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Chapter 11:

Lily thought about the previous day almost foldly. James on the other hand didn't believe it actually happened. Nothing was going to be harder than the next confrontation. At least that's what James thought.

James planned on asking her out later that night. Before it had seemed like no big deal, but now there was a chance she would say yes, and that scared him more than anything.

"But then again as a wise man/woman once said," James said to himself, "Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."

Yes that's right, a deep phrase by James..not really something you expect right...Well It didn't really happen. I just wanted to put it in there...SO, REWIND! - - - - - -

".yawa htaerb ruo ekat taht strnmom eht yb tub, ekat ew shtaerb eht yb deruseam ton si efiL" ,flesmih ot dias semaJ" ,dias ecnno namow/nam esiw a sa niaga neht tuB" ...Well that was fun.

Anyway, what really happened. James got up and out of bed earlier than usual this morning. He finished all of his homework early on Saturday morning, so there was no distrction. Everything was going smoothly. Everything was going to be fine. Lily would say yes, and he could finally have the person he has always wanted. He was on the top of the world.

For Lily things were not as smooth. She didn't regret sorta telling James she liked him, but she was worried about all of her friends, and what they would think.

Lily hurridly got ready in about 20 minutes. Nothing was going to bring this day down. Nothing.

Lily and James met in the commons 'accidently', well, fine not accidently, James knew the exact time Lily went down stairs in the morning. But he's not willing to tell anyone.

When James saw Lily he hid a smile. He walked up to her casually. "Lily I was wondering if you-"

James was interrupted by Sirius and Atreyu walking in together talking about...something. Then he...Huh? ...kissed her! Well this is unexpected.

Sirius and Atreyu looked at James and Lily there and turned to leave.

"Not so fast!" Lily said, "What in the world is going on? I thought you hated Sirius."

Sirius pretended an bullet went into his chest. "I'm hurt Trey."

Atreyu pretty much freaked. "It's not what it looks like...well maybe it is, but I promist...I ...hmn. Wait why am I explaining this? you said you didn't like James and you don't seem to be at eachother's throats now."

James and Lily look away from eachother. Both at a loss for words. Neither wanted to say anything in front of anyone else.

"Hey Lily could you follow me, I need to talk to you."

Lily blushed slightly, but followed.

They ended up walking up to the bleachers , where he got his first date. 'Ok,' he told himself. 'You can do it ask! ASK !ASK! ASK!'

'Alright,'Lily thought, 'this won't be hard, I just wait until he asks and I say yes.'

"Uh...Lily...I wanted to ask you if-" James was interrupted again.

"You what?" Said a voice from below the bleachers. James and Lily looked under the bleachers to see Marina and Connor talking. Marina's was the voice we just heard.

"I-I wanted to tell you that I...like you...you know as more than a friend..." Connor said hesitantly. "Would you consider going with me to...Hogsmeade?"

"I'd love to!" Marina stated and hugged him.

Connor seemed happy about this. He finally said what was on his mind. This was a great day for him.

Now, James was getting kind of annoyed. "Hey," He said dangerously, "Why are you here? Can't you confess your undying love somewhere else?"

Lily giggled, and Connor blushed deeply. Marina on the other hand just said calmly. "What are you doing here. Can't you confess YOUR undying love somewhere else!"

James blushed, and said, "Lily, can we go somewhere else."

Lily nodded...again...

Next they went to the astronomy tower, where James got his first 'date' with Lily. It was day time yes, but still didn't lose it's romance. James looked at Lily. This was it, REALLY it. No one would come in. They were all alone, and nothing was going to ruin this.

"Lily," James started, "I was wondering, if you would consider...maybe...being my...girlfriend."

James stood there in suspense. Lily's face was hard to read with your eyes closed. Suddenly he felt something on his lips. Lily kissed him.

When she pulled back she said simply, yes.

Suddenly James heard the sound of clapping. He looked at the door. And there stood Marina, Connor, Sirius, Atreuy, andReamus. CLAPPING!

James smiled at them. Then he looked back at Lily. "I knew you liked me. It was Just a Matter of Time."

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