Love is Like a Storm: You have a teenage boy who is obssesed with winning the heart of his dream-girl. All seems to go well until your handsome and older brother tries to snatch her away. While trying to keep her away from your brother, It only becomes even harder when a few more obstacles come along. Add a rich, smart-ass brat, a perverted university student, and a gorgeous model. Including your brother, what do you get? A total love storm. SasuxHina

Chapter 1:

Warning: Grammar mistakes. Ignore them and just continue reading, kay? Possibility of jumbled up words. Ignore those too please...

I stood by the shoe lockers, watching with mild interest as students pushed their way past each other, ready to leave the school. Folding my arms across my chest, I brought my gaze down to the floor, catching sight of the polished, wooden planks before shutting my eyes. My heart began beating with anticipation, eager to see the person who had been on my mind all day long. While waiting, a small group conversation had caught my attention. I listened to them, their whispers filled with maniacal laughter. Three guys were huddled together, their backs facing me. So I couldn't see what it was they were laughing about. Peeking over the shoulder of the guy who seemed to be the center of attention, I saw that he held a panty-shot of a girl. Typical pervert, I thought with disgust. I was about to turn around to go stand in my earlier position until a faint color had caught my eye in the photo. The girls' hairhad beena dark-blue. Slowly, a silent rage erupted within me. Snatching the photo out of his hands, I reached into my pocket and pulled out a plastic tube lighter. Bewildered, the middle guy turned around to face me, clearly angry that I had taken away his sick treasure.

"What the hell are you doing you bastard? Give it back!" he held out his hand as if I would return it to him, apologize, and leave him to his hobby.

"You want it?" I questioned, arching one eyebrow. He nodded his head furiously. "Well then, why don't you just go burn in hell along with it?" I brought the lighter up, flicked it, and watched as the flames slowly consumed the photo, burning it to a black crumple. Dropping it to the ground before it had a chance to eat at my hand; I crushed it using the sole of my foot. Sending them an icy stare, I spoke. "Anything else you wanna say?" The leader of the trio nodded his head once again.

"G-Go to hell, you!" he spat out. I merely stared at him. Turning around with my back facing them, I slipped my left hand into the pocket of my slacks. Forming my right hand into a fist, I smashed the door of the shoe locker on my side in, the dented metal holding the shape of my fist.

"I'm sorry, but I think that that was my line." I turned my head to the side to stare at them, sending a shiver up their spines. With quick speed, the three of them dashed out into the hall, sliding the door shut with absolute fear. I gave a satisfied smirk. That'll teach them. In that moment, a hand placed itself on my shoulder. I felt excitement run throughout my body. Quickly I calmed myself down. Turning around, I smiled at the person standing behind me.

"Sasuke? Why are you still here? I already told you that you could go home before me."


"I just wanted to walk with you, that's all." I felt my face heat up. "What, is it a crime or something? Besides, it's not like I'm a stalker you know." I gave a small pout. Standing at least a foot shorter than me, she looked up, her lavender eyes wide, as if surprised. Finally, her face softened and she smiled.

"No, it isn't. I'm sorry," she said, "I just didn't want to make you wait so long for me."

"It's okay." Staring down at her, I scratched the back of my head. "So, what was it sensei wanted to talk to you about?" I asked, knowing that I sounded suspicious. How could I not though, our teacher was known as a pervert throughout the whole school. Even though he was good-looking, he never once had gotten his way with any of the female students. Thank goodness for that.

"Oh. Itwas nothing important," she replied waving her hand at me, meaning she didn't want to talk about it. Bending down, she opened her locker and took out her extra pair of loafers, placing them into a plastic bag.

"Is that so?" I asked rubbing my chin. He probably touched her and told her to keep quiet about it or else he'd threaten her with failing marks. Bastard! Deciding that she left me no other choice, I bended down beside her and leaned in to whisper in her ear. "If you don't tell me, I'll post those photos of you running around naked when you were five." After hearing that, she bolted upright and quickly explained the conversation between her and sensei.

"That's all," she muttered, feeling embarrassed.

"Why didn't you take the opportunity?" I asked. "It would've looked good on your record."

"See? That's why I didn't want to tell you!" She cried embarrassed, turning around with her back facing me. "It's just that…I'm not suited for stuff like that, I'm not smart enough like you Sasuke. Nominated for the student council's vice-president, it's…just too much." she mumbled. I gave a sigh and placed my hand on the top of her head, ruffling her hair.

"Dummy, you are smart; however, you're much too shy and lack confidence." She turned around to stare at me. "Just build that up and you're fine, kay?" I gave her a smile. She remained silent for a bit, but gave me a reply.

"I'm not sure but…I'll think about it."

"Sure you will."

"I will."


