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I don't know what made me do it.

He was my roommate. And one of my best friends, besides.

I kissed him.

I suppose it's a good thing he was too drunk at the time to remember it later. Poor Mark… He's not that crazy on his own, but he is easily influenced. So it was me who half-carried him up the stairs, back to our room. And as he stumbled and almost fell in the doorway, I caught him and helped him up again. And I kissed him.

His kiss was sweet, despite the strong taste of alcohol, and… even drunk, he's a damn good kisser.

He fell asleep on his bed about a minute later, his glasses still on his face but knocked askew, still wearing the rumpled clothes he hadn't bothered to change out of. I took off his glasses for him, set them on the desk, then retreated to my own bed and sat there cross-legged, watching him.

Sweet and innocent. He always looked like that, but more so when he slept. Like he somehow held on to some kind of innocence the world couldn't take away. Just watching him, I wanted to crawl into his bed and put my arms around him. Shield him from the world. I stayed put.

I was still watching him when he woke up. He blinked at me sleepily, squinting without his glasses, and a moment later winced and closed his eyes, putting a hand to his forehead. "What're you looking at?" he groaned softly, from the looks of it fighting off a massive headache.

"Nothing," I said quickly. "You look terrible."

It was a lie.