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Chapter 25: The Truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

Sara had been working on a simple B&E case with Catherine when her phone rang. Catherine motioned for Sara to take the call, they were wrapping the case up anyway. Sara checked the caller's ID and saw it was Evelyn. The phone had been ringing for a while and Catherine almost had to shoo Sara out of the lab.

"Go take the call, we are almost done anyway" Catherine told her younger colleague.

Sara walked out of the office and took the call.

"Hey baby, it's me" she answered.

Just when she was expecting to hear her lover's voice she heard a gunshot instead. After the shot, all was quiet.

Sara ran back into the lab.

"Cath, come with me…NOW" she almost screamed.

Catherine looked up, she saw in Sara's eyes there was no time for discussion or questioning, she dropped her papers and ran after Sara. They got into Sara's Denali and Sara sped off.

Catherine was staring at Sara the whole ride. The beautiful brunette had tears in her eyes and seemed to be worried out of her mind.

"Evelyn," Sara whispered. She had a hard time focusing on the road because of the tears in her eyes.

"What's wrong" Catherine said.

"I took the call," Sara said, it was obvious she was trying hard to hide her tears "and all I heard was a gunshot."

Catherine gasped. "No" was all she managed to get out.

Sara almost raced to her apartment, hoping she had just heard the TV. But something inside her told her that something was very wrong.

Both women got out of the car and ran into the apartment building. Sara had drawn her gun in the elevator already and was manoeuvring through the hallway with Catherine following suit. When Catherine saw the door to Sara's apartment was open, she drew her gun too. Even her feelings started telling her something was very wrong.

Sara got to the front door first, she opened it, scanning the room she saw her girlfriend in the middle of the room, she was lying in a large pool of blood. Sara felt like the earth got swept away from under her feet. She could hear her heart break into a million pieces.

"No" Sara whispered at first, then she ran towards her lover and pulled her in her arms. "NOOOOOOOOO, Evelyn no, please baby, please be alive." Sara started sobbing uncontrollably.

Catherine had followed Sara up close and was standing in the doorway now. She had seen some horrible things in her life, even murders like this. But seeing it happen to someone close to you was a whole different thing. Catherine's stomach turned. When a salty wet drop rolled on her lips she realised she was crying too. Catherine quickly got her phone and called in for help.

Evelyn was dead.

Catherine Willows was feeling a million feelings at the same time, they were rushing through her like a rollercoaster. When rationality took over she walked over to Sara to pull her away from Evelyn.

"Sara, come with me honey. You can't stay here like this, you will contaminate the evidence" Catherine said, slowly pulling her colleague up.

Sara shot a death glare at Catherine. "Are you kidding me?" She shouted at the blonde CSI "Evelyn is dead, and all you can think about it contaminating the evidence? This is Evelyn we are talking about Catherine, EVELYN." Sara held back a sob "You know, the same Evelyn who was living with you and Lindsay, the same Evelyn who babysat your child, the same Evelyn who worked with us! You have no feelings!" she screamed at Catherine.

Catherine couldn't take it anymore. The words Sara shouted at her didn't only hurt her ears, every word was like a dagger being stabbed in her heart. She loved Evelyn dearly, in the past while she had come to see the woman as a part of her family. She had been there every morning when she woke up, Evelyn would always get up earlier with Lindsay to make breakfast for everyone. What was she going to tell Lindsay?

"I can't believe what a bitch you are Catherine!" Sara shouted.

Catherine didn't really remember what happened after that, but Sara was looking at her with an open mouth, holding her cheek. Whatever she had done, it must have been the last drop because Sara started crying out loud. Only when seeing the red mark on Sara's cheek she realised she had slapped Sara in the face. Catherine was shocked by what she had done, but then again, Sara shouldn't have said those things to her. She was hurting too.

Before Catherine could say anything Jim Brass came storming into the apartment. He stopped in his tracks the second he saw Evelyn's dead body on the floor.

"Oh my God," the cop mumbled. He looked up at Sara and Catherine, who were both crying. It was hard for him not to cry too, but he knew he had to keep up his appearance. He had promised himself he would never let anything happen to 'his' girls, but now it did, and he couldn't do anything about it.

