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Elemental evil...

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Recall:"Heh..this seems like a nice spot!"Kagome yelled!and then she poured a cup of tea to Black Neko?OO

"Ah..this is nice...getting away from the scene"Black Neko said taking a sip from her cup.

Then a girl(Me) with a big hat that said 'director'and had glasses,wearing all black walked to Kagome and Black Neko.

"...The camera is on..."I whispered.Kagome and Black Neko dropped the tea cups and threw the table and chairs on the floor.

"Now...let's FIGHT!"Kagome's eyes were red again and she had that 'I'm a psycho'Smile on her face.Black Neko took out her lil' knives and started throwing them."WE SAID NO WEAPONS!"Kagome yelled dodging ever knife.

"I never said 'ok'"Black Neko was about to aim one at her forehead but she felt something sharp at he neck...she turned around and saw someone she never thought would hold a weapon..

"Well...I see you interfered so you shall die as well"Black Neko said to the person...

Will I Have A Happy Ending?

Kagome was shocked to see Yuridia holding her sword' I ..thought she didn' to fight?'.Yuridia had a sly grin on her face.."Me?Die?Ha...As you can see you are the one on the other end of my sword?"Yuridia said in a matter-of-fact- voice.

Black Neko swallowed her fear of death that moment..she shifted her gaze from the sword at her neck to the woman holding it..."'re right on that..but..holding a sword makes you an easy target in some rib cage..."Black Neko smirked and threw several knives at her (about..7) .

Yuridia's eyes were wide and she tried to dodge it...she closed her eyes...waiting...waiting...'Isn't it supposed to hit me yet?'Yuridia heard a gasp and felt wind in front of her...she didn't risk it she opened her eyes and saw Kagome with her jaw dropped and then..Yuridia..was in the arms of Sesshomaru?she gasped 'DID THE KNIVES HIT HIM!'she escaped his embrace and looked in front of him..Inuyasha was standing there...blood dripping down his fingers.

Inuyasha fell to his knees and Kagome ran to him...' As my ok...'Inuyasha started taking out the knives that hit him..mostly they all hit his arms but some were on his legs.

Kagome was crying and she stared at him with her green reluctant eyes..Inuyasha smiled at her..."I'm f-fine"He managed to say..he never wanted to look at her with the expression she had..

"You are not fine"Kagome took a knife from Inuyasha and threw it at Black Neko, yet she dodge it.Kagome was throwing random punches at her and kicks but some managed to hit her yet some didn't.

While Kagome was fighting with Black Neko,Yuridia cried on her brother's shoulder..she didn't want him to do that for her..

"Jeez..woman and their emotions!I'm fine!"Inuyasha said patting his sister's back.Sesshomaru on the other hand felt a tingle inside...the tingle of..-"I wish to see you like this more often"he smirked..Yuridia gave him the coldest glare...soooo cold it even surpassed his glares!.Sesshomaru coughed..

"Sesshomaru when I get better I'm gonna shove my foot up your-..Kagome what are you doing?"Inuyasha said looking at Kagome playing Poker with Black Neko.

"'re ruining my concentration...this is a life and death situation and -BAM!3 aces!that's right!3 I won!"Kagome yelled cheerfully collecting her money from Black Neko.

"Ok ok..let's fight again.."Kagome held a knife in one hand and a script in an other"You-Shall-Die-...Black-Noko...Neko..sorry...Charge-for-Black-Neko?..oh..oops"Kagome threw the script on the floor and charged for Black Neko.

"Inuyasha..what do you see in this girl.."Sesshomaru asked staring at Kagome.

"I don't know!I just thought she was hot?"Inuyasha said..then his eyes went wide when Kagome and Black Neko both stopped fighting and stared at him with 'The pain of a thousands deaths' glare.

"...I'll ignore that.."Kagome said pointing her knife at him.Inuyasha nodded..then he stopped..

"Actually what I meant was-"He got interrupted by Yuirida's hand over his mouth.

"Shut it..she'll kill you..."Yuridia said in a rough voice.Sesshomaru then smirked...

Kagome got her knife and started trying to stab Black Neko but kept missing!

"Hellllo there..."said a VERY familiar voice..both Black Neko and Kagome froze and their faces turned pale...

Cloud was leaning on a tree with a smile on his face...then he fell on the floor because Sora threw him.

