner?"he smirked his face inches from her's.

Mumbling and cursing under her breath Maki replied with, "You are, my dear." She scowled, immitating his form of speech, pushing him off of her.

"I thought so." smirked Alex, ruffling her hair again just to annoy her once moreā€¦