Summary: After the death of Jonathon Kent,Clark embarks on one final journey that will make him the greatest hero the world has ever known.(reviews please)

Pairings: Limited Clark and Lana

Disclaimers: I own none of these characters, DC Comics and WB's does. But no matter what Superman is owned by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster

Author's Note: Lana knows about Clark's powers. Lex and Clark's friendship is all but over . If some of this seems familiar it's because it might be. Other than that enjoy!

Clark Kent watched the quarterback take the snap for the center and take his seven step drop. From the moment the ball was snapped Clark knew that the QB was going to one of two things. First he was going overthrow the wide out or two get the ball picked off by the Safety.

Sure enough the safety picked it off and ran it back for six. The only good that came from it was this was practice and that kind of thing was okay sort of. The coach went nuts yell at the QB for making a bone headed throw. It took Clark back to when he was playing back in high school. He had to throw picks at time to make things look good.

The coach blew his whistle and ended practice. Clark began his job as the manger and started to pick up the balls and tees. He didn't mind it so much he knew it was the only way he could be around the game. He had given up playing football because of his powers. Now as manger he could be around the game and get his story for the school paper.

When he was done he made sure that all the players and coaches had headed inside. He then took one of the balls and tees and went to the end zone of the field. he placed the ball on the tee and lined up his shot. Then he kicked the ball. He smiled when the ball split the up rights. A 105 yard field goal. Any team in the NFL would pay him billions to have him. He check his watch and smiled. He had to get home Lana was coming home.

Lex Luthor stood in the board room of Luthor corp. The board members each took their seats. They all were quite and somber. How could they be anything else when the founder and owner of the company was dead.

Some of them still refused to believe it. Lionel Luthor dead a mysterious helicopter crash. It was after a board meeting in Metropolis. He board a chopper to go back to his home in Smallville. He never made it. The chopper crashes ten miles outside of town. The FAA said that it was pilot error.

They found it odder when, Lex Luthor had his father's will read and he was named the sole heir. Thing really got sick when Lex called a board meeting a hour after his father was planted in the ground.

"I'm glad all of you could make it . I know who difficult this must be in light of recent events. However all of you knew my father and if the roles were reversed that same would have happened."He said. He looked around the room. None of the board members met his gaze. He turned to beautiful young woman standing next to him.

"Mercy."He said. Mercy moved around the table,she handed each of the board members a purple file folder. He waited until she handed out all of the folders and returned to her place at his side.

"These folders contain the future of this company,and if you will notice, it's no longer Luthor Corp, it's Lex Corp. The plans I have for this company will make millions and not only that it will benefit this city and Smallville not to mention the world. The first job is Lex central a tower that will control this city's power and public services. Now all of you must be wondering how will we get the technology to do this. A world renowned scientist who will arrive tomorrow morning until then good day."Lex said.

The board members filed out of the room. Lex watched each one of them go. Mercy stood by the door and then closed it when the last one left the room. She then went and poured Lex a scotch. He took the glass from her and took a drink.

"Do you think they know anything?"Mercy asked.

"A few of them might but none of them have the guts to challenge me."Lex said. He looked up at her. Mercy gazed back at him with lust,she leaned over and kissed him hard on the mouth. He pushed a small button on his chair and the door locked.

Clark slowed down from his super-speed when he noticed the familiar red bug parked in the drive way. It was Chloe,no doubt home to visit. He ran the rest of the way to the door. He peeked inside and saw his mother,father and Chloe seated at the table having coffee.

"Anybody home?he asked,the he walked into the house. Chloe was the first one to greet him with a hug and kiss on the cheek.

"I was wonder when boy of steel was going to get home?"She said.

"Chloe you look as beautiful as ever."Clark said.

"Smooth talker."Chloe said.

"Hey son."Jonathon said.

"Dad."Clark said. Then he hugged his father.

"Welcome home sweetie."His mother said giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"Mom,Dad it's good to be home."Clark said.

"It's good to have you home."Martha said.

"Clark why don't we head down to the Talon a certain person with the letters LL is waiting for you."Chloe said.

"Lana? Lana's in town?"Clark said.

"No it's Lois."Chloe teased.

"Mom,Dad we'll talk when I get back."Clark said.

"Alright son."Jonathon said. Martha and Jonathon watched as their son and Chloe left the farm. They smiled it was good to have Clark and his friends home.

