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Brago finds Sherry badly wounded one day and has discovered she has lost her memories. Also, he has discovered that her personality has been altered, so she no longer acts like the Sherry she used to and she's constantly going through different mood swings. So now Brago is going to have to take care of her and try to get her memory back while searching for the one who did this to her all at the same time. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it...

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Chapter 1

Out in the Rain

I am Brago, a mamodo sent from the Mamodo World in a battle to become the Mamodo King. When I came here to this new realm, I had to choose a human partner that could read from a magical spell book of mine to help me perform spells.

Sherry Belmond… That is the human girl's name. My ally in this battle… The only one who can help me win. She is the human that can read from my book, and the only one who will help me.

When I first found her, she was about to be killed by another mamodo team. Sherry's friend was being controlled by a mamodo, whom she had paired up with unwillingly. Koko and Zophise… they are the team we are constantly looking for. After I saved Sherry's life, I promised her that I could get her friend back only on one condition – she make me king.

At first, the human girl refused to listen to me. So, I threatened to kill her loyal servant that's always following her around. Surely that would have made her change her mind… But I was wrong. Out of the two of us, I had more to lose. Without Sherry, I would lose all claims to the throne. I would have lost a chance that I could only get every 1,000 years… and I'm not at all patient, so if I had to wait, I wouldn't be able to tolerate it. I have to become king! All Sherry would have lost was the measly life of her slave… But he's just an old man that'll kick the bucket any few years now, so why should it matter, anyway?

So… to keep me from having my way and controlling her, she threatened to kill herself. Yes, she was willing to take her own life away just to make sure that I didn't get what I wanted. No… Not what I want – what I need. I need to become king!

Instead of taking her servant's life we made a deal. I suppose it wasn't so bad… But Sherry doesn't do my every command like some mamodos make their partners do. Sherry… was different. She refused to be manipulated like her friend had been. Her mind was set and she realized who had the most to lose …I was unable to control her.

Thunder rolled and lightning striked across the night sky. Turning my head to the side, I saw millions of droplets of water begin to fall down. It was raining…

…What time was it? Inside Sherry's mansion, which was right behind me, a large clock rang. The loud, droning sounds of its chiming hummed on eleven times.

Eleven times… It was eleven at night. My human companion had taught me a few things of her world, and soon I picked up on them. Who knows? It just might come in handy for battle or something just as important one day…

I blinked once and then twice and looked around. No sight of my book reader… Where the hell was she? Sherry had left the mansion earlier to go do some… business of some sort… I have no idea what it could be, but I could care less. Though I do want to know why she isn't here right now. Three hours ago… Sherry left three hours ago. Why wasn't she here now? Her word is normally honest and true, and she had told me that she should be back around ten.

Then where was she? She shouldn't be still out doing… whatever it was she was doing. I demanded to know! I do not want to risk having another mamodo team arrive and declare battle! What if she wasn't prepared? I will not take my chances! I want to know where the hell Sherry is right this instant!

Standing up from the bench I was resting on, I looked around. Currently I was outside on the Belmond mansion's deck. The roof shielded me from the pouring rain, but that really didn't matter. Water did not hurt me… So I began to walk down the steps out into the rain.

My black boots stepped into the now soggy ground. Puddles were beginning to appear everywhere and heaps of mud was beginning to form. Still, this didn't bother me. All it does is dirty my boots a little… They can be cleaned off, anyway. Not that it really matters…

As I head out onto the grounds of the mansion, I began to wonder where my book reader first went to. If I knew where she was headed… Then maybe I could find her quicker. Why didn't I listen to her when I had the chance…?

Lightning flashed across the sky up above me again. Immediately afterwards, thunder boomed across the area. Hmm… so the storm was exactly here, eh? Where the hell are you, Sherry?

My crimson gaze drifted across the street when I finally reached it. Sherry's old slave didn't take her… So who did? Perhaps she left alone… Yes, that was it. I remember watching her walk off, saying that she didn't feel like being driven someplace and that she'd rather go by foot.

