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Good Night

Chapter 1.

They were dancing, staring into each other's eyes, her hand curled in his and held against his chest as they moved slowly to the music. They were alone on the dance floor and to those watching them, it was obvious they had forgotten they had an audience. Their friends waited patiently, watching and smiling, as Jack and Sam became totally lost in each other. Jack leaned his head close to her ear and quietly sang the words to the song that was playing.

Oh, we just closer, I fall in love all over,

Every time I look at you.

I don't know where I'd be, without you here with me.

Life with you makes perfect sense

You're my best friend.

Sam's eyes filled with tears as he lifted her chin and smiled, realizing again how much he loved her. His thumb brushed away a stray tear, even as her smile grew in intensity and he pressed his lips against hers in a sensuous kiss. As they embraced each other and he pulled her close, deepening the kiss to the very edge of passion, a loud roar of applause came up around them and varied hoots and whistles filled the room. Jack backed off, relaxing his tight embrace, but keeping his eyes locked with hers. A slow, knowing smile touched his lips as he glanced around the room and then back to Sam.

"We're not alone."

"No." She dropped her eyes and blushed slightly.

"Yet." He finished and her eyes came up to meet his, filled with a happiness he had come to expect to see there. "So, Mrs. O'Neill, shall I sing to you some more."

"Um. You're very romantic, Jack, but I don't want to share. Our friends might not appreciate it as much as I do. Let's keep that our secret, just between us."

"Hum. Not too good, huh?" He frowned mockingly.

"Wonderful. You couldn't be anything else."

"Careful, Sam, that's a big order, especially for me." He gave her a short, quick kiss and as the song ended led her off the floor.

"Jack?" And as he turned to her she pleaded. "Food."


"I'm starving, I have eaten all day."

"See, I knew you'd forget!"

She laughed and leaned her head against his chest. "I was just really busy, ok?"

He seated her at the closest table and raised her hand to his lips, kissing her fingers next to her ring. "Really? Why am I not surprised? Wait here, I'll be right back!"

Daniel approached him as he crossed the room. "Hey, Jack! Hungry?"

Jack smiled as he looked up. "Sam is. She forgot to eat. You better come with me. I'd bet you haven't eaten today either."

"Actually, I have but I'll join you anyway."

"Where's Teal'c?"

"Already there." Daniel pointed at Teal'c who was making his way along the serving table.

In a few minutes they were on their way back towards Sam. Jack set the plates on the table and sat next to her with Teal'c sitting beside him and Daniel taking the chair next to Sam. In a few moments, General Hammond and his new wife joined their group, as did some of Sam's civil colleagues.

Sam attacked the food immediately, making small, appreciative noises as she quickly stuffed the food into her mouth.

"God, Jack! Don't you ever feed her?" Daniel laughed.

"I try, Daniel. Been trying for years, it isn't easy."

"Sorry, guys! I guess now that everything's…under control…I'm just really hungry!"

"Leave her alone, Daniel. She could probably eat for two days straight and not catch up."

She looked at him and as she put another bite into her mouth, Jack kissed her again, tasting the strawberry she'd just eaten. "Um, good. Give me one of those." She popped one in his mouth and kissed him, licking the strawberry from his lips.

General Hammond looked at his wife and smiled. He couldn't resist. "General O'Neill!" His voice barked in a tone all too familiar to Jack and Sam. So familiar, in fact that Jack quickly removed his hand from Sam's and his head snapped around as he tried guiltily to swallow the strawberry he was chewing. Feeling Sam tense beside him, he mentally came to attention.

"Yes, Sir?" He answered sharply.

"Just what exactly do you think you're doing, O'Neill?"

Jack looked at Daniel, then Sam, whose startled expression was slowly turning into a smile. He turned back to Hammond, confusion still on his face and spoke tentatively. "Kissing my wife, Sir?"

"And about damned time, too!" Hammond barked in the same forceful voice that suddenly turned to laughter. "Congratulations, both of you!"

