Twig Knight

The boy sat in the shade of one of the many trees that lined the overgrown pathways of his home. In his hands was a makeshift horse made out of bits of bark tied together, and a man made of twigs, holding a nail in his hand as a sword.

The boy was living in his make believe world, going with the twig knight on daring adventures. Going to far distant lands, and seeing things he had only read about, always chasing the sun.

Remus was a quiet child, he lived in his head, his mother said, and his father maintained that he was too old for his years. His father was away with work for three weeks of every month, and his mother was a frail woman who liked Remus to stay quiet and occupy himself outdoors whilst she stayed in the cool dark house.

Remus hated when his father came home, for it meant that the hurting time would come. Nikolas was not a cruel man, but his son was petrified of him, for when he arrived, the cellar would be cleaned out, ready for Remus to stay there overnight. He hated the cellar, the walls were solid brick, with no ornamentation. But it was the door that dazzled him and frightened him at the same time. The door had been specially made for the Lupins, and was coated in pure silver. When he was younger than he was now, he had thought that door so pretty, and had wanted to touch it and feel the cool metal beneath his skin. His parents had warned him not too, but it was just too much to resist. The day after one of his stays in the cellar, he had brushed his hand across it as his father carried him out. But instead of the smooth cool surface that he had expected, it burnt. He had cried out in pain and jerked his hand away, across his palm was an angry red mark that had faded over the years to a pale scar.

Remus loved travelling in the car. His father rode a broomstick, and his mother drove a car. She didn't work, but once a week, she would take her son to the nearest town to do their shopping at the local market. She would hold him tightly by the hand as they wandered the stalls.

He wasn't allowed to play with the children. After the first time he had gone off with two other boys, his mother had dragged him back to the car immediately and her voice shook as she told him off. He wasn't to play with other children, she told him, for they would not accept who he was, if they ever found out, everyone would hate him. That was the first time he had realised that he wasn't the same as everybody else. The first time he realised that he wasn't normal.

Despite this, he lived a happy childhood, and found many friends in the books that he read. He didn't need friends, he told himself, he was a knight who travelled the world, friends would just tie him down. He wanted to be free.

But deep down, he knew that he wasn't free, and sometimes, he would wish, just for one friend. Someone who would know the truth, and still like him.

Hi people. This is just a teaser. I think it works as a one shot, but if enough people are interested, I'll be more than happy to continue it. If I do continue it though, I'll let you know now, it will be a SB/RL slash fic.