Chloe stopped her car in front of the Talon and was about to get out of the car when she noticed Clark was nervous.

"Clark are you nervous?"Chloe asked.

"A little bit."Clark said.

"Clark there's nothing to worry about."Chloe reassured her friend.

"What if she meet somebody else?"Clark said.

"Clark, you can start fires with your eyes and are faster than a speeding bullet, your kind of a tough act to follow."Chloe said.

"Alright."Clark said. They got out of the car and walked into Talon. Clark and Chloe were met by their friends that never left Smallville. They said "hi" to everyone they knew. Then they made their way to the counter. Clark and Chloe stood at the counter and never said a word as Lana filled orders,just like when they were in high school. She turned around and was surprised to see Clark and Chloe. She smiled,then she hopped over the counter and jumped into Clark's arms and kissed him.

"Oh, I missed you so much."Lana said.

"I though about you everyday."Clark said.

"I hate to interrupt by what about little old me."Chloe said.

"Chloe I missed you too."Lana said and then hugged her.

"Wow,the whole gang is back together."Chloe said.

"Yeah the only person missing is Pete."Clark said.

"Did somebody mention me."Pete said when he walked into the Talon.

"Pete."Clark said. He walked to his friend and hugged him.

"Clark man it's great to see you."Pete said.

"It's good to see you to Pete."Clark said.

"Hey,Pete."Chloe said.

"Hey Chloe."Pete said. They hugged and laughed.

"Welcome back Pete."Lana said.

"Thanks,Lana you look great."Pete said.

"Are you all done here?"Clark asked.

"No I kind of volunteered and I don't want to leave."Lana said.

"Hey I got to go I'm going to see what their doing to my paper."Chloe said and then she headed to the Talon.

"What about you,Pete?"Clark asked.

"Hey man I'm free."Pete said.

"Let's go to my place and shoots some hoops."Clark said.

The next morning,Clark was up before his father. He quickly showered and dress and then head out. He ran toward the old coal mine. It took him about five minutes to get there. The place and been abandon for about a hundred years.

He saw that the entrance to the mine was still boarded up. He ripped the boards off and went into the mine. He walked toward the end of the shaft until. He looked down at where the old elevator should have been. He then hopped down to the bottom. He went down this shaft until he got to the last wall that the miners had gotten to.

Using his his X-ray vision he saw through the wall and found a perfect sized piece of coal. He punched the wall and pulled out the coal. He checked it to make sure that it was the one he wanted. He then turned and headed back home.

When he got home, he went up into the loft and took out the silver ring that he had found. He looked over the ring to make sure that it was okay then he took the coal from his pocket. He took the coal and crushed it in his hand. He then opened his hand and looked at the diamond in his hand. He then used his heat vision to cut the diamond to the size he needed. When he was all done. He had made a engagement ring for Lana.

It was about lunch time when Lana,Chloe and Pete came to the farm. They had gathered for Clark's graduating for collage. Martha, Chloe and Lana set the table. Pete was getting the football and basketball. Clark saw his father walking toward the mailbox.

"Dad, wait up."Clark said, His father waited for him and they walked together.

"You have something on your mind son?"Jonathon said.

"What was it like proposing to mom?"Clark asked. Jonathon smiled.

"Do you have someone in mind?"Jonathon said.

"Yeah,dad. Lana. I think it's time."Clark said.

"That's great son."Jonathon said then he hugged his son.

"For the first time in my life,every thing's right."Clark said.

They started to walked back to the farm house.

"Hey dad let's have a race."Clark said. The started to run up to the house. He turned back to his dad."Come on dad run,come on."Clark said. Clark turned his back to his father and ran. Jonathon ran after his son for a few feet. He slowed down when he felt the numbness in his left arm. He grabbed his arm and rubbed it. Fear creeped across his face. "Oh no,Oh no."Jonathon said. He then dropped to his knees. "Not now, not now."He said. Jonathon looked at his son running in front of him. Then to his wife.

Martha smiled as she watched her son and husband run a race. She walked inside and came out a moment later with a pitcher of tea. She looked down the road and saw Jonathon lying on the ground. She dropped the pitcher and it shatter on the wood of the porch.

"Jonathon,JONATHON!"she screamed.

Everyone looked down the road and saw Jonathon lying on the road. "Dad?"Clark said. Then he ran towards his father. In his mind Jor-El's word echoed:"Someone you love will die."