"Thank you, Sir." Sam smiled and squeezed his hand. Jack cocked his head and then shook it side to side.


"Yes, nice to see I can still get your attention, Jack."

"Well, try to control yourself, Sir, you nearly gave me a heart attack!"

"Sorry, Jack, but you'd better get used to it! I think you might be in for a lot of teasing from those you've tormented over the years."

Jack looked at Sam, a small frown furrowing his brow. "What?"

"Payback, Sir." She answered giggling.

"Sir?" He queried. "You're supposed to be on my side, Sam." He furrowed his brow even more as he placed extreme emphasis on her name. "What are they planning?"

"Definitely on your side, Jack, but surely you don't expect me to take the fall for all those practical jokes you've pulled over the years. A lot of which were directed at me, if I remember correctly. It's every man for himself."


"Sorry, Jack. I don't know what you're talking about."

"T?" Jack was on the verge of panic now.

"Nor do I, O'Neill." Jack looked across the table at Hammond who was chuckling softly and then looked away searching the room anxiously.

"They wouldn't do anything here? Today? Would they?" Jack looked around the table at his friends, all with eyebrows raised in unspoken uncertainty. "No. They wouldn't, would they, Sam?"

General Hammond's wife suddenly turned to him. "That's enough, George. You're going to spoil his wedding.

At which Daniel immediately spoke up. "Don't worry, Mrs. Hammond. They wouldn't do anything Jack wouldn't do."

She opened her mouth to reply but Jack's voice stopped her. "Oh, crap!" He exclaimed softly as he looked at Sam. A round of laugher erupted around the table from the men who knew Jack O'Neill best and Sam squeezed his hand and giggled slightly.

"Don't worry, Jack, I'll protect you!"

Jack stared at the sudden twinkle in her eyes and knew he'd been had. "Ok, guys, you got me." He smiled boyishly at his friends and let his eyes sink down to stare at the table, a bit embarrassed at his reaction.

"Jack, you must be the only General in the armed forces that can be forced into near panic over a little good-natured retaliation. Makes me wonder if I knew as much as I thought I did about what went on in that mountain."

"Oh, believe me, Sir, he has plenty to be worried about. Although, most of us are sitting right here at this table." Daniel grinned broadly. "Relax, Jack. It's all in fun."

"Oh, sure! Relax! That's just what you're waiting for, isn't it? Don't hold your breath, Danny boy."

"Daniel!" Sam laughed. "Now look what you've done!"

"You are in no danger, O'Neill. Daniel Jackson and I would not allow any disruption of Colonel Carter's wedding."

"It's mine too, Teal'c."

"Of course it is, O'Neill." Jack held on worriedly for another few minutes, then visibly relaxed and laughed. They'd already gotten payback with his reaction and they wouldn't totally disrupt the reception. They were his friends, after all.

"So, what's the plan, Jack?"

"Well, we leave tomorrow afternoon for Hawaii and return to Washington in a week or so."

"Couldn't get the two weeks?"

"They wouldn't approve it, Sir. They want me back in Washington but Sam will be there with me for a while at least." He looked at her and smiled warmly, hugging her to him. "Hopefully, we'll have another week or so to find an apartment, get settled."

"Well, I wish you both the best. Let me know if I can be of any help."

"Thanks, George. We will."

"Now, I'd like to dance with your lovely bride."

"I'd love to, Sir." Jack watched as Sam walked away with Hammond, smiling over her shoulder at him as they moved away.

"You're a lucky man, Jack." Daniel spoke as he watched Sam smile at Jack from across the room.

"Don't I know it, Daniel. I just keep hoping this isn't some dream I'm gonna wake up from."

"I assure you it is quite real, O'Neill. I believe your destiny has always been intertwined with that of Colonel Carter and it was only a matter of time for that destiny to become reality. That time has finally arrived."

"I think your right, Teal'c." Jack clapped Teal'c on the back and stood to reclaim his bride.