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Angela's p.o.v.

It had been awhile, Isabel and I became distant, we were still together as sisters, but it was as if the barrier that kept our souls as one had been broken. She became a trouble maker. Always playing with the boards and now doing séances.

Over the last year she had been put in the ward at least 13 different times. Just when she seemed to get better they'd send her home only to return far worse. I was scared, everything I had said became a reality, I could no longer see the things my sister did, they vanished, a part of me was glad, but the other felt I'd left my sister alone.

My mom died when my sister and I were about 15 years-old my dad took care of us on his own.

When I turned 18 and graduated from school and went to a police academy to become a cop. When I got back at 23 I joined the L.A.P.D. Whenever Isabel was allowed home I brought her to my new apartment, I even bought her a cat, duck was what she named him, he was gray and Isabel loved him.

My dad had grown distant from us and we never really spoke, Isabel was all the family I had left. Even though everything we went through was horrible Isabel still found away to forgive me.

Every Sunday and Wednesday we went to church together, even though my sister saw horrible things she still always managed to find god in her time alone, she was very religious and no matter what always believed god gave her this gift for a reason, and she was determined to find out what that reason was.

She had asked little of me and every time she saw me she told me she loved me and that no matter what happened she always would and would always be my twin.

I was scared, my mom had died, my dad could have been just as dead to me and the only person I gave a damn about was my twin, my other half, my soul, the person I had betrayed and left alone, still loved me.

God had blessed me in a very odd way. The person I thought I'd left alone seemed to have found me, making me realize I was the one who was lost and waiting to be found. I just prayed my sister would be ok in the long run.