The rain continued to fall down from the sky, and I looked up to it just in time to see another flash of light. Thunder echoed behind a few seconds later… This was a fairly fast storm… It's moving so quickly…

Sherry… Where are you? My thoughts traveled around and they were all about the one human blonde… Dammit, where is she? I know that she had told me where she was going, but yet again I found that I had not paid attention.

With an annoyed sigh I turned my head to the side. It'd already been at least five minutes since I started my search for the blonde… I continued my search with no avail.

Sherry, the human girl that had taught me many things in my stay in the human world, was now missing. She had been gone for a few hours, and I had no idea why. I cannot stand the thought of not knowing where she is for a long amount of time. If there was a battle, I would need her in order to send the other mamodo back to our realm.

Maybe I should concentrate and see if I could sense her anywhere around here… That should help me find her. Out near the edge of a group of trees I stopped in my tracks and closed my eyes, focused on Sherry. She was… somewhere west of where I am standing. This was useful, now why the hell hadn't I thought of using that skill before?

Wandering off to the side, I looked into the almost forest-like area. If there had been more trees, it would have been considered that. But it wasn't, so I just made my way into the darker area of the tree-infected area.

It was strange really, now that I began to think of it… Sherry had really changed me ever since I arrived here. Formerly I was very cold hearted – and I still am, too – but now I don't really act as bad… I used to kill without a thought but now I'll be hesitant to what I want to break. Stranger still, I find myself thinking differently of Sherry… but what could it be? Somehow… I care for Sherry…

Damn, she really has changed me…

Suddenly the scent of blood removed me from my thoughts, and I snapped my head around over to the side.

Blood… I smell blood, but where was it coming from? Closing my eyes, I could tell that there was somebody near from where I was standing…


How… could it be her? I highly doubted that Sherry would have been so damaged that she had cut herself so I'd be able to pick up the smell of her blood. I'm sure that it was somebody else, and she just happened to be nearby. But still, I suppose it didn't hurt to take a look. After all, I was looking for Sherry, so if it was her… I shook my head.

A minute passed by and yet still no sign of a single person, but I could see a small splash of blood against a tree. That's odd… what the hell is blood doing there? Perhaps if I followed where I could now sense this being, I'd find out what is up with all the red stains.

I continued to head on my way, now trying to figure out what was going on. Soon as I figured out where the blood's source was, I would go find Sherry.

Suddenly… I stopped walking, and stared right ahead of me. A figure was lying on the ground face down. The person had a large, pink dress and blonde hair. Blood and many scratches and injuries were seen all over feminine body…

An unexpected gasp escaped from my lips as my eyes widened and I ran over, now recognizing who the unconscious figure was. "Sherry!" I bellowed, dashing over to her side. No… This couldn't be! How the hell could she get so hurt like this?

Taking my hands, I slightly nudged the blonde to see if she would awake. My efforts proved fruitless so I rolled the human onto her back. A large gash could be seen on her shoulder, and the cloth around it was ripped and torn. The edges of the fabric were stained with the girl's red blood.

"Sherry," I repeated her name once again, yet there was still no response. Looking down, I noticed that my book was grasped in her hands, undamaged. Well, at least she saved one thing… But now I need to save her. Either way, if my book or Sherry gets out of the picture, then my chances for king would be gone…

What the hell is happening, I wondered to myself, why is my spell caster so wounded? I figured that the only way I could get her back to the mansion was to carry her… She seriously needed help…

I took my hand and slipped it under her back and my other under her legs. Lifting the girl up, I hoisted her onto my back, making sure I took the black book with me, too.

This has got to be the worst I've ever seen Sherry in… How'd she get so hurt?

As I picked her up, I could hear the blonde make a small mumbling sound. She moved no more afterwards, nor did she speak. Slightly turning my head around, I glanced at the passed out human.

"Sherry… What happened to you?"

As I slowly turned my head away to look in front of me, I thought I sensed another person nearby. Quickly my eyes averted to where I thought I sensed the being, but then suddenly the presence vanished.

Strange… But I had to get Sherry back to the mansion and get her cleaned up. So I began walking; the smell of blood was strong in my face, but I ignored it. The only thing focused on my mind now was Sherry.

But… What the hell happened…?


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