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Into These Arms

"Come into these arms again, and lay your body down…"


Jonathan heard a cheerful "Hi, Boss!" as he walked into Outskirts and hung his jacket on the coat rack. It was Ava… He said, "Ava, get me the drink that has the highest alcohol content in this bar." He sat down and laid his head in his hands, not wanting to hear Tammy tell him that she loved Sandy. It was lies, all lies… She could tell Sandy that she loved him, and she could tell Jonathan that, but at the end of the day, Tammy couldn't lie to herself.

He banged his head on the bar, shouting, "God damn it, Ava, where is that drink?"

She looked over at him. "I'm not making it for you."

She's lucky that a potential witness just walked in, he thought as he saw a girl enter the bar. He moved over one seat for her, and she whispered, "Thank you. " She placed her order with Ava and sat, waiting.

Jonathan studied her features. She had long, black hair- it was dyed or a wig, certainly. There was no shade of black that dark. A brown fedora covered her face, and she wore a thick coat and pants that covered most of her body. Too bad, he thought, it looks nice from here.

He cleared his throat, and she very slightly turned her head toward him, to acknowledge his presence. "So, what are you doing here this late?" he asked.

"Um- nothing." she squeaked out. Her voice was high- pitched and seemingly false.

Ava interrupted their conversation, saying, "Can I see your I.D.?" She took the I.D. and looked at it, her face contorting slightly, and then returned it to the girl, hiding a smile.

"Anyway, it's sort of… a love thing." she said.

"Oh… jeez, I know how you feel," he practically shouted. "You see- no, you wouldn't want to know."

"No, no- go on," she whispered again.

He shrugged as she took her first sip of vodka. "Okay… Well, there's this-"

"Girl." she finished for him.

"Yeah… Honestly, we just belong together. I have dreams… dreams of us growing old together and still whispering that we love each other. But it's no use. She keeps saying that she loves her boyfriend, and she doesn't! I know she doesn't! It's a lie… It's all a lie…" he said, trailing off into a whisper. "She loves me."

"How do you know?" the girl said, suddenly sounding quite defensive as she downed the glass.

"Everything she does. When I'm with her, she keeps saying, 'I can't do this, I can't, I just can't,' but we'll end up kissing… or even more. And she breaks my heart every time she lies to herself and goes back to him," he said, breaking into tears. Through his sobs, he whispered, "I love her. More than anything. I'll kill for her and I'll die for her. I'll move the earth if that's the way she wants it to be… and every time she cries, I just want to wipe her tears away and tell her, 'I love you, Tammy.'"

She moaned, "Owwww…." clutching one side of her head.

He chuckled lightly. "You can't hold your alcohol well, can you? Shouldn't have picked vodka."

"I just wanted to get away," she said, still in her false voice.

"From what?"

"From my life." she said, finally in her true voice, and fell to the floor in a drunken stupor.

Jonathan said, "Hey! Hey, you okay?" but he stopped as soon as he saw the blonde locks revealed by the fallen wig and the face of the girl whom he loved so much.

He yelled, "Ava!" As she came running to him, he said, "You saw her I.D…. you knew."

She smiled guiltily. "Yeah."

"Well, help me get her somewhere better than the floor!" he roared as he looked back on Tammy's face. She only looked asleep, like a peaceful angel. Jonathan tenderly slid one hand under her head and one behind the small of her back, lifting her gently into his arms. She stirred, and laid her head on his chest. Ironic, he thought. People call me a monster, and I'm just afraid to touch her… His thoughts now wandered to the girl he held. You'll only be mine for a moment, and you won't even remember it… God, Tammy, I love you. I want to say it forever. I love you. I love you. I love you. He placed a small kiss on her forehead, as if it could protect her from the cold morning light, and walked into the room that Ava had prepared.