"Sasuke!" she cried..

I gave a chuckle. "Just kidding, just kidding!" She gave me a tight-lipped pout, not pleased with my messing around with her.

"Whatever, let's just go to my house," she said, turning her head away from me in annoyance.

Uh-oh, I made her mad.

Standing beside her, I placed my arm around her waist, pulling her body against my own. Sorry, did I make you mad?" She turned to look at me, her eyes closed in a smile.



She gently placed her hand on my wrist and in two seconds twisted it, pulling it behind my back.


"Don't touch me like that, It feels very uncomfortable," she said smiling, her grip tight.

"Okay, okay, just let go, it hurts!" I cried out. She immediately released her hold, giving a triumphant smile. At least she can defend herself against perverts, that way I don't have to worry...

"Let's go!" She pulled me along by my arm, both of us headed towards her house.

"Baka Neji nii-san!"

A loud crash came from the main room.

"Hinata, don't throw that, it's an expensive antique!" After saying those exact words, another crash was heard. Standing by the doorway in the hall, I felt a light tremor throughout the house. It wasn't till Hinata stomped angrily towards me that I realized it was her.

"Antique, antique, antique, that's all you ever talk about! It pisses me off!" Quickly she ran up the stairs, the sound of her drawers opening and closing. In a flash, she came back down dressed in different attire. "Let's go Sasuke, we're leaving." She reached for a pair of sneakers, pulling them on.

"But, we just got here."

"We're leaving, since that bakayarou's going to leave for Hong-Kong."

And just like that, we left the Hyuga household with an angry Hinata slamming the front door shut.

"Why are we going to my house again?" I asked with a sigh. I looked at Hinata who walked beside me, her head low.

She puffed her chest out. "Cause I'm angry at Neji nii-san."

"That's right; I forgot how stubborn you are," I said staring up into the sky.

This girl who I'm with right now is my childhood friend, also….my first love and still is. Her name is Hyuga Hinata. Sporting a short, dark-blue boyish haircut, she is easily mistaken for a boy. The only girl features she has are her big, innocent eyes, pretty heart-shaped face, fair skin, and her slim figure. She was horribly shy when we were kids, but she easily improved that bit-by-bit in a couple of years, though she's still struggling. When she meets someone new, she'll turn seven years old again. Only in the presence of those closest to her is she comfortable. I'm proud to be one of them. Even if she is shy, she'll sometimes unconsciously speak her mind, which I find to be good and bad at certain times. She's determined, willing, and honest, which are her positive traits. Then there's the fact that she's stubborn, foul mouthed (sometimes), and naïve, which are her bad traits. I think it's because everything about her is how I've come to fallen in love with this strange girl.

Speaking of which, I'll have to tell her sooner or later. I felt my face heat up, trying to swallow down the lump that attached itself to my throat. Soon, it has to be soon.


I jumped back a bit, surprised by her voice. "Uhh, yeah?"

"I forgot; where do you live again?"

"Oh, down this road," I pointed.

"Got it. Oh, and by the way, don't go spacing out on me like that, you would've gotten us lost!"


Silently, we walked for what seemed like hours before either of us spoke. I gave a cough to get her attention. She turned her head towards me. "Is there something wrong, Sasuke?" she asked, her voice sounding worried.

"Don't overreact, it's just a cough. I just want to ask you something."


"Why must you wear those cloths, they're very unappealing and un-ladylike." The vein in my temple began throbbing.

Oh yeah, something else I forgot to mention about her. Hinata's a cross-dresser. Another reason why people mistaken her for a boy isn't just because of her short haircut, but also the way she dresses. Plus, one thing I find strange about her is that she has a flat chest. I mean completely flat. The last time I'd ever taken a bath with her was when we were both five. I wasn't allowed after that. I kind of wish I could just look under her shirt at least once, to check if she really is a girl, since I'm not so sure. Either she got an operation without my knowing or I've been gay for the past sixteen years. And I'm hoping it's neither.

"What? You don't like them?"

"Of course not, you look like a boy!"

"A cute boy?" she asked hopefully.

"No way in hell."

"You're mean, Sasuke," she mumbled under her breath. She clutched the front of her black t-shirt close to her chest, as if I would steal the item of clothing away any minute. I rolled my eyes.

In a few minutes, we both found ourselves at the front gates of my house. I looked at Hinata, who gazed dreamily at the large structure. "Home sweet home," I replied with bitter sarcasm.

"Uwahhhhh! I forgot how big your house was Sasuke. It's been such a long time since I'd been here."

"Don't get so excited, you dummy." I found myself smiling at her excitement, finding it adorable of her. Reaching for the keys in my pocket, I fumbled for the right one, trying one after another until I found it. Finally, I heard the click and pushed open the door.

