"Kaoru no Hatsukoi???"
by DQBunny

Disclaimer: Rurouni Kenshin is not mine. Too
bad. I could use a red-haired rurouni in my life. Oh
well, he, Kaoru, and the others all belong to Watsuki
Nobuhiro. The original concept for "Ami-chan no
Hatsukoi" belongs to Takeuchi Naoko.

Author's Note: This pitiful attempt at a first
RK-fic (hey, you have to start somewhere) is loosely
based off the Sailormoon SuperS special "Ami-chan no
Hatsukoi." In fact, some scenes in this fic play out
like the scenes from the anime version of the story.
That's what you get for daydreaming about Kenshin
stories while listening to music from another anime.
Anyhow, enjoy this humble piece of work ::bows:: Also,
the title itself means "Kaoru's First Love?" although
we all know who that really is ;-)


Part One – Kaoru's Mysterious "Errand"

The early spring sunshine streamed through the
windows, bathing the face of the young woman lying
asleep on her futon in light. Her nose scrunched up
and she tossed one arm over her eyes to shield them
from the brightness. After a moment, the tantalizing
smells of breakfast greeted her nostrils. Kaoru
yawned and sat up, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.
She stretched her muscles, then looked out the window
at the birds that were busy building a nest in the
tree outside. She smiled, enjoying the feeling of
relaxation and complete peace with herself.

"Busu! Breakfast!" A shrill, young voice echoed
down the hall.

Yahiko had to destroy it.

Kaoru's head's head snapped toward the door, her
hand moving instinctively for her shinai to give her
student a good whack upside the head. Her gaze landed
on her red kimono laid out across the room, and she
forgot about getting revenge on Yahiko for ruining her
morning. Remembering what day it was, she got up and
started to dress in her kimono instead of her usual
practice gi and hakama.

In the kitchen, Yahiko quickly scarfed down the
bowl of rice set out for him, cramming a few pickles into
his mouth as well. Kenshin watched this with great
amusement as he scooped out a second helping of rice for
Yahiko. The boy looked like a gopher with his cheeks
stuffed full of rice and pickle. "You're hungry this
morning, Yahiko," he commented, handing the bowl to him.

Yahiko swallowed some of the food, but his cheeks
still puffed out. "He..grwin by ha ta ea lot!" he managed
to say while working through the rest of the food.

"Just be sure to leave some for Kaoru-dono."

Yahiko managed to get the rest of his food down.
"Busu better get her butt up if she wants any breakfast
then. She doesn't need the beauty sleep that's for sure."

Before Kenshin could come to Kaoru's defense, her
voice floated down the hall to the kitchen.

"I heard that, Yahiko," Kaoru said. She walked
into the kitchen dressed in her kimono, but clutching
her shinai in one hand. "You can do 500 practice
swings on top of scrubbing the dojo floors as usual
plus anything else that Kenshin needs help doing today
while I'm gone."


"You look nice today, Kaoru-dono," Kenshin said
as quickly as possible to avoid a fight. Besides, it
was the truth, he thought as his eyes raked the length
of her body. He quickly turned his attention back to
the kettle, not quite seeing what was inside. "So,
where're you going?"

"Just on an errand," Kaoru's eyes sparkled with

"Some errand," Yahiko nudged Kaoru when she sat
next to him. "It's gotta be something important in
order for you to look as nice as that!"

Kaoru blushed, fighting for the right words to
say. She looked at Yahiko's mischievous eyes and
Kenshin, who seemed to be very interested in the
kettle at that moment. "It's not that important,
Yahiko," she flustered.

Kenshin started to scoop up Kaoru's portion of
rice, but his spoon hit the bottom of the kettle
instead. He peered inside to see a few grains of rice
clinging to the bottom and sides of the kettle.
Yahiko had eaten it all. Without hesitating, he
picked up the bowl of rice that he had set aside for
himself and handed it to Kaoru.

"Arigato, Kenshin," Kaoru accepted the bowl and
narrowed her eyes at him. She was no fool, she saw
what he did.

"So, come on, tell us what's going on," Yahiko
urged her.

"It's none of your business," Kaoru replied,
eating as quickly as she possibly could. She placed
the half-finished bowl of rice in front of the
rurouni, who had taken a seat across from her. "I'm
finished! It was good, Kenshin."

"Can I have the rest?" Yahiko asked, reaching for
the bowl. A well-placed shinai hit to his wrist caused
him to snatch his hand back.

"Iie. That's for Kenshin, since I noticed that he
gave his breakfast up for me. Probably because a
certain student of mine had to be a pig and eat it
all. I refuse to have a student of Kamiya Kasshin Ryu
turn into a roly-poly."

