Teddy Bear
by kawaii-kirei

Sometimes Russell worried too much. In Fletcher's age, Russell didn't know why he still didn't want to let go of that torn-up teddy bear... He wondered if he had been a good big brother, surely not the best, but good, nonetheless. He was pretty sure he was... but that... that bear... seemed to prove otherwise. It was unheard of.

And so, Russell plotted his revenge on that unholy thing. He clawed out the beady eyes, tore off the arms and legs, ate the cotton inside, ripped the skin to pieces, cut off the thing's nose with a knife and chewed on the bear's ears. After that, he set every evidence on fire while laughing maniacally with glee.

That would have been what Russell did, if it weren't that he loved Fletcher too much, and was also taking pity on the poor bear.

And so, as Fletcher was out buying the groceries, Russell just took the bear and threw it to the neighbor's garbage can.

But when Fletcher came home and couldn't find his beloved teddy bear, Russell found that he couldn't bear to see his brother's eyes well up in tears, and so, he went out and walked towards the neighbor's garbage can once again, but cursed the gods in every language he knew when he remembered that today was garbage day. Poor teddy. Poor Fletcher.

Poor Russell.

So, Russell went home with low shoulders, sulking even as he took his nightly bath and got ready for bed. He hoped that some sleep would help ease his conscience, even a bit. But it did not. A few hours later, Russell found himself waking up from the most horrible dream ever. Teddy bears showering their wrath upon him.

But as he calmed down, he realized he wasn't alone in the bed. He turned to look, but found unable to. "Fletcher?"

There was an inaudible sound, before a small shuffle. "Hm?" And Russell felt arms and legs tightening around him, and realized that Fletcher was hugging him. Nearly clutching onto him, in fact, arms circling around him and legs tangled.

With a blink, Russell spoke again. "Why are you here?" He grabbed onto Fletcher's arms and loosened them so that he could turn, and he and his brother would be face to face. As soon as he was settled down, Fletcher's arms wound it's way once again around him.

"S'rry..." Fletcher yawned, burying his face in Russell's shirt. "I lost my teddy bear..."


"I could have gotten my other stuffed toys, but I didn't like them so I went to you. You're warm." Fletcher gave a contented sigh, "Even warmer than my teddy bear."

Russell lay dumbfounded for a while, before he realized that Fletcher's arms had already gone loose. He turned to look and found out that the he had already fallen asleep, still clutching on to Russell with a small smile of content on his face.

And for the first time this day, Russell was actually thankful that he threw that wretched bear away.