The Casino

By: Makeeda Gibbs or Shessysbabe

Pairing: B/S

Disclaimer: I own nothing! Joss Whedon and the others do (lucky bastards). But I do like to play with them and make them do wacky things.

Summary: William 'Spike' Tabors, owner of The Montecito Casino and Hotel is in for a surprise when young and savvy Buffy Summers shows up at his casino with only one dollar to her name. (Every ones human)

Chapter 5:

"Just what the hell were you thinking? Driving another's man motorcycle!"

Spike yelled as he swerved in front of a car on the freeway.

"How was I supposed to know it was stole- Spike watch where your going you almost rear ended that dude's car." Cordelia reprimanded.

"Don't you reprimand me; you were the one who was just in the penitentiary. I should have left you there, let the girls at the c-block pass you around, I bet they'll love a freak like you."

Spike said threw clenched teeth as he drove his car; his knuckles were white from gripping the staring wheel to hard.

"Willy you wouldn't have?"

Spike sighed as he pulled of into the exit. He really couldn't stay made at his baby sis, sure, but that did not mean he wasn't angry at what she did or of her actions.

"Cordy I love you, but its hard being your big brother you know?"

Spike finally said after 10 minutes of driving in silence, he then pulled

Up to an IHOP. Spike smiled when he saw the look of excitement in her eyes. Spike knew she loved IHOP, and it was a constant tradition to take her there when things got bad, that and he needed to be in a public place so he wouldn't lose his cool.

After getting seated and ordering Cordelia then remembered what her older brother said in the car.

"Wait what do you mean its hard being my brother?" Cordelia asked crossing her arms. Spike new that look, she was serious and it would be hard trying to avoid her question.

"Cordy all I mean is when you hang around all these guys; I go crazy 'specially when most of them are not good enough for you." Spike answered talking a sip of his coffee.

"Oh, I see" was all Cordelia could muster she had not known her past relationships or the men she was always with made her brother feel that way.

"Will, I didn't know"

"Its okay just tries not to associate with them so much."

"Ok, I'll try. So Will, how is everything?"

"Every thing is fine Darla is pregnant and I have to make an appearance in Court in a couple of months oh and the Casino is doing good, just hired someone knew you'll like her."

Spike finished as he thanked the waitress for the food.

"Oh my god!" Cordelia squealed "Darla is pregnant?"

Spike nodded as he chewed on his pancakes drenched in syrup.

"That's… wow, oh my… wow. She's wow."

Cordy gushed forgetting about her food for a moment. But then she remembered something, Darla wasn't seeing anybody as far as she knew so who was the baby's father.

Spike saw the look of deep confusion cross his sisters face and asked,


"Um Will whose the Baby's father?" Cordelia asked as she began to eat her own food.

"Dunno" Spike answered truthfully. Between just finding out today that his older sister was expecting and that his younger sister was incarcerated he really did not have much time to call said older sister to find out specifics. That and the arrival of his older brother threw him off some.

"Will is you alright?" Cordy asked noticing that her brother's eyes were turning a stormy blue rather than its usual cerulean color.

"I'm okay" Spike lied. Witch was stupid because Cordelia always knew when he lied.

"No your not" She replied. Spike saw that she was not going to back down any time soon.

"Fine." He sighed

"Liam paid a visit" Spike answered.

Cordelia's eyes went wide. Oh. Ohhhhh. So that's why he was in such a shitty mood not only because of her but because of him too, she thought.

She personally wasn't too fond of her eldest brother. The reason was because he never truly accepted her into the family.

Spike knew Cordelia did not like Liam too, but it was rather amusing because they looked a lot alike with the dark brown hair and the chocolate brown eyes they both looked like their father. But in some ways Cordelia was just like their mum; for one thing Cordy definitely had their mothers smile. The nice big one that would melt or calm anyone, even Liam who was known for his tantrums was calmed by one of their mothers warming smiles.

"What did that prick do?" She hissed

"He showed up to the casino playing and stealing from the casino with a loaded dice." Cordelia opened her mouth in shock.

"That ass hole" she muttered.


Back at the casino Anya was grating on Buffy's nerves.

Buffy glanced at the obviously fake brunette and rolled her eyes.

'God is that all she talks about' Buffy thought. For the past three hours while Willow was explaining her job as a "hostess", all Anya would talk about was sex.

