Author's Note: After a short break, I've managed to gain the will, once again, to write. Annihilation takes place approximately 3 months after the ending to Darkness Falls. So to clear things up, I have decided to leave a few notes below that I recommend highly that you read. Or else you may wind up being confused. I hope this story will bring in more reviews for the stories/poems/one-shots I have uploaded recently, and assist in increasing my reputation amongst the readers and writers of fan fiction.


Briefly 3 months following the revival of Oblivion, Spira has fallen into chaos. The Youth League and New Yevon have united, forming SALVATION, to wage war against the dark organization of Oblivion followers known as SHADOW, but failing miserably against the power they have been given. After Mushroom Rock Road was overrun, they established a final frontier upon the base of Mt. Gagazet, recruiting a large part of the Ronso tribe as they prepare for a final confrontation against SHADOW. But even these numbers alone may not be enough…

Meanwhile, Yuna, after her failure to protect Spira from this threat, immediately rushed into action to alert Spira of the awakened monstrosity. Currently the commanding officer of SALVATION and Project: Genesis, hope has been rekindled. And just maybe…Spira will survive…..

Wraiths- Souls lost in the confrontation against Oblivion 1000 years ago, the negative energy released from Oblivion's body has left them tied to his existence, changing them into mindless creatures who act only the instinct to kill. Death by these spirits converts the living into one of them, never to find peace so long Oblivion exists. Unaffected by even the most deadly of attacks, only the Sending, performed by Summoner's, can expel them. Even then, only more will come to replace them.

SHADOW- Organization of Oblivion followers, their minds have been twisted by his lies of establishing a paradise out of the ashes of the hell called Spira. Gifted with unnatural abilities in return for their sworn allegiance, even the lesser members are not to be trifled with. They have recently taken interest in the High Summoner Yuna, and vowed to convert her to their side.

SALVATION- Combined forces of Youth League, New Yevon, and the Ronso Tribe, SALVATION is the final shot at victory against Oblivion.


Collust- Head of SHADOW, Collust's reputation has spread throughout the world of Spira, and earned him a great deal of respect and fear amongst his companions and enemies. Said to be directly linked to the dark power of Oblivion untouched beneath the sands of Bikanel, he is second to none amongst Oblivion's followers. His strength exceeded only by Oblivion's own. His goal: Tidus's destruction.

Aslaiha- Female recruit of SHADOW and older sibling of Isias, Aslaiha's reputation almost compares to Collust's own for being effectively brutal in combat. Easily angered and arrogant beyond words, Collust himself is even a man who is cautious not to provoke her rage. For nothing exceeds the danger of a powerful woman's powerful wraith.

Isias- Younger in age to her sibling Aslaiha, but in no means stature, Isias is a reflection of Aslaiha's personality. Cold, cruel, and efficient in battle, she is nearly equaled with her sister herself. But her goals are much darker than just commanding SHADOW. Much, much greater, and much more sinister.

Iiden- A former recruit of SHADOW, Iiden's position as second command was relieved after he came to realize the lies behind Oblivion's words of creating a paradise. Having lost his right arm in a confrontation against Collust, he escaped narrowly with his life and washed up on the shores of Besaid…

Bargaine- Terrible fiend created from the darkness itself, the point of Bargaine's existence is to eliminate Iiden once and for all, willing to hunt him to the ends of Spira and beyond.