While Hinata explored the whole house inside out, I went into the kitchen, pulling open the fridge for a water bottle. Seating myself at the round, dining table, I chugged down the water until it became half empty, letting out a contented sigh. Today had been so tiring. All that paperwork I'd went through had been such a pain. Plus, there was also the planning of the welcoming ceremony for the first years. Being president of the student council's a tough job. I let today's school activities fill my thoughts, thinking of nothing else until two hands came down on my shoulders, making me jump up from my seat. Startled, I turned around to see Hinata grinning playfully at me.

"What is it?"

"Nothing," she replied happily.

"Then what was that for?"

"I don't know; I just felt like touching you."

"Don't say such things," I muttered, feeling a blush form on my face. Hinata gave me a confused look at first, but it was then replaced with the grin from earlier. "Sa-su-ke, could it be that you're thinking of dirty things?" she asked teasingly.

"Will you shut up?"

"Or could it be that you're in love with me and thinking of the both of us doing dirty things together?"

I froze. Slowly, I turned my head to look at her. "What…did you say?" My head felt as though it were going to burst any minute.

Surprised at my reaction, it was only two seconds before she fell to the floor laughing her head off, clutching her stomach from the pain. "I-I was ju-just kidding! B-Besides, its n-not like you'd be in l-love with me, that would be impossible!" Another burst of laughter and she began rolling around on the floor like a madman.

You have no idea just how wrong you are. "Hinata," I said, my voice breaking, "I…I want to ask you something." Just like that, the girl stopped rolling around on the floor and faced me with her full attention down on her knees.

"What is it Sasuke?"

"Hinata…um how should I put this…well, I was wondering…"


I scratched the back of my head. "Do you…do you wanna go out on a date with me…maybe tomorrow after school or some other time?"

She cocked her head to the side questioningly. "Why would you want to go out Sasuke? We always go somewhere together," she said with a frown, confused by my offer.

"I know we do, but-"

"Isn't hanging out together like a date? Since we're hanging out with each other at your house, isn't this considered something like a date?"

"That's not it!"

She froze, startled by my outburst. "Sasuke, are you okay? You've been acting kind of weird lately."

It's your fault I'm feeling this way in the first place! I never asked for these damn feelings! "I…I mean the kind of dating like in those shoujo novels you read all the time," I mumbled. I covered my face with my hand, feeling embarrassed for even asking her at all. She was quiet for what seemed like hours before she opened her mouth. It was as if the light-bulb above her head went on.

"Oh! So that's what you meant!" She immediately stood up, grabbing me by the shoulders. "You mean like a girlfriend and boyfriend date, right Sasuke?" Her eyes were shining, proud that she had figured something out.


Staring down for a bit, she seemed to be thinking it over. "Okay."


"Okay, I want to. Go. Out. With. You, she mouthed aloud.

I stood there stiffly, my mind taking in her words. "For real?" I asked, in a desperate tone.

"Of course! We might as well try it. You never know, we could become lovers one day."


She laughed and gave me a playful slap on the back. "Hahaha, I'm just kidding Sasuke!"

"Oh." I felt a wave of disappointment consume my entire body.

"But, there's one thing I'm sure of."


She then gave me the warmest smile I'd ever seen. "I'm sure that I'd like to go out with Sasuke as an acquaintance other than a good friend. Is that okay? I'm not good with the wholedating thing, but I'd at least like to try one with you, and then…if you don't want to date me anymore after that, then…that would be fine too." Even when smiling, her eyes held a bit of disappointment. Like, when being rejected by your crush. I reached for the top of her head and ruffled it.

"Don't go making decisions for others. I'm sure that you wouldn't be that horrible of a date. Besides, I've hanged out with you plenty of times, and I know that you're not all that boring."

"Hontou ni?"

"Hai, hai."

She wrapped her arms around my neck in an embrace. I felt my face heat up from the intimateness. "Sasuke?"


"Thanks," she whispered, nuzzling the tip of her nose against my neck. "You really know how to make me feel better. That's probably why we became best friends."

"I guess so," I said with a small smile.

"Like Yin and Yang, right?"

"Yep, without the other-"

"-half couldn't be complete."

"Good girl."

As Hinata continued to hold onto me, we both stood there in silence, unaware of what the other was thinking.

Some Yin and Yang we are.

A/N: OMG that was so cheesy! Sorry, i got pretty stuck on what was going to happen and all that crap. Sasuke and Hinata are a bit oc in here so try to get used to it. There is no drama in this fic, trust me. Short, but better to post it for you guys, right? Lets chapter, a guest will be appearing. Plus, there are also my three oc's. Bet you know who the guest is! lol. The Big Date is next. Look foward to it!...just not too soon. Ja ne minna-san!