The Words You Said

Why can't I get you out of my head? All you said was "You, You Raven are to be my bride. I will use force if necessary. Whatever may happen you will still be mine." I look at the clock, it's glaring green numbers read 4:01 a.m. I'm dead tired, but the thought of you doesn't let me sleep. I want to go out and find Starfire, but she's not a good morning person. So I stare at my ceiling in agony, awaiting sleep. Ten minutes later, it still does not arrive. My nightlight flickers on and off, it's annoying. Ordinarily, I love the darkness. It was the place where my thoughts were concealed, secrets kept, prayers said, identities not seen, but ever since you came to me that night I couldn't enjoy it any longer. I await the rise of the sun through the black storm clouds that are currently surrounding the Titans Tower. 5:21 a.m. and I have a headache. I'm hungry too.

I pull on my black sweatshirt with the blue Slipknot S on it, and pull on my Happy Bunny slippers "You're ugly, and that's sad" graces their sides. I stumble through the long hall way with its cold metal walls and grey carpet into the bathroom. Flipping on the switch, I see how terrible I look. I pull a wash rag from the closet, and wet it soI can wash my face. "You are to be my bride" I can see my self in that horrible dress, the vail with the black roses, the scuffed up shoes, everything comes back. Everything from the last time I ran away. I look in the mirror, and all I can see is his navy blue eyes, not my normal purple ones.

I walk downstairs to the kitchen as my stomach grumbles loudly, and pull a box of Cheerios out of the pantry. I'm hopeless at cooking. Azarath Metrion Zinthos! I say and a bowl with cereal, milk and spoon sit in front of me.Using my powers to pour cereal is usually not something I would do, but I fear if I try to do it my self I'll make a mess. After breakfast, I search out a bottle of Motrin and take two, getting a glass of orange juice to help it go down. Posted on the fridge is a list of errands needing to be done.

To Do

1. Go to Target: paper towels, Motrin, notebook paper, double A batteries.

2. Smith's: bread, milk, eggs, tofu (he, he).

3. Clean the windows

4. Put gas in the car

Well, might as well get started, I say, running up stairs to put on jeans and my navy blue combat boots. I take the list, and then a post-it note, and write- Titans- I've gone out to shop. Be back later- Raven. I unlock the car and get in, feeling the chill coming up from the upholstery. I slip in a Rammstein CD and skip to track 6. Anything to get my mind off of the words you said.

Well there you go, short but sweet. I hope you enjoyed it, I think this is my favourite story I'm working on, which makes me more likely to update. R&R. NO FLAMES! Chapters will get way longer, but I'm really tired right now so ya. Give me a break I'm new at this... And by the way, who can guess who Raven is talking about, come on, it's easy...- JJ'sWickedMistress a.k.a Mistress Amity.