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Warnings: Mild slash (male/male: Salazar Slytherin/Harry Potter), OOCness (it's fanfiction, if you want In Character stuff, read the books), spoilers through OotP, etc.

Harry groaned and slowly cracked open an eye. Why was his head pounding so hard?

"Ah, he's awake," a deep silky voice murmured. Harry's eyes flew open and he immediately reached for his wand, only to find it wasn't there.

"Where's my—" Harry glared at the man standing regally in front of him holding up Harry's wand and pointing it at its owner threateningly. 'This is definitely not the wand I planned to die by.'

"Don't even consider fleeing," the man warned in his velvety voice. Harry fought a blush at the sound if it. It was very sexy, despite it's threatening undertone. Looking up at the owner of the voice, Harry found that the man also had beautiful eyes—a piercing pair of dark green, almost black orbs that carefully sealed away the soul behind them. The man was attired entirely in black and his robes hid a strong but slender figure. The man's tone, posture, dress, and overall air suggested nothing less than majesty. This was definitely someone of noble descent, a powerful pureblood who wasn't afraid to shamelessly flaunt it. Then again, what pureblood didn't go overboard with appearance and pretense?

Finally regaining his wits, Harry calmly stated, "I'm not going to run away. I'm not a coward and I haven't done anything wrong." Harry's eyes grew almost completely black with suppressed anger for a brief moment before they returned to their normal shade of green. "Perhaps a less threatening approach would have been better. Let's start over. My name is Harry Potter. Nice to meet you, mister…" he trailed off inquiringly. The man eyed him warily before relaxing his posture slightly, yet was still careful to keep his guard up.

"Salazar Slytherin," he replied coldly. Harry started. Salazar Slytherin? Impossible! The guy died a millennium ago!

"I-I…see…" the teen mumbled lamely. He looked at the man timidly. "A-Are you sure that's really your name? Were you perchance named after someone else?"

The Founder glared at him icily. "I assure you, Mr. Potter, that I am the only Salazar Slytherin," he retorted. Harry blinked several times, feeling his mind haze over. He collapsed, falling forward into Salazar's strong arms. The last thought before he lost consciousness was, 'For a bizarre nightmare, this feel's pretty real…'

When he came to, it was to a different, much less soothing voice. "Wake up already! God, how long are you gonna sleep?" the unpleasant voice exclaimed loudly. It soon grew into an impatient and irritable mumble, "Damn that Salazar Slytherin…getting me to baby-sit his stupid prisoner on my day off…then again, I feel bad for the poor boy…"

Harry's sleep-clouded mind registered that he groaned at the complaining tone that his friends often took when talking to each other, especially about professors and homework. "Keep it down, Ron, the spiders are gone now," he mumbled into his pillow before truly registering what had been said. He opened his eyes and stared at the man, who looked ready to explode with misdirected rage. "Umm…hi?" Harry squeaked out and laughed nervously at the murderous glint in the man's eyes. Suddenly, Salazar's cold scowl was sounding pretty good…

"Oi, Slytherin, the brat's awake, can I go now!" the man shouted on the top of his lungs. Then again, Slytherin and this guy together in the same room as him wasn't as appealing as one might think. Especially if they were both as livid as the one next to him sounded…

Harry buried his head under the pillows moodily. "Why me?" he groaned.

"My sentiments exactly!" the loud man agreed.

Just then, Salazar entered and shoved the other man aside. "Ignore Godric. He's an incompetent fool."

"Am not!"

"Yes, you are. You were stupid enough to sign a document that states that you are exactly that," Salazar shot back. Harry watched in amusement and tried to stifle his laughter. Salazar smirked at the betrayed look on Godric's face.

"Hey, kid, you were supposed to side with me!" Godric whined. "Traitor!"

"Who would be that foolish? Only you and your House," Salazar teased.

Harry blushed in embarrassment and murmured, "I would."

Salazar turned to Godric and said incredulously, "Is this one of your students?" as if Harry seemed too intelligent to be taught by Godric.

"No, I've never seen him before in my life, I swear!"

Salazar looked doubtful and Godric glared demandingly at Harry.

Harry flushed at the attention he was suddenly receiving. "Well, I'm not technically…not yet, anyways…"

A long story later found the two founders staring at Harry in shock from the gruesome tale they'd just been told (though they had no idea Harry had only given them a brief and softened version of his life story). The poor kid…to suffer so much at such a young age must have been…incredibly horrific, to say the least.

"But how did you get here?" Godric said.

Harry frowned. "I dunno. I can't remember. I think there was a battle or something…" He focused hard on the void in his memories before sighing in defeat and shaking his head sadly. "I'm sorry. I can't remember anything that would help explain my presence here."

Suddenly, Salazar stood and hovered regally over Harry. "Well, Mister Potter, I believe you've been interrogated more than enough for one day."

"Welcome aboard, kiddo," Godric translated for his fellow Founder, who had stalked out of the room haughtily. Godric grinned toothily at his new pupil. "Don't mind him. He means well. Actually, I think he's taken quite a liking to you."

"He sure has a strange way of showing it," Harry said with a snort. The older wizard laughed hoarsely.

"He's just a social ogre. Never been in a pleasant mood in his life, I'd wager."

Harry smiled. "I know," the boy murmured, blushing lightly. "Neither is Professor Snape. He's protected me more than anyone else—he's saved me at least once each year."

"But I thought—"

"Don't misunderstand. We hate each other, but I have a deep respect for the man. He's a brilliant Potions Master and a very clever person with some notable redeeming qualities."

"But his personality?" Godric inquired.

"Let's not go there. I'm sure you have plans for something in the next month, that's how long I could go on about his faults."

Godric winced sympathetically. "That bad huh? Sorry."

Harry just shrugged indifferently. "What about Slytherin?"

"What about him?" Godric asked confusedly.

"What's he like? Not like Snape, I hope."

Godric sighed heavily and stood. He put a hand on Harry shoulder and gave it a friendly squeeze. "I don't know. No one does. Maybe you can be the one to find out and let the rest of the world know."

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