Title: Finding Fate
Author: Lucy Honeychurch
Rating: The first chapter is questionably 'R' ish but the rest of it's going to be rather Pg-13 with maybe one more chapter of 'R' ishness
Disclaimer: I Own Nothing
Spoilers: I'm sticking with what's happened in 'Smallville' until Season 5, going with the assumption that there's going to be Clana sex/dating (yuck...) and using what the spoilers from Season 5 have been saying. This story takes place in Lois and Clark's 3 year of university (I'm going with the assumption that they're both sticking close to Smallville and therefore attending the local school as opposed to Met U). I'm also going to be tapping into some of the Superman lore concerning the Fortress of Solitude.
Summary: Sometimes fate can be found before its time...

Prologue: Hands

They stumbled into his bedroom, the open door taking the brunt of their lust as he slammed into it, not recognizing their luck that his parents were out of town for the weekend. They hadn't been drinking (something that she had once told her cousin would have to have happened before she'd even contemplate thinking about doing this with him…) but he felt like they had been.

He was lightheaded, the blood normally residing in his head going south at a remarkable rate since they had began kissing in the loft a mere fifteen minutes ago. Neither knew who had started it, and quite frankly he thought that, if asked the question, they would both blame the other.

It hardly mattered right now anyways.

She had been the one to insist they come inside, having told herself that she would never be seduced in a barn although with him, she somehow thought she'd enjoy the experience…

Thoughts focussing on one thing, she began to remove his clothes, starting first with the plaid shirt that seemed to be a staple item in his wardrobe, then his t-shirt. She smiled as his hands came up to take off her own shirt, slipping the simple tee over her head and hands now moving to remove her bra. And, although the idea sickened her (she moved on almost as soon as she had the thought) she thought she might owe his former girlfriend a thank-you for the practiced skills he had shown thus forth. She was tingling in places she didn't know she had and they hadn't even gotten past the clothed portion of what was looking to be a very eventful-and unexpected- evening.

She felt him catch the clasp to her bra, easily undoing it and pulling it from her arms, all the while kissing her as if he would never be able to kiss her again.

The fact of the matter was that he probably wouldn't. This was wrong after all. Forbidden. Crossing so many lines that they were now in uncharted territory. They weren't even friends, just….she searched for the right word but couldn't find it. Her cousin would be so disappointed in her. She WAS a journalism student after all. This was supposed to be her area of expertise but he….he was driving all words from her and that was something that she had never experienced.

As she blindly looked for a word, her hands began to make patterns on his chest and back…

Revelling in the feel of her hands on his chest and back, combined with the equally wonderful feeling of her body against his, he dipped a hand down to the band where her jeans met her naked stomach, pulling her closer as he did so.

This was going faster than she thought it would. Not that she had thought about this before because she hadn't.

Not purposely anyway.

After all, it was hard not to put the image of naked male out of a girls head when that had been how she met him in the first place. It was true what they said: first impressions were everything and he had certainly made an impression on her.

With a forwardness that even she didn't know she had in her, she reached down, undoing her jeans and backing away from the man standing in front of her. Eyes contacting his, she pushed them down, her underwear going with them.

They both paused for a moment, knowing that this was about to happen but both unwilling to break the lull of lustful eminency that had fallen over his bedroom.

In the end, it was she who made the decisive move.

As always.

She walked forward, stopping when she was in front of him and keeping eye contact as she began to take his pants off.

"Are you sure?" He whispered, and her heart contracted ever so slightly at his concern. She inwardly hit herself for it. Those kind of feelings were still forbidden and that line was so far out there that it might as well be in outer space.

She smiled wryly, undoing the final button of his jeans and letting them drop.

"Does that answer your question, Smallville?"