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I was riding in a bus waiting to be taken to Camp Green Lake or how I like to call it Camp Boresville; at least I assume it will be boring. How bout I tell you why I was in a bus heading to camp green lake so here is how it goes.

3 days before

My friend Gabs had gotten badly hurt as she headed home but she couldn't figure out who had hurt her. So not to appear stupid in front of her parents when they asked who did it she blamed it on me even though I have no idea where she lives and I was at home writing a LOTR fanfiction called Shadow Killer when that happened. We had gotten into an argument with her that went something like this.

"Do you always have to be so logical?" She said in an annoyed voice. Gabs has long very curly black hair and she puts on some pink hairs that she bought. She has round glasses that reminds me of Harry Potter, brown eyes, and is like 3 inches taller than I am.

"Just do your work. I don't want you to get another bad grade." I said in an if-you-continue-to-annoy-me-I-will voice besides Bitchlashes, I was the only one who did my work. Bitchlashes was a very tall guy like three heads taller than me he had hazel eyes and is rather skinny, he has short brown hair, and of course, his real name is Ron we just call him that because Gabs thinks his eyelashes are huge.

"Yeah Gabs, just listen to Mom." Satan said. She was the tallest girl in our group which really isn't that tall like 5 inches taller than me, she had light brown hair which I envy, her real name is Vanessa but everyone calls her Satan she is very skinny and never does her work, since she gets good grades due to her test I don't even bother to get her to do her work cause she wont even bother to listen to me. She is kinda gothic but not really and she wears a necklace that she made herself it says "Art Geek" and some lyrics from her favorite songs. The last of my friends is Alan or how we like to call him 'Peach' He is slightly shorter that Bitchlashes and has extremely short hair he is a wannabe punk, skater, Goth, and so on and so on. Now me, I am your average girl who my friends like to call Mom, because I am the one that gets the best grades, I am the one who tells the others to do there work and I am the one that tells them to stop talking in there hands pretending that there hands were cell phones, I am the one that tells Gabs to do her work instead of draw. In conclusion, I am the least of my small group of friends that is most likely to end up in Camp Boresville. I have long brown wavy hair that reaches up to my shoulders and it is impossible to find me without a book under my hands or my toy rabbit in which I gave the pleasure of calling Kyaka, strange name I know but I was five when I got her and I am not ashamed to say that I slept with her. Only I was forced to leave her behind so the pillow will have to do. Anyway, back to the argument. Gabs just grumbled under breath and did her work, which didn't last long cause she started to draw again.

"Gabs!" I said annoyed.

"I'm doing it I'm doing it." She said angrily. And thus, our argument ended. The next day she accused me of attacking her as she headed home and badda bi badda boom I'm in a bus taking me to Camp Boresville.

So now, I am in a bus with my bag that is half-full of underwear and sunscreen and bras and the other half is full of books. I looked up from the book I was reading to see that we were almost there. I put away my book and decided to stare out the window. Once we arrived there, I grabbed my backpack and got off the bus. First thing I remembered as I got off the bus was that the judge told me I would be the only girl there besides the Warden. I didn't really care because I was in shock that Gabs had actually accused me for something I didn't do. I looked up to see a guy that would be great in a scary movie or if he was telling a scary story.

"I am Mr. Sir you will only address me as that. This aint no girls camp." He growled.

"Then what am I doing here? Did I turn into a boy! I don't want to be a boy I like being a girl!" I said pretending to panic. Mr. Sir just growled and led me to the warden. Who only told me I was going to be in D-tent. D….Delinquents, Delirious. I don't care I'm bored now and my counselor is Mr. Pendanski he has way to much sun block…

"Hello Leslie, was it? I want you to know that I respect you." He said and I did everything in my power not to have my right eye twitch.

"Why thank you Mr. Pendanski it's nice to know that I have someone here that respects me." I said with a warm smile he smiled back at me. And I could almost, keyword almost, hear his thoughts.

'How'd a girl like her end up here?' Was what I assumed he thought.

(Note to self: Mr. Pendanski is easy to trick. Must remember that note to get away with anything I might do here in Camp Boresville.)

Girl power whoop! Sorry, random moment I get those every now and then.

"Yo Mom who is the Chicka?" someone said but I really didn't pay attention about what he looked like. I blinked confused since I have already mentioned that my nickname at home is Mom.

"Magnet! That's no way to talk about a girl." Another one said. So his name is Magnet. Anyway, I tuned them out for a bit until I heard the voice of the one called Magnet.

"Hey Chicka what's your name?" He asked.

"Huh? Oh, right, Mom. Wait, no… its Leslie sorry I guess I am just used to being called Mom or Leslers." I said still staring at the sky for no apparent reason.

"They called you Mom?" I think his name was Squid that said that.

"Gabs called me that, then Satan, then Peach or how I like to call him Pancho, don't ask 'why' not even I know, then Bitchlashes started to call me that. Frankly, I don't care as long as it isn't insulting to me. So what are your names?"