"Stop blocking peoples ways man!..oh hi guys!hey you're that chick from before!the one that has the really hot brother!"Sora said pointing at Black Neko.

"Hello Kagome..I missed ya babe...I bet ya missed me to huh?it's ok..I'm here..."Cloud said getting up swiftly and placing his hand on Kagome's shoulder...

"Cloud..shut up no one misses you..actually..we all want you to disappear!"Sora said placing her hands on her hips.

"She's got a point...I'll help on that!"Inuyasha said getting up (hesitating)and pulling Kagome closer to him..and he was leaning on her since he ..can't stand up...

"Right...well Kagome let's get away from here and let's go somewhere...private "Cloud said smirking..

"..Hell no...PLUS!you interrupted my fight!"Kagome said brushing off Cloud's hand off her shoulder.Cloud frowned and made puppy eyes at her..but he stopped when Inuyasha looked at him...

"FINE!hey about you.."Cloud said putting his hand on Black Neko's shoulder...

Black Neko slowly turned around and revealed her coldest glare...

"..Fight..fight to what.."Kokoro asked..everyone jumped to the surprise!

"Whoa!when did you get here!"Inuyasha said looking at her suspiciously.

"..I was on that tree waiting for Sora and Cloud.."Kokoro said in her cold voice with her cold eyes just like Sesshomaru...

"This is a battle to the death little girl"Sesshomaru said.Kokoro glared at him for his remark...

"I will not allow that..I am meant to kill her she is my job after all"Kokoro said calmly.Black Neko turned around to face the little girl.

"-Laugh-..OK..right well actually me and her are going to kill each other since...we knew each other a long time ago"Black Neko murmured and glared at Kagome.

"A fight between assassins...this is rather interesting?"Sora said sitting down and pulling Cloud down with her.."We shall watch"She said smiling.Cloud on the other hand frowned.

"But she can't kill my Kag-"Cloud got cut off by Sora's glare...

"We..SHALL watch..and only that..Kokoro..I shall tell mother that I killed her for you so we can watch"Sora said.Kokoro stared at her...

"But I must KILL her-"Kokoro started to stay.Sora looked at her and sighed.

"Kokoro...we know you don't like to kill so don't do it!just escape from our family.."Sora said looking away...Kokoro's cold face turned into a nice warm smile.

"Thanks.."She muttered.

"Not that I don't like hear-felt moments.-...oh..wait I don't..but I have to fight Kagome quite"Black Neko said smiling.Kagome and Black Neko got into fighting positions while Inuyasha kept a close eye on Cloud..

Kagome smirked and dashed to Black Neko but then again...she ran so fast she disappeared before Black Neko's very eyes..

'Crap..she ran fast again..'Black Neko thought standing there looking around for Kagome very closely.Everyone stood still...

Inuyasha then hugged his stomach and barely noticed a slash on there.He fell to his knees and hugged it tightly.

"Ow..."He squealed.Yuridia sat down next to him and check to see his cut...

"We have to get you bandaged!why didn't you say something before!"Yuridia shouted.Inuyasha slowly turned to look at her and he glared at her.Sesshomaru only stared at the two.

"Well how could I know!-"yelled Inuyasha!

"HOW COULD YOU NOT!-"shouted Yuridia.

Sesshomaru getting annoyed stood in front of Inuyasha and grabbed him.He threw him over his shoulder"Let's go to this 'Sango' so she can cure you"He said annoyed and cold.Yuridia only stared at him and walked right behind him.

"NO I HAVE TO STAY WITH KAGOME DAMMIT!"Inuyasha yelled only making that hurt his stomach.

Kagome was blocking a hit when she noticed Inuyasha being carried away from Sesshomaru'Heh...well at least if he's not here...and If something happens...he won't see it..'Kagome thought as she was being backed up into a tree then she kicked Black Neko to the ground.

Kagome placed her hand on her throat and squeeze...she looked around the floor to find a knife...she smirked and grabbed it while Black Neko was struggling.

"Say Bye bye!"Kagome said smiling raising the knife..

---------------------------------With Inuyasha and stuff.

"Sango!"Yuridia yelled seeing her actually TALKING to Miroku instead of beating him up..and Kuro was just staring at Inuyasha"Can you help Inuyasha please!"Sango couldn't help but laugh when she saw Sesshomaru carrying Inuyasha.

