A nurse and a big guy named Cid walked me up to the psychiatric unit. I've tried to strike up a conversation with them, but the nurse, she's a young thing, seems more interested in patting my arm and telling me everything is going to be fine. Sid...he just keeps giving me one of these looks. Okay, okay, I know when I'm not liked...

The elevator doors open and I see there's this banner over the doors, says 'Welcome to A Peaceful Rest'. Yeah, uh, I don't feel that welcomed. These doors, mind you, are keypad locked. The murse goes over and begins punching in the code. I discretely watch the nurse punch in the code. In this way, I'll be out of here in two hours. Cid's eyeing my evil grin suddenly and try to give him my most innocent smile.

They lead me in and down a hall. And then, all hell broke lose. There stood Satan! And he's a a hawked nosed harpy of a nurse, who dies her hair black. She's standing there, in front of the nurse's station with a pitch fork and a twitching tail.

Okay, those last two things I was lyin' about. However, I can assure you, I was rooted to my spot. Her steely eyes racked over my bandaged wrists and blood stained jeans. And then Nurse Ratchet gave me a smile that chilled me to the bone and beyond, and she pulled a Florance Nightengale, by taking me by the shoulders and arm, those red talon nails closing in my skin. I looked at them then at her as she said to me, "Come along deary, and we'll get you settled in and comfortable."

"Lady, you couldn't make a comatose patient comfortable!" I reply, trying to pull out of her grasp. Those nails tightened on my arm and I grimace. She never lost that smile. "Come along, you've had a rough night." She said, beginning to drag me down the hall. I attempt to dig my heels into the carpet, which was a disgusting orangish color, and look over my shoulder at the nurse and Cid. I can swear that Cid waved at bye bye to me.

Nurse Ratchet took me to a room at the end of the hall, and watched me like...well a harpy. She was just in the middle of explaining the nurse call light in the bathroom, when Sammy arrives in the door way of my room. Nurse Ratchet eyed him and I was pretty sure she was going to run him through with her pitchfork. "Can I help you?" She demands. "Visiting him." Sammy points to me as I stand there with my hands behind my back and smiling in a confused befuddled sort of way. "I see." She sends me a glare and leaves the room.

"Lookie! I got a nurse call light." I point to the little switch next to the toilet, looking at him expectedly. Sammy is peering at me with one of those looks. And he like everyone else, takes me by the arm and leads me over to the bed and sits me down. "You're crazy Jeff." I look at him for a long moment, then shrug. "Yeah, we know that." I reply softly. I sigh in the silence, my hands resting the table. I look at him, then at the bag he's carrying. "Is that my stuff?" I ask cheerfully.

"Yes Jeff." Sammy replies, sitting the bag on the bed next to me. I grab it and pull it over, unzipping, going through the contents. "No smokes?" I ask, looking at him. "Oh fuck you, you're not allowed to smoke." Sammy replies irritably. "Oh, I'm the ONE with the bandages on my wrists, so don't you get irritable with me." I reply, giving him a look and dumping my bag on the floor next to the bed.

I get up out of the bed and go over to the window, opening the blinds and looking out at the night, as snow hit the windows. I hate November, I hate the bloody holidays...oh fuck! I'm starting to use her slang. I hit my forehead on the cold window, shutting my eyes. I don't NEED this right now.

I start to take the bandage off one of my wrists, when Sammy touches my shoulder. "Jeff, you don't need to be doing this." I look at him with a raised eyebrow. "Do what?" I feign innocence. Sammy sits on the window ledge. "This, Jeff." He motions to my wrists, then gives me another look. "And lets not forget the drugs." I turned my eyes back to the night outside and the snow. "Drugs are for those who can't handle reality." I mutter softly. Sammy's watching me in silence.

"I need a fucking cigarette!" I growl, moving away from the window finally. I crept over to the door, stuck my head out in the hall, and looked up and down it, for Satan. I'm about to turn and head for the balcony outside, hearing Sammy moving behind me, when I come face to face with some girl, who's just standing there staring at me. With out blinking...

I stare back at her. And she continues to stare me. I blink, and try to step around her. But she steps infront of me. I step to the other direction, and she follows me. "Okay..." I muter before turning back into my room. Sammy's giving me an amused look. I glare at him, "You can leave now." I growl at him. Sammy just shook his head. "What ever Jeff, I'll be back in the morning." I eyed the pack of cigarettes in his coat pocket and as he passed me, I liberated them, stashing them in my own pocket. "Get some rest Jeff, I'll see you tomorrow." He says at the door. "Yeah yeah." I waved him out, shutting my door.

Taking the pack of cigarettes from my pocket I opened the pack and was happy to see there was a lighter in it. Not a full pack, but enough for tonight. Waiting for twenty mintues, I snuck out of my room again, the girl wasn't around and neither was Nurse Ratchet. I went up through the rec room, to the balcony door and turned the lock, and going outside in the blistering cold, with out my jacket.

The drugs had long since worn off, even the pain medication. But the cold was comforting, strangely. I went around out of sight of the windows and lit a cigarette, inhaling deeply as the snow fell and mused bitterly about the fact that there was a tall fence around the perimeter of the balcony. Cause I would have liked to have thrown myself off, the way I was feeling now.