"That's Rex, Ricky, Alan, Stanley, Jose, Theodore and Hector. Boys, Leslie is the first girl in CGL so make her feel welcome." Mr. Pendanski said smiling at me and I resisted the urge to sneak away. Instead, I smiled back at him and I got the feeling he was thinking the same thing as before. He walked away so that I could get better acquainted with my room buddies.

"For your information the names are X-ray, Zigzag, Squid, Armpit, Magnet, Caveman, and Zero." X-ray said and I nodded.

"Yes X-ray sir." I said with a mock salute making the others laugh including X-ray I thought he would be mad but I guess I was wrong.

"Soooooooooooooo. What happens here in Camp Boresville?" I asked.

"We dig holes to build character." Zigzag answered.

"Ok. That should be easy." I said stopping in front of a hole to see how deep and wide it was.

"Easy? How?" Squid asked confused. I guess he expected me to throw a tantrum.

"When I was little I used to dig holes and bury stuff. I once buried my little brothers toy gorilla and he ended up taking my shovel and hitting me in the head with it. I still have the bump and I think it was a stupid thing to do to hit me in the head because I couldn't remember where I buried it after words." I said rubbing the bump I had in my head. It's been five to six years since that happened and I still have that bump.

"Your brother hit you in the head with a shovel?" Caveman asked and I laughed lightly.

"Amusing isn't it? Back then I was upset cause he got away with it but now that I look back at it, it makes me laugh." I said not bothering to hold in my laughter anymore. They all stared at me as if I was insane and once I calmed down I stared at them.

"Chickens from outer space our trying to take over the world with there eggs, the only way to know if you are eating a normal egg or an outer space egg is to look at its color. Outer space eggs have red yolk." I said and promptly fell into hole. Not only was I groaning from the pain but I was also laughing my head off at the fact that I should have watched where I was going. After a bit, Squid and Zigzag got me out of the hole and I had gone down to chuckling instead of laughing insanely.

"Hahaha I'm sorry I just had a random laughing fit. It happens every now and then but why I had one now I don't remember since it normally only happens when I eat a chocolate with too much sugar in it." I said taking deep breaths and getting a calm face again. I sighed and took out a sunscreen bottle and pored some in my hand and started to rub my face with my hands until there was not a white spot left like Mr. Pendanski.

"What was all that stuff about chickens from outer space?" Armpit asked.

"Sorry, I like to make up random stories. This one time I claimed to my friend that bananas were evil because they were too yellow that and every time I eat one I throw up…" I said not really paying attention to there expressions.

"So what do you guys think of her?" X-ray asked.

"I think she is as insane as Zigzag only maybe slightly more." Armpit said.

"I think she is alright." Squid answered.

"She seems nice." Caveman said and they all nodded in agreement.

"She may be insane but she is still nice I wonder why she ended up here." Magnet said and everyone nodded also wondering the same thing.

"Is this our cabin?" I shouted standing in front of the cabin that had a rather large D in the color red. If I were an elf, I could have noticed the D miles away…Actually I think I can do that with just being human…

"Hey, what's a girl doing here in CGL?" Some guy coming out of tent B…Bastards, ah, I do not have a large brain cause I can't think of anything else the A can stand for.

"Gee. I don't know why don't you tell us what you are doing here?" I asked innocently and D-tent laughed while the B-tent guy growled and came up to me ready to hurt me only the D-tent got in his way.

"Don't touch Waves." Zigzag growled. The guy from B-tent growled but then realized he was outnumbered so he walked away muttering under his breath and I was blinking not really expecting them to defend me.


"That's your nickname." X-ray said.

"I said that out loud? Not that I am complaining but why Waves?" I asked confused.

"You have wavy hair." Zero answered quietly which made me wish I had fox ears like my character in my story Shadow Killer. Or elf ears.

"Whoa! Zero talked! He never talks to anyone except maybe Caveman." Armpit said in shock. Zero looked away embarrassed by the sudden attention

"You make it sound likes it's a miracle. I used to be like that and I hated the way people acted as if it were a miracle that I could even talk." I said scowling. Zero looked up in surprise.

"You? not talking? No offence but that seems highly impossible to believe for some reason." Armpit said and I glared at him and walked into the cabin. They didn't come in for another five minutes and by then I had found the cot that looked like it hasn't been used in a while and was pretending to sleep on it.

"How did she know that cot was hers?" I heard Squid ask.

"I don't know." I wasn't sure who said that.

"Should we wake her up to eat?" Armpit asked.

"No need to, I'm already awake." I said and looked at them with a blank stare. They looked at me surprised at my sudden mood change One second I was laughing about falling into a hole the next I stop showing emotion.

"You ok now?" Zigzag asked cautiously as if I was going to bite his head off.

"Yeah, sorry, I was just remembering of this ah…..girl if she can even be called that, she would always place sticky food in my hair just because I was always quiet. A long time ago, I used to have hair that reached up to my waist but that was once upon a time. Its no big deal I'm better now." I said smiling and asked which direction was the place where we ate. And that is how my first day of camp green lake went. I wanted to say Bitch but I managed to stop myself in time. Oh and I was disgusted by the food so I kept the apple and the drink and let the boys share from what I didnt eat.

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