Doesn't Matter

An original Elektra/Constantine fan fiction

Written by: Jennifer S. a.k.a. AssassinElektra


I do not own Elektra, Constantine (Hellblazer), or their characters. This is a fan fiction story meant only for the enjoyment of myself and other Elektra, and Constantine (Hellblazer) fans.

Title: Doesn't Matter

Genre: Action/Adventure, Romance, Sci/Fi

Setting: This fic takes place before the Elektra movie and after the Constantine movie, although elements are borrowed from the comics these movies were based on.

Rating: Adult (For violence and language)

Author's Note: Hehe, glad you liked the new archangel! Okay, here's a new plot thickening chapter… Sorry it's so short!

Chapter 11

Lesser of Two

"What?" I laughed quietly. "God wants to take Lucifer down for good? Right. Why would He want to destroy the Devil? I mean, isn't there a balance or something that He has to keep?"

John looked up at me. "You still believe in God." He commented quietly.

"Well, don't you?" I asked.

"I believe in Him. But that doesn't mean I like Him, or trust Him." Was his reply as he lit another cigarette.

"Stop it." I said, snatching the cigarette away.

"Hey!" He snapped, reaching for it.

"No, you listen to me." I narrowed my eyes and he seemed to take me seriously. "Something big is happening. And we both know how it ends." I said, thinking back to what Balthazar had shown me.

"Oh that's right, you die in my arms all bloody and weak." I raised an eyebrow at that. "What, like he didn't show me too? Come on, Elektra, that little vision or whatever the hell it was affected us both."

"Then why didn't you…"

"Fall to the ground unconscious?" John finished for me, and I nodded. "You were the one dying in that flash of the future, remember? Me? I was just there. Was just…" He paused, looking off into the distance. "Doesn't matter."

"Yes." I said. "Yes it does. And you know it does." I told him.

"Yeah, well, last time I fucking cared for someone he got screwed over." John said, trying to sound casual.

"Care for someone?" His eyes turned to look at me as he realized his mistake. He'd given it away.

"I have a lot of respect for you." He said, attempting to recover. "As far as people go, you're one of the strongest I know."

I smiled and handed his cigarette back to him. He took it gladly and inhaled some smoke, closing his eyes. "The kid followed me everywhere." He said sadly, and my smile faded.

I rubbed his back gently, and John opened his eyes to look at me. "I'm sorry." I said quietly.

"Yeah, so am I." His voice was bitter. "Because now he has to spend the rest of eternity being the man upstairs' bitch. Chas deserved better than that."

"Don't we all." I commented quietly, pulling him close in a hug. We stayed like that for the longest time, arms wrapped around each other, just holding onto one another. And the rest of the world seemed to fade away for a moment.

I closed my eyes, taking in everything of him that I could, his scent, the slight movement as he breathed, the feeling of his heart beating against mine. It was incredible, because I realized that I was seeing a part of him that no many did. I was seeing John Constantine the man, not the exorcist.

"John…" I whispered, about to say something I was sure I'd regret, but he interrupted me.

"I know how we do it." He said, staring off into the distance with a knowing look on his face. "Bally isn't the one that takes Lu down at all, it's us. And holy fucking shit, I know how we do it." His wide eyes turned to look at me as I pulled away from him a bit. "You're not gonna like it." He told me.

"How do we do it?" I asked quietly.

"We let Lu possess someone." He answered quietly.


"Elektra, the devil possesses you." John replied. I didn't know how to respond to that.


"Yeah." John said. "You're strong, you can take care of yourself, you're everything that fucks demons over when they possess people. He'll underestimate you, because Lu always does. And when he does, once he's got you, I take him down."

"That's how I die." I said sadly, putting the pieces together.

"No." He said. "You won't die. I won't let that happen. What Balthazar showed us was nothing more than the worst case scenario. He was trying to scare us."

"But, how can you be sure that what he showed us isn't going to happen?" I asked, speaking a lot faster than I meant to. "I'm only mortal, and having the devil himself possess me, that's not going to go over without leaving a few marks."

"I know." John said quietly, looking at the ground. "That's why I can't ask you to do it. I won't."

"Look, John, full fledged demons are walking the streets of LA, and God wants to take Lucifer down for good? You think those are coincident? They're not. The devil is setting these things free, and God doesn't like it. It's up to us to stop it." He looked at me, opened his mouth to say something, then closed it again.

"You don't have to talk." I whispered, pulling him into another hug. "Just…" I thought for a moment. "Tomorrow we'll deal with it, but tonight," I pulled away and looked into his eyes. "Tonight we pretend."

"Pretend what?" He asked.

"Like we're normal people, John." I replied, resting my forehead against his. "Like this world is perfect and beautiful."

"Tell me a lie?" He whispered, kissing my forehead.

"Okay." I said. "Things are black and white, the good guys are always good and the bad guys always lose." John smiled slightly.

"And we're the good guys?" He asked.

"Yeah." I said, smiling. "We're the good guys."