Life with James Potter

This is my first Harry Potter fanfic, so stick with me k.

I really hope this lettering will show though. It's my fave, anyway I will warn you that I will interupt in the most annoying times(you have been warned) Well here we go. I hope you like it.

Lily Evans sat in the library studying, although she would usually be found in the common room now she had a essay due that she forgot to finish. She stifled a yawn as a few first years passed laughing too loudly. Madam Pince shushed them and turned back to her book, which Lily noted was a romance novel.

She turned back to her parchment sprawled upon the table, when she heard a familiar voice behind her.

"So Evans," the voice whispered, "Would you like to go with me to the astronomy tower? We can watch the stars, and if it should lead to some light snogging then, well, so be it."

Lily rolled her eyes. James Potter was, in her opinion, the most annoying person in 7th year. Actually, scratch that, the entire school. He was handsome, she had to admit, but really annoying. He has jet black, messy hair, which he ruffled every now and then, because he thought it made him look cool."Leave me alone, Potter. I have an essay to finish." She growled, not even sparing him a glance.

"Ah, come on Evans," he said smugly, "you know you like me."

Lily ignored him. She had to get her homework done. She twirled a strand of auburn hair around her finger, frustrated.

James casually slung his arm around Lily. She pushed it off, and tried in vain to concentrate on her work. "Sod off Potter." she spat.

"You know you can't resist me, Evans." James smirked. "How does this Friday sound?"

"What part of sod off do you not understand?" She stood up and headed toward the common room. James followed.

"The part where you want me to leave." he replied smoothly.

"What are you doing Potter?" James had followed her out of the door to the library, and all the way to the statue of the one-eyed witch. James just smiled in return. "Are you going to answer or not?" Lily never thought she would be angry with James for not talking.

James stayed quiet until they reached the commom room. "So what do you think? Wanna go to the astronomy tower or what?" he asked at last.

"What do you think!" Lily spat.

"Me," James mused, "I think that you'll say yes."

"And why would you think that?"

"Because you can't resist me." He said cooly.

"Then what do you call what I've been doing for the past 2 years?" she said. "You'd think you'd learned by now."

"I ask you out every day," He started,"because I know one of these days you'll say yes."

"No I won't." Lily hissed.

"Do you wanna make a bet?" He whispered, his breath tickling his ear. Lily flinched.

"Why should I?"

"What's wrong Evans?" he smiled. "Do you think you'll give up? I told you, you won't take the bet because you know you'll give in."

"Fine, I'll take that bet," Lily said sounding exasperated. "But just to prove you wrong."

" Alright, what are the terms?" he asked.

"If I don't go out with you this month, which would make it like every other year, you have to walk around the entire school in only your boxers." She smirked at him. "and if I, God forbid, actually say yes, then what are the conditions?"

James hesitated, then nodded, "If you do give up and accept, you have to go with me to the astronomy tower." he smirked then added, "after the first date."

" . . . fine." Lily stated after a moment.

"I can't wait until the end of the month."

"No using love potions," Lily said after some thought."and no asking when I'm half asleep either."

"But Lily my sweet, " he cooed. "How will I get ou to say yes?"

"You can't."

"Alright." James said slightly disapointed. "But, you have to get to know me."

"What, no way!" she yelled.

"Come on Evans, only 1 hour a day." he said innocently. "It won't kill you."

"How do you know?" James ran his hand through his hair, he knew Lily hated it. In fact the only thing she hated more was his voice, or at least that's what she told him.

The bell rang in the distance. "Fine Potter, whatever." Lily ran off to the greenhouses. James heard her yell 'Oh no I'm late.' just before she disappeared around the corner.

"Just a matter of time." James murmered to himself.

Sorry this chapter is so short, but it was just to show where the title came from, and introduce the plot. The next chapter will be longer I promise.