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He awoke to silence—still and calm. He cautiously opened an eye, comforted by a soft light from the window at the foot of his bed.

Robin slid from under the covers, wincing slightly as his feet touched the cold floor. He parted the curtains slightly, watching a seagull dip its wing under the blue-green of the sea.

He didn't know why he put his mask on after, but it was his routine, and it was not to be questioned. The others would probably ogle Richard Grayson's blue eyes and Raven would probably remark at his carelessness. And the next day, Richard would be Robin, almost; insecure and open—without secrets, without identity.

But Richard Grayson was all of this; he was Robin, he was Red X, he was Slade's apprentice. He assumed too many identities, and thus, had none to call his own.

But that is another story…

He came down to breakfast, to discover the silence was not quite silent. His breakfast was aglow, still warm with Raven's black energy. Robin heard low murmurs coming from the living room, but the voices were female and unfamiliar. Even Beastboy and Cyborg, or even Starfire, perhaps, would never just murmur.

And Raven would never touch the remote.

But despite his assertion, she was there just the same, with her tea rested on top of her knees, fingers just below the rim. This Raven is different, he mused, watching her. Her eyes were transfixed to the screen, merely glancing over him as he stood there. She looked less confined in a shirt and shorts, but he didn't think it was merely because of her clothes. This Raven was caught.

She must have caught him staring and turned to him without a trace of embarrassment. Or perhaps she let herself get caught?

"Beastboy won a bet, so Cyborg took him to a vegeterian buffet; Cyborg and Starfire are probably eating elsewhere."

"What was the bet on?"

"Beastboy persuaded Starfire to eat tofu."

Robin laughed, and for a moment, Raven's attention was diverted as she looked at him.

"Tofu isn't that bad," she admitted, "when its properly cooked into something edible."

Robin was surprised, but, even in his shock, noted Raven's finger was slowly sliding to the remote…The distraction was simple, and had it not been for his detective skills, the simplicity would have been enough…

Quickly he went up and grabbed hold of Raven's wrist. Despite himself, he froze, and felt Raven do the same. Her glares and white eyes did not affect him the way it did Beastboy. Hesitance, that must be it. Instead, the gesture was a question, a plea—Is this alright? Have I gone too far? How long will you hide from me? Can I see through your eyes?

For those three seconds, they did not move. Finally, Raven's eyes met his mask and sent him a perturbed glare, willing his mortal soul to burn within the fiery depths...

As the remote was carefully set down, the characters burst into song.


"It's a good one," she replied with some difficulty, "and it's a lot more meaningful than Beastboy's cartoons."

Even so, the mere idea that Raven would be watching a musical was laughable. Robin reached for the case and looked it over.


"I've seen this before. It's about the Wizard of Oz, Rae."

"I know, boy-blunder… I've seen it four times already," she confessed, blushing red, "but the original book is for adults."

She had done this before. How had he missed that?

He really didn't know Raven at all…


He really didn't know Raven at all…how she frowned at the teasing classmates, how she smirked at the stereotypical popular blonde, how she bit her lip in sympathy for an outcast, how she directed the smallest of smiles at a boy who was able to see past imperfection…

…How so much emotion could come from an emotionless face.

Granted, a smirk or a frown is nothing compared to a laugh or a sob, but it was there nonetheless, and so Robin tucked it in the dark recesses of his mind, where a certain empath could not sense his feelings of wonder.

She must have felt something, for she turned to him, a questioning gaze in her eyes. He merely smiled at her, and her unanswered questions turned into surprise.

"We're a lot alike, you know, " he remarked as the last notes of the Finale were sung.

"What do you mean?"

"I can almost see us remake the play."

She looked at him, clearly bemused.

"I'm serious!" he said, feigning hurt, "Star could be Glinda, you'd be Elphaba, and I'd be Fiyero."

She grinned, " But Star has to change her hair, I'd have to have green skin, and you'd have to fall in love with me."

Robin looked at Raven.

Raven looked at Robin.

And then they cracked up.


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