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Chapter 1 - Space

Warnings: Hahaha. Some cursing. Eventual shounen ai; 1x2, 3x4, 5xMeiran. Rather confusing because I'm insane. Really.
Summary: An alternate universe / crossover with the movie Titan A.E.. I butchered the references to technology, and I butchered the entire story basically. Go for it.
Disclaimers: Don't own Titan A.E. of course, nor Gundam Wing.
Notes: // italics - denotes flashbacks.

Floating in space... was like flying. A beautiful sensation. And it was very cold....

// "Get on the ship."

The roar of a hundred shuttle engines was enough to drown out the tall, stony eyed man's shout. But when Heero looked up at him for comfort, to be held, the man was glaring, his meaning conveyed fiercely.


"Move-- come on, pick up your bag--" He grabbed a hold of the tiny boy's shoulders and twisted him around, almost sending him pitching to the ground. With a violent jerk the blue duffel bag lifted up and was slapped into Heero's limp arms. Why is he pushing me--

"I thought I was going to stay with you."

"You're not. The Oz are taking over Earth-- of course you can't stay. Move it!"

Heero stumbled up the first stairs to the waiting space ship. His knee slammed into the edge of the step, and he cried out as pain exploded there. But I have to hurry-- he told me to move-- Heero scrambled up-- but fell again as his knee gave out with the pain. Traitorous tears leaked from his wide blue eyes as hands grabbed him beneath the shoulders roughly.

"I-I'm sorry--" He croaked. His feet were planted firmly on the stairs and a rush of hot air burst out at him when one of the other ships roared skyward. Heero was turned around again, and held up. He could barely see the man's face through his tears, so he struggled to dry them and still his gasping sobs.

"Damn it," the man cursed. Heero was shaken hard, once, as if to knock some sense into him. It only made him afraid, so he cried more.

"Damn it...." The man sighed. "You have to go on the ship, Heero. They're going to destroy the Earth--"

"I know," Heero warbled. "Why can't you come with me?"

"I have to fly the Gundam-- you remember--" The man looked up past Heero, and nodded.

"Three minutes until take off, Lowe," a rough, emotionless voice graveled from behind him. Heero shivered at the harsh tone, and suddenly he was crushed, arms wrapping tightly around him. Something small, and cold pressed onto his finger as the man pulled away. It was a pretty gold ring. Heero's tears returned.

"Don't lose it Heero. And you can't forget me--" the man's hand grasped the back of Heero's head tightly, pulling his head up to stare into shimmering dark blue eyes. He's going away........

"I love you daddy...." A breath later Heero was thrown backwards into another pair of arms, these much less comforting. The shuttle door closed in his father's face. The man's eyes were closed. His dark hair was blown back tightly from his face, revealing lines, and lips drawn back tightly in a grimace.

"Sit down." //