Here is maybe a 3 chapter story of Isabel and Angela as kids dealing with being psychic, let me know what you think of this chapter, maybe I'll continue, maybe not, it all depends.

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It was early in the morning of 1981, Angela and Isabel Dodson, 10 year-old psychic twins had just woken up and were jumping out of bed and racing downstairs to greet the morning. Today was unlike any other day. Today was June 22 and that meant, today was the last day of school and tomorrow was the first day summer vacation.

As the two girls hit the bottom step Angela jumped off and landed right in front of her dad, a tall man with dark brown hair and blue eyes, who had only been trying to walk by and into the kitchen to greet his lovely wife of 11 years.

Angela turned toward the kitchen leaving Isabel behind to bump into her dad and hit her head on the floor with great force. Greg Dodson, their father, bent over to help his daughter up and make sure she was ok. She surprisingly got up without a single sign of pain and ran into the kitchen.

When Greg walked in he saw something odd, but yet familiar, Angela was rubbing her head and complaining that out of nowhere it had started to hurt. Eleanor, the girl's mother, walked up to Angela and gave it a kiss. Eleanor was a thin, average height woman with light brown hair and hazel eyes that went perfect with her heart-shaped face.

After breakfast the girls ran up to their room to get changed.

"Are you ok?" Isabel asked her twin about her head.

"Yeah, I'm fine, but you have to be more careful Izzy just because you fall doesn't mean I don't feel it too. Remember we're psychic and whatever--"

"—whatever happens to one twin it happens to the other, I know." Isabel said finishing her sister's sentence like she always did. The girls had told their parents once or twice about them being psychic and the things they saw, but telling them this made their mother scared so they kept quiet about it and only spoke to one another, but what Angela didn't know, was that Isabel was writing everything down in a notebook.

"I'm sorry" Isabel said.

"It's ok," Angela said to telepathically. Isabel nodded and turned to the bathroom to brush her teeth.

"So, today after school, do you want to go to the park?" Isabel asked Angela through her mind.

"Sure, but if we see any of those mean, nasty guys I want to leave." Angie said referring to the half- breeds.

"Ok. Deal."

Once they were done getting ready they left the house and walked to school, keeping their eyes open for anything unusual.

What does Isabel's notebook have to do with the truth being let out? Find out next time. Let me know what you all think.