What Matchmaking Could Lead To…

Will a guy adored by all women in their campus fall for a geek?

Well, that RARELY happens…


Disclaimer:I do not own Naruto. Everyone knows that. I'm back… and this fic is dedicated to Ayuka, who has been reviewing and yearning for yet another weird SasuSaku fic by me. Exams are over… so I'm here with sweet revenge…

Chapter One: Chaotic School



I heard them again. Yells. Yes, yells, you've read it right. And as far as I'm concered, this new school year will not be the best again.

That's always.

I hate them when they scream like that. How can I study in these weird conditions? How can I achieve what my aniki has now?

Oh, man. They're here now. I better run…

"Oh, where's Uchiha-kun?" a girl asked. "I thought he's going to be in this class?"

"We better find him now."


Sasuke peered from where he's hiding. He knew he had no other option than to take the risk to enter the cleaning tools' closet. Though it's filled with mops and the stinky floor wax smell, he wants it better than those girls swooning around him.

He came out shortly after they left. He's going to his class for today, and it's the creative writing class again. He sure wants it to be his PE class since he loves sports, but again. Second thought. The girls are surely there.

On his way to his class, he saw a girl in pink pigtails, carefully picking up her things. The school bullies sure have done this. They detest geeks around the school. And Sasuke knows her. She came from his previous class, and she's the brightest student of their batch. She came from a well known family of national scientists, and they are not in the same class now. However, she's so silent and bottled up as he is, and they don't have the chance to talk to each other.

She doesn't look as geeky as she really is. Her emerald eyes show kindness and sincerity, and all the goodness in her heart pours through it. he knows that she needed someone to be her friend rather than those acting geeks of the science club. After watching her from afar, he decided to give her a hand.

Sakura watched him wearily, as he took some of her notebooks and her usual stuff. Though she has no glasses this day, she could tell it was the girl-sought guy. Uchiha Itachi's little brother. For sure, she knows Uchiha Itachi. She is hell-bent in meeting him, for he graduated gaining inter-school quiz bee awards and the entire 1st place in all subjects he took.

Uchiha Sasuke is way different from him. He excels in sports, and has average grades. He is quiet and not as sociable as Itachi. He seems to dislike girls but…

"Is that all that you dropped?" he asked.

"Thank you," Sakura muttered. "yes, that's everything."

She bowed down and continued her walk to her next class. Sasuke was quite surprised on how a girl like her acts.

"If only all girls could be you." He muttered.


"I'm home."

Itachi, however, still had to complete his project for physiology class, and so there he was, making adjustments to the body water balance module, when the front door slamming and a familiar set of footsteps bounding upstairs distracted him.

Here he comes…

"Aniki!" said Sasuke as he burst into Itachi's room. "Can you talk, or are you busy?"

"I'm busy," said Itachi as he saved the changes to his project on the disk drive and scribbled down a few notes. "But I can spare you a few minutes as always."

"Good." Sasuke plopped down on his brother's bed. "I've got problems."

"Oh? What kind of problems?"

"Girl problems."

"Really?" Itachi turned around to face his brother. "That's a little surprising, I thought you said girls liked you…"

"Girls like me, all right… I just don't like them. Uh… that's not what I mean. What I mean, what I mean by that is, well… uh…"

"Oh, did your girl classmates and pals bug you again?"

"Yeah." Sasuke sighed. "Why can't girls act normal around me? Why do they have to go all… well, over-romantic when I'm around?"

His brother smiled. "Well, you are quite a handsome guy, and you're pretty good at sports. And you're stylish."

"So? That doesn't make me a teen idol."

"Actually, to them it really and truly does. It was the same way with me."

Sasuke looked at him in mild surprise. "How'd you deal with it?"

"I just smiled and said no a lot. They still loved me, and wanted to be with me, for it anyway." Then Itachi smiled even wider. "You need my help?"

"No thanks, aniki. I guess you'd just teach me math again."

"It's not educational when you mean that. What help I can give you is for you to focus on something else than school." Itachi said.

"And what's that?"

"I'm afraid that's the kind you're most likely to find in high school," Itachi replied.


"Why? Because a lot of guys your age like girls to glomp all over them. Makes them feel important."

"Well, I used to be that way, but I'm not one of them anymore, and I'm sick of it." Sasuke pouted and stretched out full length on Itachi's bed.

"I could fix you up."

Sasuke did a double take. "What?"

"I said, I could fix you up. Set you up on a date," said Itachi.

"I've never had to be set up on a date before," Sasuke cried, scowling.

"Why are you so bothered about it?"

"Because only losers need people to fix them up! And I'm not a loser."

"But you were just saying you wanted a different kind of girl, right? One who didn't treat you like a… teen idol'?"

Sasuke blinked. "Well… uh, yeah…"

"And when you want to pick and choose the type of girl, I'm sorry, but a lot of times that means fixing you up," Itachi murmured with a smirk.

"Well… uh, I guess you're right, Aniki." Sasuke gave up.

Let's just see what my bright and pro aniki can do about it. If it fails, God… let me quit high school now…


That was short, but that starts the ball rolling...

To be continued…