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Risa Harada was definitely not afraid, standing outside a museum, waiting to catch a glimpse of Dark. No, definitely not.

Not even of those creeping shadows, those odd noises that cropped up at random, rather disturbing intervals, or the shifting lights that flickered with the clouded moonlight...

"It's okay, Risa." She said hurriedly, clutching her arms together. "You'll hear a noise, then Dark will ask you if you're okay, you'll blush, then he'll say how beautiful you look in the moonlight and he'll take you with him back to his hideout, where he'll learn to love you and-" her rather hyperbolic rambling was cut short by a noise, but not the noise she was expecting.

"That has to be the most utterly illogical thing I've ever heard." Satoshi Hiwatari deadpanned, standing there, halfway between light and dark. His eyes were hidden in the silvery moonlight, shimmering out of view behind glasses.

Unable to stop the yelp that escaped her lips, Risa leapt backwards, before she glared indignantly at the boy. "Don't do that Satoshi!" she admonished irritably, huffing. "And don't make fun of me. It's perfectly logical."

A smirk quirked across Satoshi's lips, and he crossed his arms. "I highly doubt that Dark will take you to his hideout. If anything, he'd probably leave you standing out here, in the dark." The pun was not lost on him, though Satoshi only quirked his lips up slightly.

"He would not!" Risa replied hotly, glaring and placing her hands on her hips, jutting her lips forward. "He's dashing and kind and brave."

"He's also a thief." Satoshi responded, rather coldly as the light seemed to darken, clouds blocking the moon. "And arrogant." He added, as an afterthought.

Really, he thought to himself. Why was he even bothering trying to dissuade this obviously completely obsessed girl? It wasn't at all like he had any problem with her standing out here, alone, in the dark, waiting for his rival...


Stamping her feet, Risa glared at her classmate with a new level of irritation. "Stop talking about Dark like that!" she snapped, crossing her arms with a huff.

"Why?" he replied, smirking as he arched a single, regal eyebrow. "Have you ever actually talked to him? Seen him in any more than a glimpse?" he asked, rather smugly.

Blushing rather hotly, Risa ducked her head, and looked downcast. "Well... no." The, she defiantly raised her chin, and looked him straight in the eye. "But he is a dashing, handsome man."

For the life of him, why was he staring at her so intently? Sure, it was a rather... alluring gleam in her eyes, and the redness made her stand out from the shadows, but there was no logical reason for him to be noticing such things.

And why again, was he standing here, trying to talk her out of her delusions about a thief?

Illogical thoughts must be contagious, he concluded.

"He's already long gone." Satoshi muttered irritably, and removed his glasses from his face, rubbing them against his shirt tiredly. Not only was he long gone, Dark had once again managed to evade him.

When he looked up, there was a split second when the moonlight flared up and Satoshi's naked gaze bore into Risa.

She blushed without knowing why, and silently agreed with the girls who hounded the boy constantly. In this sort of moonlight... he seemed... right, juxtaposed between light and dark, in between.

Beautiful, in an otherworldly sort of way.

Then the glasses were back on, and Satoshi gave her a simple nod. "I'll see you at school." He said in farewell, and walked away, back into the shadows.

Risa looked on rather blankly, before she hurried home, trying not to think about what she had just realized.

But, her last thoughts were of moonlight, not dark.