Summary: Before TFATF. Before the racing, the heists, and the hype. This is the story of the team, and how they became the team they ended up as. This is the story of the blossoming relationship between Letty and Dominic, the friendship between everyone, the introduction of Jesse, Leon, and Vince.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters… but if I did I wouldn't be writing a story, I'd be living it. hehe.

Chapter One. Times Like These.

"Give it back!" fourteen year old Mia Toretto screamed at her seventeen year old brother, Dominic Toretto, as he held her diary up over her head. This was any easy feat for Dominic considering he was a good six inches taller than his younger sister. "Dominic! You don't want to read that!" Mia screamed.

Dom used one hand to open the diary to the first page and put it in front of his face to read, and another hand to hold Mia back from grabbing her diary. "Dear Diary," Dominic read as she screamed and whined. "My brother is such a jerk sometimes, but other times he's just a big softy, especially with the new girl down the street," Dom read. His eyes grew wide as a blush covered his tan cheeks. He threw the diary on the bed and let go of Mia. He stared at her in shock for a moment before turning and disappearing out of Mia's room.

"I told you that you didn't want to read it!" Mia squealed with a giggle as she lay back down on her bed, continuing to scribble her thoughts down in her little pink diary.

"Dominic!" A deep voice boomed from the first level of the house. Dominic bounded down the stairs to come face to face with his father, Anthony Toretto. "What's going on?"

"I took Mia's diary," he replied to his father. "But, I gave it back."

His father nodded. "Good, don't do that again – I'm sure there's things in there you won't want to know about your little sister."

Dominic rolled his eyes and nodded, "Or things about me," he mumbled.

His father looked at him puzzled and Dom just shook his head. "Anyway, son, Letty is outside waiting for you."

"What for?" Dom asked, clearly puzzled by the arrival of their neighbor.

"She's outside, why don't you go ask her?"

Dominic nodded and walked to the front door slowly. He peeked out and saw Leticia Rodriguez standing up against the side of the porch, staring intently across the street at her own home. She was dressed simply, in camouflage pants and a form fitting olive green tank top. She was pushing her sunglasses up off her eyes onto her head as Dominic opened the door and stepped onto the porch. "God Dom, do you always have to scare me?" Letty said as she jumped but quickly regained her composure.

"Yeah, Let. I always gotta scare you," he said sarcastically. "What's up?"

"I know that, um, it's your birthday on Friday and all, and um…" Letty stuttered and refused to keep eye contact with the large teenager in front of her. She looked up at the sky and mumbled something in Spanish and then looked back at Dom. "I better just fuckin' spit it out, huh?"

"Yeah, that would probably be a good idea, kid," Dominic said – obviously rather annoyed by Letty's lack of confidence. Dominic knew what Letty was getting at, but knew she didn't have the balls to just ask.

"Well, I was, um… I was wondering if," Letty looked at him and paused.

"Yeah Letty, I would like to spend my birthday with you," he said with a grin. Letty's face relaxed and she smiled.

"Sometimes I'm glad you know me so well," she said as she ran her hand down his arm.

Dominic took a step towards her and growled a deep sound. He quickly and roughly put his arm around her waist and pulled him towards her. "Times like these, huh?" he inquired as he bent his face to hers and brushed his lips against hers. They shared a tiny grin before Dominic roughly covered her mouth with his.