By Virg

FULL SUMMARY: Rogue turns 21. Remy's just left her & she doesn't feel like partying. Logan takes her out to a bar anyway. They get drunk and end up sleeping together in the back of Logan's truck. Now Rogue's ashamed, but Logan wants more! What happens when Remy returns to the mansion? Will Rogue's feelings of emptiness consume her? Romy, Rogan.


author's notes: this is my 2nd xmen evo story. And this one is going to be a little more grown up than my last one. Rated for sexual themes. I got the idea for this story when I saw a pic of Logan kissing Rogue (can be found here: www. ihostphotos. com /show.php?id168917)I also got the idea from a past relation ship I was in (dw, I wasn't cutting myself then). Well, enough about me, I hope you like the story! When I've been writing this I've been thinking of Hugh Jackman as Logan (Coz he's HOT)! Lol.

Ch1: Happy Birthday Rogue

Rogue sat in her bedroom, staring at the wall. She was depressed. She hadn't left her room for days. Jean would come in every now and then to bring Rogue her meals, but yesterday the professor decided that Rogue should come out of her room if she wants to eat. And so, Rogue hadn't eaten in a full day.

"Bastard," She said out loud. Although the comment was aimed at the professor, she really blamed Remy for her sadness. They'd been together almost from the moment Remy set foot within the x-mansion a couple of years ago. It wasn't until Rogue finally gained control of her powers three months ago that she and Remy began to get serious about their relationship. But something wasn't right. Remy had slowly started to distance himself from her. Then, three days before her twenty-first birthday, it hits. Remy's broken up with her and leaves the mansion. He re-joined the acolytes because decided he couldn't live under the same roof as Rogue.

"Whatever that means."

Rogue leaned back and lay down on the bed. Her legs were hanging off the side of the bed and her arms spread wide.

"Sometimes I wish I could just fly away."

She didn't know how long she'd been lying there, or if she'd fallen asleep, because the next thing she knew, it was night outside. There was a knock at the door and Rogue turned her head to the door. She couldn't be bothered getting up. "Come in!" She called out instead.

The door opened and it was Logan standing in her doorway. She'd always had a close bond with Logan since she came to the mansion almost five years ago. He'd taught her how to be strong, how to fight and how to control her anger. Logan crossed his arms and leaned on the doorframe.

"Hey," Rogue said. Her voice showed how depressed she was.

"Come on, get up." Logan said. He nodded his head upwards to indicate that he wanted her to get up.

Rogue stopped looking at Logan and returned her attention to the roof. "Why?"

Logan sighed. "Look, Stripes. You're twenty-one now and you're moping in bed. Come on, you gotta get out of the mansion."

Rogue grabbed her pillow and put it on her face. "Ah dun wanna go anywhere."

Logan rolled his eyes and pushed off the doorframe. He walked up to Rogue's bed and removed the pillow. "Trust me. You'll regret it later on when you look back and realise that you didn't go out and celebrate your twenty-first," Logan explained. He looked at Rogue. She had been crying again. Good thing Remy left the mansion or Logan would have wanted to knock some sense into that boy. Rogue looked into Logan's brown eyes but didn't say anything. He sat himself down on the side of her bed and put a hand on her arm. "Come on. Just you and me. I'll tell the others that you'll go out with them another day. You wont have to face anyone but me."

Rogue sat up and wiped her eyes. "They don't mind?" She asked.

Logan smiled and shook his head. "Come on. Get dressed and I'll wait for you at the front door in five." After receiving a nod from Rogue, Logan got up and left the room.

Rogue got up and walked over to her closet. She pulled out her black jeans and her dark green polo top. Since she'd gained control of her powers she wasn't afraid to wear anything with no sleeves. However, out of pure habit, she still wore her gloves. After changing her clothes, she picked up her black gloves off the dresser and headed out the door. Just as Logan had said, he was waiting for her at the front door. It was raining outside, so they took Logan's truck instead of his motorbike.


Rogue's hold on her glass was slipping. She and Logan had been drinking for three hours now and they were both already drunk.

"Ah just don't understand why he left!" Rogue explained. "Ah thought everything was going fine!" Rogue began to cry. "Ah mean, ah just got control over ma powers and now ah still cant get a guy!"

Logan snorted. He took another swig of his scotch. "I've been single for probably fifteen years now, so you can't talk."

Rogue could feel the room spinning. She wasn't paying attention to what Logan was saying. "Yeah, but ah know Remy loves me. Yah just don't stop loving someone that quickly!" Rogue yelled. She quickly drank the last of her tequila and slammed the glass back on the table. She was so drunk that she couldn't even sit on her chair properly. She felt like she was falling backwards, but couldn't figure out that she had lost her balance.

Logan quickly grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back up. "I think we better go. You can't stand, I am just managing to stand."

Rogue allowed Logan to hold her up by the arms as they left the bar. When they got to the car, Logan leaned Rogue on the truck. He was about to go for his keys, but he stopped when Rogue's hand was already placed over his pocket. Logan watched as Rogue's hand reached down his pocket and pull out his keys. He felt bad that he was turned on by Rogue's hand being so close to his family jewels. He prayed to himself not to get a hard on over it. He watched as Rogue drunkily jiggled the keys in front of him.

"Yah know it's bad tah drink an' drive," She slurred. Her eyes were barely open and he knew she'd be hung over in the morning.

"Alright, we'll call a cab," Logan slurred back.

Rogue reached into her back pocket and pulled out her cell phone. She closed one eye as she fumbled with the numbers. "Um, Logan. What's the number for a cab?"

Logan told her that it was 555-cabs.

"Which button is the five again?" Rogue was so drunk that she couldn't even see the numbers on her phone. Logan took the phone off her and dialled the number. He was drunk, but not so drunk that he couldn't see the numbers on the phone. He called for a cab and then gave the phone back to Rogue.

"Logan, ahm cold."

"Okay, we'll wait in the truck until the cab comes."

Logan opened the passenger door for Rogue and helped her into her seat. He then stumbled around to the driver's side and got into the driver's seat. Rogue leaned her head on Logan's shoulder. From that angle, he could see right down her polo top.

'God, she's hot,' Logan thought to himself. He mentally smacked himself for thinking about one of his students in that way. He told himself off when he caught himself looking down her top again. Rogue was quiet and he thought she may have fallen asleep. Logan placed his hand under her chin and lifted her face up so that Rogue was looking at him. "You okay?"

Rogue's eyelids were half closed and she smiled drunkily. "Super."

Her face was only inches away from his. Logan moved his face closer to hers but then stopped himself from moving any further. 'You should know better than that!' he told himself. But the alcohol was telling him to go for it.

Rogue noticed that Logan's lips were close enough to hers that she could feel is breath on her lips. At first she thought it was the alcohol, but then she realised that Logan was moving in to kiss her. Normally she would have told Logan to get off her, but today something was different. Today she was not only tremendously drunk, but extremely lonely too. She was depressed because Remy was no longer there for her, and she felt that she needed to get her mind off him.

Rogue and Logan didn't remember who made the next move, but if one of them was to blame for the 'activities' of that night, it was Logan. Rogue was blind drunk but Logan still had some semblance of reason as he allowed Rogue to climb on top of him. Rogue was too drunk to tell the difference between a truck and a taxi, but Logan was too busy with Rogue's pants to notice the Taxi waiting for them on the side of the road. After a few minutes, the taxi driver drove away.

Hold on to me
You know I can't stay long
All I wanted to say was I love you and I'm not afraid
Can you hear me?
Can you feel me in your arms?

(Evanescence- My Last Breath)