Sango nodded and headed off to her house.

"Here I'll take you.."Kuro said turning into a black wolf and carried Sango.

--------------------------10 min later

"'s...Kagome?"Miroku asked.


"She is fine..."Sesshomaru said putting Inuyasha down.."..for now.."He said adding to he tension.

"What..are you trying to say ..Sesshomaru.."Inuyasha said roughly form the pain of his stomach.

Yuridia looked down to Inuyasha then to Sesshomaru ' feel it too?'

"She is going to die"Sesshomaru said frigidly.Inuyasha looked up at Sesshomaru and he gritted his teeth.

'No she isn't!she isn't!DAMN!where's Sango!she needs to hurry with those bandages!'Inuyasha thought.

-----------------------------------Sango and Kuro

Kuro was making sure he was away from the crowd and he stopped.Sango started to get suspicious..this wasn't the way to her house and they were even DEEPER into the forest...

"What are you doing.."Sango said getting off the wolf...Kuro(still in wolf form)turned to Sango and stared at her with his bright red eyes...

"You have no idea do you?"Kuro said transforming to back to 'human' form..Sango took some steps back..

"What are you talking about!"Sango said backing up into a tree and getting to fighting position.Kuro smiled at her..

"I'm you"He said calmly.Sango froze and her eyes grew wide as he came closer...'Why isn't my body moving!MOVE!..he's coming...closer...this..this isn't fair!'Sango narrowed her eyes and waited...

" know..."Kuro said getting so close to her his mouth was next to her ear"Life..isn't fair.."Sango got pale...

"How did you-!"Sango never finished that sentence...since...Kuro swiftly covered her mouth and sliced her throat..

Kuro slowly put her down on the ground and stared at her..." had to..."He said gently touching her cheek which was cold..He sighed and ran to his sister...

----------------------------Inuyasha and Gang

Inuyasha sat there on his rock waiting for Kuro and Sango to return..'...wait!WHAT THE HELL!WE LET HER GO WITH KURO!HE-HE..'

Inuyasha stood up forgetting his pain and ran to Sango but something got in his way...the hearing of a scream?everyone froze..they knew whose scream that was...Yuridia turned to Inuyasha...

-----------------------------With Kagome and Black Neko

Kagome was about to strike the knife into her flesh when she felt her..she felt hate...Kagome turned around and she dropped the knife which dropped into Black Neko's forehead.Black Neko screamed.

"Kuro.."Kagome said staring at him.Kuro was standing behind Kagome and this time...his eyes were more red than ever..his face hold hatred.

"I one..shall kill my sister!"Kuro took out a sharp wooden stake and plunged it into Kagome's heart...

"Inu..Inuyasha.."Kagome managed to say weakly when she saw Inuyasha running towards her..'...Inuyasha?what are you saying?I can't hear you?I can only see your lips move?why...why is everything ..quiet..' Kagome felt tears running down her cheeks..yet..she stood still..and...everything...all surrounding her..turned..turned dark...nothing could be seen with the darkness surrounding her thoughts...


'..I hear again..'


'Yuridia?why are you yelling?'

"Kagome! again...I..I can't lose you...I love you..why.."

' Inuyasha!'

"You thought I didn't know you were a vampire!"

'Kuro?'Kagome's thoughts stopped...

Everyone watched as Kagome fell to the ground and her tears that stained her face were red..


Yes..a sad ending..BOTH Black Neko and Kagome died..of course...Cloud and Inuyasha won't let Kuro live know will they?yes this is how my story ends and thank you for reading it..

Here's a preview of another story I am making but this one is going to be serious like this story and not like the others I have ,it's called 'Composers Delight'.It's based on another comic I made and again I am switching my characters with characters from Inuyasha and Bleach.

"No father!I am not going to live on with something I do not want to do!can you not understand that!why must you make me suffer-" Rukia got cut off by her father.

"I am not trying to make you suffer!I am trying to make what is best for you!even if that means joining the life of a ninja!"yelled Ukitake.

Rukia stood there on the verge of tears but held them back.." to be a ninja!'

Rukia woke up from her thoughts...'...That day..that day is in the past...'she thought..'I've grown...and now..I am a ninja..'Rukia was staring into the night's black sky and kept running from the ninja's 'Amazing..I am escaping and my father is ordering me to be killed...'Rukia stopped running by the figure standing in front of her...