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She was lying there in their bed, slowly recapturing the whole day they had spent together. It was very rare for either of them to have a day off, but this day was special on so many reasons. It was their 6 month anniversary of them dating.


"Nicky," Sara whined. "Can't you just get tomorrow off too? Come on, I had enough balls to ask Grissom to let me off."

Nick contemplated a moment. If he told her that he had already gotten tomorrow off for their anniversary, it would spoil the whole plan he set up.

Nick wrapped his strong, tanned arms around her small waist. "Baby, I can't, I'm sorry. I've already asked Griss about letting me get the day off, but he said he couldn't afford havin' two of his best people off on the same day." Nick drawled.

"Fine, I'll just sit in our apartment pouting and having one of the worst anniversaries ever," Sara stated.

"Well, I'll try to see what I can do, okay? Now, we need to get outta here and get to work. We're going to be late and you know how much Griss has gotten onto us for that lately." Nick winked. "Although, those times we were late…" he trailed off when he received a slap on the arm.

They arrived at the lab, with a few minutes to spare. This had become their routine lately. After the ordeal with Nick's abduction, him and Sara had slowly started to see more and more of each other, until it became apparent they were dating just each other and not going out with anyone else. They were content with the arrangement. About two months into seeing each other, Nick out of the blue asked Sara to move in, seeing as most of her stuff was at his place anyway. They ended the lease Sara had on her apartment and quietly moved her into Nick's apartment. It's not that they didn't want the lab to know they were dating, they just didn't feel the need to make it some big deal. Catherine, Warrick, and Greg all knew they had been dating, and as usual, Grissom was slow on the uptake, but eventually found out when he caught Nick kissing on Sara's neck in the break room.


Sara giggled at the thought of Grissom catching her and Nick. That was an eventful day, wasn't it? She pondered.

Nick stirred, which made Sara scared she had woke him. Nick slowly stretched, and rolled over and looked at her with a sleepy gaze.

"Good morning, Beautiful." Nick slowed drawled out.

She loved his accent. It was always more pronounced when he was just waking up. "Good morning to you too." Sara grinned.

They both looked over at each other's eyes and smiled, both knowing they couldn't believe what had happened the day before.


That morning of their six-month anniversary, Nick woke up, and slowly slipped out of his and Sara's bed and got a quick shower. He went into the kitchen and wrote a short note for Sara.

Dearest Sara,

I went out to get a few things done. Guess what? I do have the day off today. No worries anymore. We can spend the whole day together and not worry about any cases. I love you more than you'll ever know.



Nick was going to pull his plan off, he hoped. He had planned out the perfect way to propose to Sara. He had been thinking about it for the past month, but was unsure of how to go about it just yet. Now he knew he would do it over a picnic in the park. He just needed to gather up the right stuff from the supermarket.

Meanwhile, back at their apartment, Sara was just waking up. She reached her hand out and realized the space next to her was empty and cold. Now where did he sneak off to and how did I not notice? She thought to herself. Sara got up and slowly padded her way to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. She noticed a little white sheet of paper by the machine. Sara laughed. "That sneak. Always up to something." Just as she said that, Nick walked in the door.

"Hey there. I see you finally woke up." Nick said, carefully balancing a bag of groceries.

"Yes I did. Now how come you're just telling me about you having the day off? Do you just get a kick out of me whining?"

Nick slowly wrapped his arms around Sara and said, "Well, yes but also, it's because I have a surprise for you. Now get your cute butt into the shower and get dressed. We're going to the park." Nick whispered into her ear. He turned her around and nudged her towards the bathroom.

While Sara got undressed and into the shower, she thought about what Nick could have possibly have up his sleeve. She lazily took a shower, thoroughly enjoying the hot water and knowing that she had Nick all to herself today. When she finished, Sara stepped out of the shower, and got out the one pair of jeans she knew Nick couldn't resist her in. She also grabbed her favorite tank top she knew made her look great. She quickly straightened her hair and applied a little bit of light makeup to her face. She gave a last glance at herself in the mirror and gave herself an approving nod.

Sara sauntered into the kitchen where Nick was standing packing a basket with sandwiches and other treats. Nick looked up and gazed at his beautiful girlfriend. He finally snapped out of it and questioned, "All right, you ready to go? Thought we might just hang out there for a little while, maybe have some lunch?"

Sara just nodded and hugged him. "Thank you Honey. You are too good to me." They walked out the door and slipped into Nick's truck and headed down the road to the nearby park.

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