Grissom, Warrick, Nick and Greg were on the way to Sara's apartment. Warrick was driving like a madman; his guts told him something was really wrong.

Grissom's phone was ringing and he didn't know how fast to pick up the phone. The supervisor of the graveyard shift was sitting in the passenger's seat.

"Grissom," he answered. Three pairs of eyes were looking at him, full of expectance. He looked back at them, with a look of anger and sadness in his eyes.

"She is dead" he mumbled.

"FUCK!" Warrick shouted as he hit the steering wheel, he pushed the pedal even further to the floor, making the car speed off.

Sofia was the second cop to make it to the scene. She had been in the neighbourhood with Brass, who ran off when he heard the call immediately. Sofia had to go to the car and drive it to the crime scene.

"Oh no," was all Sofia could say when she saw the scene. She hadn't had the opportunity to work a lot with Evelyn yet, but she had grown to like the woman.

By now more and more people arrived to the scene. Catherine looked around to find Sara, she saw her sneaking into her bedroom. Catherine decided to follow Sara, she wanted to be there for her younger colleague.

"Sara" Catherine's voice was trembling. Sara was lying on her bed, her head buried in the pillows, she was crying.

Catherine crawled onto the bed and sat next to where Sara was lying. "Let's go to my place, its quieter there" she said while resting her hand on Sara's back.

Sara was too tired and she felt too weak to resist when Catherine helped her get up from the bed. When they got out of the room, Sara took one more look at her girlfriend's dead body on the floor. Even Doc Robbins had made an appearance at the scene, he was working on Evelyn's body as they walked by. Sara wanted to jerk away from Catherine, run over to Evelyn and shake her awake. She wanted to wake up from this nightmare and realise it was all just a bad dream. But she knew she wasn't dreaming. Everything seemed to go by her in slow motion, like she wasn't able to live life full speed anymore.

Sara felt totally numb, it was like her heart didn't exist anymore. She let Catherine drag her out of the house and into the car. When she arrived at Catherine's house, still lead by the blonde, she couldn't even remember how she got there.

Catherine was really worried about Sara. Sara was never much of a talking person, but right now she really wanted Sara to talk. Maybe not only for Sara's sake, but also out of self interest, Catherine had no idea how to deal with this. The biggest problem of them all would be telling Lindsay, she knew her daughter was really fond of Evelyn.

The older CSI led the younger one upstairs to her bedroom. After putting the brunette to bed, she went downstairs to make some coffee for herself, but before she exited the room, she was stopped.

"Please stay" Sara said almost too quietly for Catherine to hear.

Catherine didn't have to think about that twice and crawled into the bed with the younger CSI. She felt Sara snuggle up to her and instinctively wrapped an arm around her.

"I want to know the truth," Sara suddenly said, startling Catherine.

"About what, honey?" Catherine replied, wondering why the hell she called Sara honey.

"The truth about all this" Sara said shortly before dozing off into a deep sleep.

Catherine looked at the sleeping form of Sara, the brunette looked so peaceful when she was sleeping. She wondered if Evelyn ever watched Sara sleep. Then her thoughts drifted off to Evelyn, she still couldn't believe the younger woman was dead. She couldn't believe this crazy situation they were in.

Here she was, lying in HER bed with her arms wrapped around Sara, a sleeping Sara. As in, Sara Sidle was sleeping in her bed! She had to admit she liked the feeling of having the younger woman in her arms, but immediately she hated herself for that feeling. Evelyn is dead for Christ's sake she cursed at herself. After thinking about lots of things for a while, Catherine decided to clear her mind. It was time to take care of Sara now, not to start demanding attention from her.

Catherine knew it was best that they had left the crime scene, so the others could examine the evidence and catch the damn bastard who did this. Catherine had a faint idea who the killer could be, but she didn't want to speculate until she had seen the evidence.

The blonde woman just lay there for a while, looking at the brunette who was sleeping next to her, over thinking what Sara had said earlier. Sara wanted to know the truth…

"The truth is that I love you Sara Sidle," Catherine whispered as she gently kissed the back of Sara's head.

The end

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