"Busu. You're getting all high and mighty,"
Yahiko muttered, rubbing his wrist.

Kaoru ignored him and rose to her feet,
inspecting her kimono to see if anything had dropped
on it. She stared at her reflection in the window,
then pinched her cheeks and bit her lip to bring
natural color to them. Using her hands, she smoothed
down the hair in her ponytail while her disgruntled
student and entranced rurouni watched.

Yahiko reached over and poked Kenshin. "Why don't
you ask her again where she's going?" he whispered.
"She listens to you. She normally tells us where she's
going, especially looking all nice like that."

Kenshin shook his head. "If Kaoru-dono doesn't
want us to know her business, then sessha doesn't have
the right to ask."

"Chicken," Yahiko muttered.

"I'm off!" Kaoru said, waving to the guys. "I'll
see you this afternoon!"

"Ja ne, Kaoru-dono," Kenshin replied, cheerfully.
Still, Yahiko had a point. Usually Kaoru was very
open with her whereabouts. Part of his mind started
to wonder what she was doing.


The next morning...

"1,000 strokes plus cleaning the floors in the
house as well, Yahiko. I told you not to hog all the

"Not fair, Kaoru!"

"So, Kaoru-dono, you look nice today. Where're
you going?"

"Oh? Just on some errands. I'll be back tonight!


The third morning...

"Having fun on your errands, Kaoru-dono?"

Kaoru, dressed in her red kimono for the third
day in a row, frowned at Kenshin. "It's none of your
business, you know."

Kenshin held up his hands in a gesture of peace.
"Hai, hai, sessha knows this. We just miss seeing you
around the dojo lately."

"Oh. Well, I hope I won't be as long today. Ja!"


The fourth morning...

"Ohayo, Kaoru-do..."

"Ohayo and ja ne, Kenshin! I'll be back this
afternoon!" Kaoru ran out of the dojo,
bypassing breakfast completely.

The fifth morning...

Kenshin thought he was going to go out of his

Once again, Kaoru had sailed into the kitchen,
ate a little breakfast, yelled at Yahiko and left on
"errands." If today was going to be like all week had
been, he would listen to Yahiko complain about Kaoru
all day. As dark approached, Kenshin would some how
place himself near the dojo entrance so he could see
if she came home safely. Always, after dark, she
would return to the dojo. Her face and hands would be
dirty and her kimono mussed. But, she looked
ecstatic. They would eat and she would go to bed
early just to have it all repeat again the next day.

The first and second days, he didn't give a
second thought to Kaoru being gone all day. By the
third day, he had begun to wonder. By now, he had
declared himself mentally unstable, his mind running
with every single possibility from her being blackmailed
by some evil guy out to get him to her having fallen for
a man somewhere. Kenshin quickly banished the
latter thought from his mind. It disturbed him even more
than the former did. Yes, surely Kaoru was being
blackmailed. He had to follow her before she got hurt.

Of course, it had to be today that undid the rest
of his logical thinking. This morning, Kaoru wore a
gorgeous dark blue kimono with white lilacs edged in
violet on it. The color brought out the blue in her
eyes and made her blue-black hair shine, rendering
him speechless. She looked so happy and excited, that
he would give the world to share that excitement with

If only she would let him. If only he would allow

It could be that latter thought after all, baka,
Kenshin's inner voice chimed in. After all, she doesn't
look like she's being blackmailed.

"Urusai," Kenshin muttered to himself.

"Oy, Kenshin. Mooning over Jo-chan, aren't you?"
Sanosuke walked into the yard and over to Kenshin, who
stared at his reflection in the laundry tub.

"Huh? What makes you say that?" the rurouni
asked, red staining his cheeks.

"Because that's my shirt and you've just rubbed a
hole in it on the scrubbing board," Sano growled.

"Oro?" Kenshin held up the large shirt, which now
had a hole in the stomach. Was he that far gone that
he didn't notice that the shirt didn't belong to
anyone in the dojo? He frowned at his friend. "Since
when did we start doing your laundry anyhow?"

"Well, it just seemed convenient," Sano shoved
his hands in his pocket. "Anyhow, I suppose you could
make it up by treating me and the boy to lunch at the


"Hey, Yahiko! Kenshin's buying us lunch!"
Sanosuke yelled, grabbing Kenshin by his gi and
hauling him as he strode across the lawn. Yahiko
stopped swinging his bokken and walked beside Sanosuke
as he dragged an "Oro"-ing Kenshin out the gate.

Small Japanese/English list:

Urusai - shut up
Busu - ugly
Arigato - Thanks
Hai - Yes
Ohayo - Good morning
Ja ne - See you later
Kaoru no Hatsukoi? - Kaoru's First Love