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Chapter 18: Waiting

Last Time:

"I don't know. Sam just text me that Piper's been shot."

Leo turned to Ashley. "I'm sorry." Leo ran out with Calleigh.


"What happened?" Leo said as he and Calleigh ran into the ER waiting room.

"What are you doing here?" Sam asked.

"I got your text."' Calleigh said.

"What about the wedding?" Alex asked Leo.

"I'm not marrying Ashley."


"No. I can't." Leo stood next to his sisters. "You guys were right; I was marrying her because of Dad. I can't live for him anymore. I just hope it's not too late to make things right." Leo ran his hands through his hair in desperation. Calleigh hugged her best friend. He pulled away and turned to Prue. "What happened?"

"We were going shopping and she said she had to go into the bank. We waited for her for about 20 minutes when she sent me a text saying the bank was being robbed. The robber released the hostages but not Piper, he took her to get away, when he was far enough away he shot her." Prue struggled to explain.

"Oh god. Do you know how bad it was?"

"No. They won't tell us anything."

"Well, they are probably taking the bulled out now and repairing any damage that it may have caused." Calleigh said. Leo nodded in agreement. "Did anyone call Dan?"

"Yeah, he's on his way."

"This would have never happened if I was with her. I can't believe this is happening." Leo said.

"You don't know that. Everything happens for a reason, Leo." Calleigh said.

"Oh, yeah, and what was the reason for this."

"Maybe for you to realize that you and Piper belong together."

"It shouldn't have had to take this. Especially since I already knew that. This wasn't supposed to happen to Piper."

Dan ran through the ER doors with Jenny in his arms.

"What's happening? Have they told you anything yet?"

"We don't know anything, yet." Calleigh stood up and hugged her boyfriend. Dan held her as tight as he could, without smothering Jenny, and absorbed some of her strength.

When he opened his eyes and saw Leo red flashed before his eyes. He released his hold on Calleigh and Jenny and stalked over to Leo. With the speed of Flash, Dan had Leo pinned against the wall with his forearm against Leo's neck. "This is all your fault. Piper wouldn't be fighting for her life if you would have protected her." Dan seethed.

"Dan, let him go. It's not his fault. No one could have known this was going to happen."

"Paige!" Phoebe shouted. All eyes in the room went to Phoebe. "No one called Paige."

"Oh god. You're right." Prue said. "I'll be right back."

Calleigh turned back to Dan and Leo. Dan had yet to completely ease up on Leo.

"Dan, come on, let him go."

"If Piper dies, I swear I will kill you." Dan said before he roughly let go of Leo.

Calleigh led Dan away from the group. "Don't make this Leo's fault."

"Why not, because he's your friend?" Dan said with hostility. "Well, Piper's my friend, and she wouldn't be fighting for her life if Leo hadn't threw her aside for some fake blonde bimbo heiress."

"And what gives you the right to say that?" His girlfriend asked.

"My best friend is in there fighting for her life. That's what gives me the right."

"Really? Prue and Phoebe's sister is in there fighting for her life and they're not throwing people against walls. I suggest you get it together, Dan. You're not doing anyone any good acting like this. Especially Piper." Calleigh told her boyfriend before walking away.

Dan walked in the opposite direction and through the automatic doors.

"Yeah, Paige, of course." Dan heard Prue say to Paige on the other side of the phone. "Paige, if you're not here when we hear something I will call you. I promise." Prue listened to Paige. "I love you, too. Bye." Prue disconnected the call.

Prue looked up at the setting skyline and sighed greatly. Dan leaned beside Prue on a brick ledge that surrounded some hedges. The two friends rested in quiet for a few moments before Prue spoke.

"You know, I hate this hospital." Dan remained silent letting Prue know that he would be there to listen to her. "Mom died here, Grams died here, Paige almost died, and now Piper's here." Prue quickly wiped away a few tears that had escaped her eyes.

"Prue, Piper's not going to die."

"You don't know that, Dan."

"You have to believe that."

"How, Dan, how?" Prue asked desperately as she faced Dan. "How can I believe that she is going to be fine after I saw her get shot. How can I believe that she isn't going to die when two of three people from my family who have come here have died."

"You just do, Prue. You have to because everyone in that waiting room right now needs at least one person to believe that Piper is going to make it through this."

"Do you believe Piper is going to make it?"

"I do." Dan said without hesitation. "Piper wouldn't leave now…she hasn't made me like Leo yet."

Prue let out a small chuckle before pulling Dan in for a hug.

"Prue!" a voice called out.

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