Thankfully she would not be starting work officially till tomorrow so she had the rest of the evening to chill and get away from the walking Cosmopolitan magazine. Buffy snickered to herself she know fully understood Spike's nickname for her.

The moment that Willow finished Buffy headed straight for her room, but took a detour to see if Spike had come back. She soon found herself at Spike's office door and before she knew it she was in that big comfortable leather chair again. After all that time with Anya Buffy found that she could do with a stiff drink. So with that notion in mind she started looking around her boss's desk for some alcohol. She was so rapt up in finding her treasure she did not hear Spike come in.

"Really Miss Summers is it necessary for you to go through my things?"

Spike drawled from his position leaning over the front side of his desk, both hands on either side supporting him.

Buffy turned beet red before quickly recovering her self. She then rose out of his seat and mirrored his actions. She was know leaning over the other side of the desk and was eye to eye, well as much eye to eye you could get in three inch heels, with her boss.

"What can I say, I have always been noisy." She responded cheekily.

'God he is so hot if I leaned in a little bit closer we could be kissing right know. Ah! Buffy, bad thoughts he's your boss.' Buffy thought idly.

'But he is a very sexy boss.' Her thoughts were invaded by her conscious that was doing a poor job in leading her to the right thing.

'No! I should not be wanting to kiss my boss, its wrong and I have morals.'

'Morals be damned, when he is that sexy all morals are out the window. Just one little peck wont hurt he might even enjoy it.' Her conscious reasoned. Buffy's internal battle with her conscious left her oblivious to the fact that Spike was having the same battle, yet it was against his conscious.

'Fuck she's gorgeous. I wonder if I could lean in and kiss her while making it look like an accident?' Spike asked himself.

' No! You must absolutely could not' His conscious responded


'Because in order for you to pull that off she would have to be blind and numb. And she most certainly is not so don't even try it.'

'Whatever' Spike responded.

Neither of them realized that there lips were almost touching each other's until Cordelia walked in.

"Am I interrupting something?" Cordelia asked calmly and found it quite amusing when the sprung apart like the were touched by fire.

Spike being the first to recover answered

"No Cordy, you're not interrupting anything, Miss Summers and I were having a little chat and now we are finished."

He answered evenly staring at Buffy. He then turned to face his sister and asked,

"Do you need anything?"

"No just wondering were you went" Cordelia answered.

"Ok um Cords this is Buffy Summers, the new girl I just hired and Buffy, this is my baby sis Cordelia."

Spike said making introductions.

Buffy eyed Cordelia, she looked a lot like the sibling who was here earlier but in some ways she did not she then noticed she had the same smile as the picture of Darla on Spike's desk.

"It is very nice to meet you Buffy" Cordelia said.

Buffy smiled and responded,

"Like wise Cordelia….wait are you Cordy Chase?"

Cordelia smiled and nodded, understanding Buffy's confusion she explained,

"Cordy Chase or CeCe is my modeling name. I do that because if I say my name is Cordelia Tabors, they make me out to be royalty and I would never have to work to achieve what I want they'll just give it to me on a silver platter with a bib on my chest."

Buffy nodded understanding fully what she meant. Staring at Cordelia she saw the modern beauty she beheld. She was dressed simply in men's sweat pants and a tight tank top and she looked gorgeous. Buffy also noted that Darla was a classic beauty and her youngest brother spike was in a class of his own. He was sexy no that wasn't it, he was one word beautiful and his brother wasn't to sore on the eye either.

"Wow that's nice do you like modeling?" Buffy asked. Cordelia was about to answer but was cut off by Spike telling her she should go to her room.

"Come Buffy, walk me to my room" Cordelia said as she grabbed the baffled blonde by the arm and lead her out side the office leaving a not so pleased Spike in their wake.

"God I hate it when he does that" Cordelia exclaimed once they were out of ear shot.

"What?" Buffy said completely confused as to what Cordelia was talking about.

"When he tries to prevent me from talking about my career."

"Huh?" Buffy said as she was pushed in to an elevator?

"He doesn't like that I am a model and tries to get me to stop"

"Oh I see" Buffy said as they got of on her floor.

"So I guess I will be seeing you tomorrow" Cordelia said as she walked back into the elevator.

"Sure" Buffy responded

"Good so tomorrow I'll ask you why you like my brother" With a smile and a quick wave the elevator doors closed leaving Buffy doing the perfect imitation of a fish out of water.

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