The Casino

By: Makeeda Gibbs or Shessysbabe

Pairing: B/S

Disclaimer: I own nothing! Joss Whedon and the others do (lucky bastards). But I do like to play with them and make them do wacky things.

Summary: William 'Spike' Tabors, owner of The Montecito Casino and Hotel is in for a surprise when young and savvy Buffy Summers shows up at his casino with only one dollar to her name. (Every ones human)

Chapter 1: The Drifter

"Gunn we need someone new" William 'Spike' Tabors, owner of The Montecito Casino and Hotel told his head of security Charles Gunn. Charles cocked an eyebrow in confusion.

"And whys that boss?" he asked.

"Come on Gunn look at the monitors," Spike said pointing to about a dozen monitors in front of his desk.

"Poor Red and Anya can't take it any more; the floor is just too large for two people to cover."

"What about Faith?"

Gunn asked. Spike threw him a disbelieving glance,

"She doesn't count" Spike deadpanned, Gunn just smiled

"Just find me someone Gunn. Someone I can use"

Spike said as he left his office.

Gunn shook his head in the negative and picked up the desk phone and started to make some calls, when his cell rang.




"Yeah it's me oh and make sure she's hot."


"What does he mean he needs new people what's wrong with us?" Anya asked Willow from the bathroom stall. Willow rolled her eyes at her over reactive-ness and corrected in a calm voice,



"Gunn said a person, as in singular and you have to admit we could use some help. Ever since the casino floor expanded it has been rather hectic."

Willow explained. Willow herself had been working at the Casino since it opened four years ago and so has Anya so the addition of a new worker having Anya paranoid was understandable.

"What about Faith?" Anya asked coming out of the stall.

"What about her, Anya?"

Willow asked sarcastically as she tucked a lock of curly red hair be hind her ear. Anya continued to stare at her reflection, carefully musing up her now chocolate brown locks which had been dirty blonde the other day.

"Well I guess its ok… but only if we get to meet her first." Anya humphed. Willow rolled her eyes at her friend,

"Come on breaks over"


"Bye Mom!" Buffy yelled as she walked down the stairs

"Buffy honey is their anything I can do to make you stay." Joyce Summers muttered to her rebelling daughter.

"No mom I have to do this" Buffy said slowly the edge leaving her voice.

"I am sorry but I just have to go" Buffy continued. She walked over and gave her mom a hug.

"Buffy, baby please your only a chil-"

"Please mom I'm twenty one!" She shot back. Buffy then picked up her purse and duffle bag and made her way to the door.

"What about school" her mother stated calmly

She turned to her mother and said,

"It's not going any where. Oh and give Dad and Dawn especially DAD my regards"

Buffy finished as she slammed the door shut behind her.


Buffy was down to her last dollar quiet literally, she had spent almost all her money at a casino called MGM and thought she might try her luck at the Montecito.


Gunn was in his boss's office going over résumés with Willow.

"I don't know Wills, none of them seem right" They had been looking for a new floor assistant for days and no one screamed I'm perfect for this job.

Willow looked down at Gunn from her position of sitting cross-legged on the desk.

"Yeah I know what you mean- listen to this one."

Willow said as she cleared her throat to continue,

"Hi I think I should have this job because my hair goes with everything… name Harmony Kendal."

Willow finished, giving Gunn a pointed look. Gunn nodded and started staring at the monitors in front of him. Just when he was going to call the search a day he saw some one walk through the Montecito doors, she was perfect.

"Willow, who's that?"

Gunn asked not tearing his eyes from the Casino entrance screen. Willow looked up from a résumé she was reading and to the screen Gunn was staring down. She saw a petite blonde with long hair and a duffle bag.

"Hmm, she looks like a drifter"

"A whater"

"You know a drifter, teenagers who leave home and drift through Los Vegas. I was one, you see-"

"Hold that thought"

Gunn said cutting her off as he left the office, leaving a confused Willow in his wake.

A few moments later Gunn found himself approaching the little blonde at the chip exchange booth.

"Hello miss" Gunn said extending his hand. Buffy spun around to see a tall African American man in an expensive suit with his hand out stretched to her.

"Hello" Buffy replied politely accepting his hand.

"So I assume you are here to gamble"

Gunn said trying to strike up a conversation with the cute blonde.

"Umm yeah hasn't had much luck, I'm down to my last dollar…"

Buffy said trailing of wondering if she had revealed to much to information to the man she already told him she was flat out broke and she didn't even know his name. As if reading her mind he introduced himself.

"Oh I'm sorry; my name is Gunn, Charles Gunn." Gunn said with a genuine smile.

"My drivers silence says Elizabeth Summers, But most people call me Buffy" Buffy said returning the smile.

"Well miss Summers I have a gamble for you. You give me that dollar and I'll give you a job."

Buffy stared at Gunn suspiciously,

"Yeah but where's the gamble in that?" She asked.

Gunn smiled she was going to be a spitfire he could tell right away.

"You see you can give me your last dollar and I give you a job you may like or hate, but mind you it pays good money or you can blow your last dollar on the craps table or you may get lucky on the craps table. You choose" Gunn explained a smug smirk appearing on his lips as he finished.

Buffy blinked what a decision she thought as she reached into her purse and pulled out her last dollar.


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