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Chapter 3


As Starfire walked into Raven's hospital room, she tried not to cringe. Raven looked terrible.Already there was blood on her white hospital gown, streaming from open wounds. Tubes and wires were connected to Raven everywhere, though Star knew they were keeping her alive. Her arm was bent at an unnatural angle, her face a mangle of scrapes and bruises, some stitched up across her cheek bones. Raven's skin was paler then usually, suprizingly. Star wanted to turn away, but she couldn't. This was her friend. Raven needed her.

"Starfire, you came to see me." Raven said in a raspy voice no louder than a soft whisper. Raven tried to lift her head, though Star noticed it was difficult for her. "It is alright Raven, just lay back. Of course I came to see you. Why would I not?"

"I don't know, I just didn't think anyone cared that much. How are you? Where's Slade?"

"I am not certain. The rest of the team is alright I suppose, though we are afraid Slade could come back at any moment.How do we stop him Raven?" Starfire waited as her friend summoned the strength to speak the words Starfire didn't want to hear.

"He can't be stopped."

Starfire looked down at the pink linoleoum flooring of the room as the words hit her ears. There was nothing to do but listen and feel helpless now.


I lay almost motionless on themetal bed, trying to find the strength to lift myself out and run away from the hospital. I hate this place, so cold and strange and ugly. Azarath Metrion Zinthos! I say and thelights flicker off. Of course the nurse will soon be in, worried that something is wrong with the lights, or something of that sort, but I can't stand it anymore. I'd rather wait in darkness for my fate. There are doctors everywhere outside, but they have left me for the moment. No real reason for them to be here. They cannot stop Slade, no one can. I close my eyes and try to meditate in theakward, uncomfortable position they have layed me down in. How I'd love to be out of this place. At the moment, even the thought of being kidnapped by Slade is better than this.

As I close my eyes I can feel a presence- most likely Slade. I don't care what he wants with me now. What's done is done, I can't change the course of fate no matter how strong I seem. Slade can take me. This battle is useless. I am glad my friends can't hear me now, I'm not sure they could stand it. They don't like to give up, though I'm certain they've all given up on something. It is fine if they let that something be me, they've tried too hard to save me before. I'll save myself this time.

I hear doors clinking outside, the locks of file drawers latching up. Every noise bothers me. I pull a blanket farther over me, trying to cover up my skimply dressed body, not as if it matters. I'm sure Slade has done something horrible to get mehere. I'm glad I have no memory of that, I blacked out as his fists landed upon me. It's all part of his plan. He'll marry me so I have to stay with him in his version of 'hell'. Once I can't be saved, he'll kill me so I can't help the good in this world. I close my eyes as I think of this. I've tried so hard to fight evil and now I will become it. If he doesn't kill me he'll make me the most evil being in the world, possibly more sinister than the Devil himself. What the hell, let him. I might as well be what I am.

No. If I could I would hit myself for thinking of this. This is no more than a dream. This is an illusion of your fears. If I fight him maybe I'll wake up and Slade will finally be gone forever more. Suddenly, I get a plan, though I stop thinking, as not to have Slade hear my thoughts.

I feel Slade's presence, though it brings forth no emotion from me. A wicked smile plays across my lips, I can't help it. I feel him walk in. No sound. He walks towards me, growing ever closer. It is only seconds before I feel his icy breath on my skin, just as I have felt it so many times before. I don't say a word.
"Hello dear Raven."

I press my lips together in a thin line, directing my gaze only to the ceiling. I hate you Slade. He is not all hurt by this thought. A searing pain runs through my body as I lay, trying not to make a sound. All I can see is the faint outline of Slade's body, though I know he is staring at me. I clench the corner of the itchy, cotton bed sheets, taking my focus off of Slade and the pain.

I feel Slade pick up one of my delicate white arms, tracing a grungy, black-gloved finger over my cuts. I shiver, tasting blood in my mouth, though at this point I am not sure whether it is real or imagined. "So Raven, how about we get a start on that wedding we have planned? Remember what we discussed?"

I remain silent. Without warning, Slade yanks me out of my hospital bed by my arm, and I feel the cords rip out of my arms. I do not scream, which suprizes me. I become completely numb, in fact, to the world around me.

I hear the machines in the background go haywire, though above all I can hear just one single 'beep' from the heart monitor. Still, no one comes in the room.

Slade drags me out of the room, the large wooden door latching quite loudly behind us. We are but shadows. It is as if the whole world has stopped and turned to grayscale. I walk past the slowly moving people, marvelling at how I have become invisible to them.

Slade puts me quietly into a car in the parking lot. I find myself staring at the ceiling. This time the blood does not in the least affect me. I lay down in the back seat, leaning part of my head against the cool, frosty window,taking breaths of fresh twilight air. It fills me with a raw sense of energy, as if it can pump blood into my very veins. I hear Slade get in and turn the key in the ignition. It takes several moments before the car starts, old air conditioners coated in dust blowing on me, freezing me to the bone.

Not long before we get there, not long at all. I stare at dark streets and street lights up above me, not caring if Slade is talking to me. He turns on a radio, bringing in a staticky rock station. When it does not clear into any real music, he shuts it off, driving on in silence.

A while later, I decide it is time to speak the words I don't think Slade expects to hear after all my cooperation. I take a deep breath of smoky air, and speak out. "I don't belong to you!"Slade turns half around, and I smile. Those seem like the only real words anyone has said in a long time.

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