Summary: This is the story of the team and how they became just that; a team. With unbreakable, unshakeable bonds, this group of people overcomes every obstacle thrown at them… or do they? Before TFATF. Before the racing, the heists, and the hype. This is the story of the team, and how they became the team they ended up as. This is the story of the blossoming relationship between Letty and Dominic, the friendship between everyone, the introduction of Jesse, Leon, and Vince. Kind of AU because Dom and Vince haven't known each other since third grade.

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters… I don't own the original storyline – although I own everything that does not go along with the movie.

Author's Note: Sorry that it's been so long since I updated… I couldn't get on the site. And now, I have surgery on Tuesday so I'm not sure when the next update will be.

Chapter Ten. Forever.

Letty sat staring out the window, watching and listening to the gentle pitter patter of a light rain hitting the window. "I can't believe I've spent five weeks of my life here," she thought to herself as she looked into the sky. "Two weeks laying in a bed myself and now I have to watch the love of my life lying in a bed…"

"Letty," a voice whispered hoarsely, and desperately trying to come out past the newly inserted throat tube blocking his mouth and throat. A hard cough came from that same voice, followed by a painful gurgling sound. Letty shot up from the chair as she heard the sounds, and they interrupted her thoughts. It had taken her mind a little time to realize that she was not dreaming this time. The voice was real, awake… and belonged to Dominic.

"Baby," Letty cooed as she crawled up beside Dominic and caressed his forehead. "You're awake," she smiled.

Dominic nodded. "For our baby," he whispered, a gentle tear sliding down his cheek. Letty grinned as her own tears started. She rubbed his cheek, drying the spot where the tear had been.

Letty took his hand and put it on her growing stomach, and grinned. "Yeah, Dom. Our baby," she whispered, her tears streaming down her face even more. "Our baby is fine... 12 weeks grown," she said as Dom's fingers traced tiny little circles around her abdomen.

"I'm sor-," Dominic started. Letty put a finger to his lips and sighed.

She kissed his forehead lightly. "I'll go get a doctor." Letty turned and walked to the door. "Nurse," she called gently.

"Yes?" The nurse asked, looking up at Letty's smiling face.

"He's awake."

"You can come back in now, ma'am," the doctor said as he opened the door. Dominic was now sitting up in his bed, the breathing tube gone from his mouth, and several of his IV's gone. A nurse was shaving his face when Letty stepped into the room.

"Letty," Dominic said with a huge grin as Letty stepped up to his bed side. Tears slid down Letty's cheeks as Dominic slipped an arm around her waist and pulled her close to his own body. His face was level with her bulging stomach. "Hi, baby," he whispered to her abdomen. "It's daddy. I'm sure you haven't heard my voice for a while, but I hope you get used to it now – 'cause Daddy won't leave again."

Letty grinned as she bent her head down towards Dominic's and brushed her lips against his own gingerly. "I love you," Letty whispered.

Dominic looked at every feature on Letty's beautiful face, seeing her bright brown eyes, gorgeous smile, even the tiny scar above her right eyebrow, for the first time in a month. "God, Let…" he whispered and kissed her lips."I love you, too."

Dominic was released later that day. Letty had called the team and told them to make sure they were home, to not even come up to the hospital that day. They'd agreed, and Letty drove Dom home. When they pulled up to the Toretto house, they were both shocked. The house had been fixed up; an addition was visible on the back of the house, there was a new paint job, the side walks, drive way, and porch had all been redone. Letty opened Dom's car door as he slid out. The team stepped outside.

"Well," Mia said with a grin. "What do you think?"

Letty and Dominic grinned wildly as they took in the new appearance of the house. "It's great, Mi," Dominic said as his little sister put her arms around him. He kissed her forehead gently as the rest of the team came and hugged Letty and Dominic as well. "It's great to be home," Dominic mumbled.

"It's great to have the family back together," Leon said as he helped Dominic into the house; Vince helping Letty.

Jesse, who'd been quiet the entire homecoming, cleared his throat once everyone was inside. "I, uh…" he started, his stutter becoming completely obvious.

"I, uh, well, I-I did a b-ba-baby's room," he said as he pulled back a curtain to reveal the baby's new room. The room was a pale yellow, with Baby Disney decorations on the walls. There was a white crib in the center of the room, with yellow, white, and green blankets inside. There was also a changing table, two dressers, and a rocking chair.

"Oh my god," the entire team gasped as they looked around the room. "You did this, by yourself?" Dominic asked as he stepped inside and examined it all more closely.

"Yeah," Jesse responded shyly as he looked up at Dominic.

Dominic hugged the man and kissed the top of his head. "You're gunna be a great uncle, Jess," Dom said, laughing. "All of you boys will."

"And I'll be the only aunt," Mia said grinning. "That just makes me more special."

The team sat in the nursery for hours catching up, laughing, and getting along.

That night, Letty and Dominic lay in their bed, their arms wrapped around one another, holding each other as close as possible. Letty felt as though Dominic was trying to make their hearts touch he was holding her so tight. "Dom," Letty whispered as she shifted her weight, a little uncomfortably. "You don't have to squeeze me too tight… I'm tough – but I can break," she said with a slight giggle.

Dom looked at his arms around her and loosened his grip. "Sorry," he mumbled as he rubbed his hands across her stomach, smoothing the silk cloth that covered her body.

"Baby," Letty cooed as she watched Dom's hands. When she got no response, she hooked her thumb underneath his chin, and forced his eyes to connect with hers. "What's wrong?" She again got no response. "I mean… we're home, we're together – everything's fine. But you haven't relaxed yet."

Dominic nodded slowly and eyed her. "It's just… it's just that it's so hard to relax after what happened," he whispered. He rolled over away from her and slowly got out of bed. He took off his white t-shirt, and stood in front of her in his grey sweat pants. He slowly peeled off the bandage covering his gun shot wound. He pointed at it and looked directly at Letty. "You see this?" Letty nodded her head. "This almost took me away from all the people I love. I almost didn't get to see you go through the birth of our child, I almost didn't get to see Mia go through high school…" Dominic's eyes glistened as he spoke.

"I know, Dom," Letty said as she wiped her own tears away from her face. "I do know how you feel."

"I know," Dominic growled. "And that hurts me even more. Our baby could've died because of choices I've made in my life. I don't know about you, but… I know something has got to change."

Letty nodded her head. "Dom, you need to rest, baby… just lay down, please."

Dominic nodded and put a new dressing on his wound, and then lay down beside her in bed. He grimaced a little as he got comfortable and then smiled. "This is how it should be, Let," Dominic grinned. "You and I. Forever."