Shoujo Kitsune

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Notes from the Author: This is the first Fanfic I have posted online so be nice! This is my first Naruto fanfic so bare with me! I like constructive critism though. Just so you know. All the genins are in 10th grade and their second year of highschool! It's down the american way by grades and dress code but everthing alse is like japanese schools. They are all around 15. Iruka's 25, Kakashi is 27, Tsunade (I introduced her early because she's awesome!) is 29, and i'll think of everyone else's age as we go along. I will include Itachi and Orochimaru in this Fanfic because I like storied with plots! I don't want all romance. The parings in this fic are: Naru(Girl Naruto) and Sasuke, one sided Sakura and Sasuke, one sided Ino and Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi (Not too much because I want this fic mostly on Naru and Sasuke), and maybe others as I go along. Be patient with me too because I have a tendancy of starting fanfics and never working on it for a while. Though if I get alot of reviews telling me to continue I will work harder to update. Now I shall shut up and sart the damn story.

Chapter 1: Start of a New School Year or Hell?

Uzumaki Naru was one of those girls who just weren't meant to be elegant. She lived as an orphan with no rules or restrictions. She had been parentless since birth due to a terrible accident that happened when she was born.

Naru never dressed well due to lack of help. She wore baggy, worn, dirty clothes and never wore make up. She didn't know the meaning of manners or anything that might make her look more civilized. She was Uzumaki Naru, trouble maker of Konoha.


Beep. Beep. Beep. Naru rolled over in her bed. She lazily threw her hand at the annoying alarm and pressed snooze. She relaxed. Let me sleep more...its only 7:50...wait a second...

"Seven fifty! I'm freekin' late!" she said kicking the covers off her and rushing to her bathroom. She threw a baggy white t shirt and yellow Capri's that were lying on the floor. Most things she needed were on the floor. Anything important anyway.

She ran threw the one bedroom apartment that was supplied to her by the city and grabbed a cup of ramen, shoved it into her bag, and ran out the door.

Normally, Naru wouldn't care if she was late. But today her old teacher, Iruka, promised if she got to school on time for the opening ceremonies, he bring her to an all you can eat buffet which had loads of ramen. Ramen, her most favorite food in the world. She never got sick of it no matter how many times she consumed it.

She quickened her pace. High school started at 8 o'clock and it was already 7: 56. She reached the front gate and turned the corner when -slam- right into some persons back. She fell flat on the floor along with the other person opposite of her.

"Watch where your going!" she yelled at the boy in front of her as she rubbed her butt from the pain.

The boy gave her a cold glare and stated, "Take your own advise dobe."

Naru looked at the boy closer. Oh my god. It was Uchiha Sasuke, only the most popular guy in all of Konoha high. Not only was he good looking, he was also a prodigy, good at everything he did. Despite that, Naru hated him. She hated his cocky looks and his 'I'm better than all of you look'.

Naru would have punched Sasuke if the bell wasn't about to ring any second. She got up and ran to the auditorium where the opening ceremonies took place.

Naru searched the auditorium for a pink haired girl. Spotting her friend, Naru ran over to the book smart Haruno Sakura.

"Sakura!" Naru yelled pushing people out of her way to get to her girly friend.

Sakura looked at her messy friend and sighed. "When will you ever take care of yourself. You really need to grow up." she said pointing a finger at the blonde.

Naru glared at her. "Well, excuse me!" she said with more venom then usual. Sakura had noticed this and raised an eyebrow at her friend.

"What's got your panties in a not." she said half heartedly.

Naru face became red with rage. "That jackass Uchiha, that's what!" she said raising a fist in the air. She was having an okay day until that ass had come and ruined, though he really didn't do much.

Sakura's eyes started to sparkle. "You saw Sasuke-kun?" she said in a dreamy state. Yup, Sakura was one of the many girls who had fallen pray to the cold boy.

"Sasuke? Where?" said Yamanaka Ino, Sasuke fan and Sakura's rival, appeared out of no where hearing the name of the one she desired.

"Ino, you pig! Trying to take my Sasuke away!" Sakura said angrily.

"What's it to you bill board brow." she said disappointed that Sasuke wasn't there.

The two girls kept on bickering and Naru sighed. She didn't get why everyone like that stoic, heartless bastard.

The bell rung signaling the start of school but no ones conversations died down. Then the principle appeared on stage. The school had called the principal 'the Hokage' which was supposed to symbolize that he was of great responsibility. After all, he did have to handle all these energetic kids and there dramas.

The Hokage grunted. Still no silence. He coughed louder this time, no one noticed yet again. he then yelled. "Shut up!" and then the noise immediately dispersed. He then continued. "Welcome back. I am here to tell you that I will no longer be your principle. This year you will have a different Hokage. She is well trained and I trust her completely with the duties of Hokage. I give to you, Tsunade!" he said walking off and a blonde haired, big chest women walked onto the stage.

She then started her speech. "This year, I hope that all of you will have no reason to come into my office. if you do, prepare for the consequences." she said with a scary smirk and the students got a really bad feelings down their spines. She continued, "Now, this year we are going to have more dances with alcohol-" everyone cheered '-for me only." everyone booed. Evil glare, silence, and continuation. "We have several new programs and including that will be a martial arts being a part of P.E. I expect most of you to participate or fail class. The choice is yours. That said, all schedules are at the desk over there sorted by last name. Now get moving." she said then left the stage and everyone stayed where they were.

"Well?" she said giving the kids another creepy grin/glare. They immediately got up and ran over to the tables. Naru picked up her schedule and looked it over.

She looked at it inquisitively and said "Kakashi?" while a certain ravened haired boy right next to her said the same name. They glared at each other.

"Seems we have the same teacher dobe." said Sasuke arrogantly. Naru just wanted to punch him do bad. then he got what Sasuke said. The same teacher means same class. The same class means the whole year with that heartless, conceded, arrogant, son of a bi-.

"Naru! who's class are you in? I'm in Kakashi's" she said then noticed Sasuke next to Naru. "Oh, ah ,h-hi there Sasuke." she said blushing at the sight of her crush. Sasuke just grunted a reply.

"You got Kakashi? At least I'll be with someone i can tolerate!" Naru sighed in relief and anger thinking of sharing a classroom with Sasuke and a drooling Sakura.

Sakura stared at Naru in confusion. "Why? Who else is with us?" she said curiously. Naru then pointed a finger rudely at Sasuke. "That bastard." she said in a pissed tone.

Sakura hit Naru on the head for insulting her beloved. Then ran up to Ino. She said with cockiness, "So what class are you in? I have Kakashi who so happens to be Sasuke's teacher too." Sakura laughed at Ino. "Beat that Ino-piggy."

Ino gasped, "Well, Sasuke only falls for pretty girls without big foreheads." she shot back unwilling to let Sakura win. Then they started another pointless feud.

Naru and Sasuke just watched the idiocy silently, with Naru rubbing her head where the new bump she had gotten from Sakura was located. Naru then glanced at Sasuke, "Don't you ever get tired of this?" she said sighing.

Sasuke then said in a whisper, "yes." then headed off toward the class room to which he was assigned. Naru gaped in disbelief. Could Sasuke not be as conceded as she thought? Nah, must have imagined it... Naru thought heading over to Sakura who was currently in a cat fight.