An original Elektra/Constantine fan fiction

Written by: Jennifer S. a.k.a. AssassinElektra


I do not own Elektra, Constantine (Hellblazer), or their characters. This is a fan fiction story meant only for the enjoyment of myself and other Elektra, and Constantine (Hellblazer) fans.

Title: Doesn't Matter

Genre: Action/Adventure, Romance, Sci/Fi

Setting: This fic takes place before the Elektra movie and after the Constantine movie, although elements are borrowed from the comics these movies were based on.

Rating: Adult (For violence)

Author's Note: This idea sparked from an RPG in which I played Elektra where the characters met and so on. Reviews are appreciated!

Chapter 1

To Hell With This

I am the most dangerous woman alive. Those who know my name either fear it or respect it. Don't worry, I know who's on my side. No one. I'm alone. There's no other way to live for me anymore. I'm an assassin, a lone hunter in a world full of potential prey.

I wasn't always alone. His name was Matt, and I loved him. I loved him more than I'd ever thought possible, but my death separated us. That's right, I've died before. What exactly brought me back? I ask myself that every day.

And so I spend my nights quietly stalking those my clients pay me to take down and enjoying it. I'm not a softy, I can handle violence—love it in fact. Another reason I can never get close to anyone.

But life is so much more complicated than that. So when I walk into a bar and all eyes lock on me, I'm no longer bothered by it at all. You get used to it when you dress like me. When you do what I do.

I've been asked before why I chose the outfit I did for my assassin jobs. The reason behind the color is simple—red is the color of life, life that I have control over. I can end it or spare it as I please. The reason it's not exactly the most covering of outfits is to remind the men, when I'm handing their ass to them, that they were bagged by a woman. But not just any woman. Elektra.

This bar was particularly full. And when I walked in, things went as usual. There was a moment of silence and then came the first and last comment.

"Hey, honey, why don't you come over and give me some of that lovin' I'm sure you're so good at." I turned my neck and faced him, a smile crossing my lips. He thought he was going to get lucky for a moment. And then he took a breath and one of my sais was stuck through his throat.

I walked over, the only sound in the bar the clicking of my boots against the wooden floor, and pulled the sai out without the struggle a normal, weaker person would have. The sickening sound of flesh tearing hit my ears, and my smile turned into a sneer. The man's head started to lean, and then he slammed against the table, eyes still open wide in shock.

I turned and looked at the man's friends who were all still sitting at the table his body now slumped over. Wiping the blood off of my sai by rubbing it against my skirt, I spoke very quietly. "Anyone else want to try?" They all shook their heads no and I nodded.

Turning around and heading towards the nearest barstool, I was aware of one man's eyes upon me. They were all looking at me, of course, but this man's gaze was different. He was not scared.

I turned my head to meet his eyes, and he answered my silent question by taking a drag of his cigarette and blowing the smoke out smoothly, his lips barely parting to let it out. His dark eyes looked me over, but he wasn't entertaining dirty thoughts like most. He was evaluating the danger. He was deciding how dangerous I really was.

Looking away, I began to order a drink but was interrupted by the blasting of the doors. In ran a man, covered in blood. He stumbled onto the ground, trying to claw his way as if whatever he was running from was worse than death. He could not even finish the first word of his sentence he was in so much agony. "Const…"

I watched the doors and waited, and sure enough something walked through moments later. I don't know what it was. I've never seen anything like it before. It had horns and grey scales instead of skin and it's head was hollow. The thing was obviously lacking a brain.

Everyone jumped up and tried to run into the restaurant that was connected to the bar. Everyone except my mysterious observer. He merely took another breath of his cigarette and stared almost casually at the demon—if that was in fact what that thing was. Just like with me, this man was not afraid of a demon that could clearly cause human pain to an extreme.

I looked down at the bloody man who had ran in and collapsed. He was whimpering, staring at the demon then looking at me. He knew who I was, or somehow sensed what I was capable of. I know because of what he said to me.

"Help me?" I glanced at the smoker, noticed no change in his demeanor, then looked back at the bleeding victim. I'd done much worse in my day myself.

I stepped away from the bar stool I had been sitting on and faced the ugly demon. "Wanna dance?" I asked, smirking. This was the fun part—letting them attempt the first move.

The demon lunged at me with animalistic rage, and I merely stepped aside, watching it hit the floor. "You're not even trying." I said, pulling my sais out.

I feel like a goddess when I am holding them, because while those weapons are in my hands, I literally control life and death. The demon snarled, then stopped to sniff the bloody body of the man I'd just killed.

"You'll be joining him soon." I said, and the demon growled at me. "So, you can understand me? Good." I kicked the thing's stomach, but it caught my foot and flipped me over so that I was lying on the ground. "Okay, not liking that." I snapped, jumping right back up to my feet.

The damn thing tried to lunge at me again, but I slammed my sais into its back, then kicked it away roughly, the blades ripping and tearing flesh as it flew across the room. Its blood looked human, which surprised me a bit, but I recovered instantly.

Though stabbed and thrown across the room, the thing didn't seem at all weakened. Just pissed. So, yeah, I had just made the situation worse. But I was nowhere near afraid.

"Elektra." The demon spoke, sounding like something from an Exorcist movie, and I smiled. It was going to use my thoughts, my memories against me. Or so it thought. You can't miss what you never really had. "He would never take you back. Not after all you've done."

It lashed out and I blocked its attempt with the blades of my sais, crossing them in front of my face and smiling between the tips up at the monster. "That card won't work for me, Ace." I snapped.

"You have secrets I can reveal." The demon spat, obviously irritated. It lashed out again, this time one of its claws striking my arm deeply. It stung, but it was nowhere near the worst pain I could handle. "Your father." The demon's eyes narrowed in pride as my eyes became wide. And the silent smoker to the side, who was watching, raised an eyebrow.

"Damn you!" I screamed throwing at the demon every move I could. But it wasn't until I got behind it that I was able to reach out, stabbing his chest while I broke his neck. When I dropped its ugly body to the ground, I was surprised to hear quiet laughter from the corner.

I glanced over and saw cigarette man, on his second cig at least. "Impressive." Was all he said.

I walked over and glared at him, looking right into his eyes. "I am not here to impress you." I said coldly. He blew smoke in my face. My glare intensified, but I didn't strike out. I glanced over at the bleeding man and realized he had died while I was busy with my little hellish spat. "He was saying something." I said.

"Constantine." The smoker answered.

My eyes turned back to give him a sharp look. "How do you know?" I asked.

"What, you think I don't know my own fucking name?" He gave me an emotionless look.