It was way before the NS-5's went crazy. I had a boyfriend and I somehow wondered why me. Some people believe in fate and I never really did. I think some higher being had plans for us and I just didn't know it at the time until it all became clear.

My name is Chelsi. I have a boyfriend named Galen and honestly, I don't even know how we clicked. We are both seventeen and juniors in high school. I think we had a class together, English or something like that and he needed some help. So he came to me. I helped him out after school and we became fast friends. I didn't have any plans on crushing on him big time.

We go to a high school in the city, where people were still teaching us. They were getting robots in some other schools to teach them but our school was against it. We all knew it wouldn't be long until robots were in the school. There was still a lot of activities students did and I wasn't really into any of them. If I didn't feel like going home, I hung out in the school library and made friends with the librarians.

It was 7:30 am and I was in the shower, music playing in the background. I was singing to the music when it suddenly went off and a news bulletin came on.

"This is WKZS, bringing you an important message. Dr. Alfred Lanning, who works at U.S. Robotics, has committed suicide by jumping out of his tenth floor office. Nobody has been taken into custody as of now. We'll bring you more as the day goes by. Thank you for your cooperation. Now, back to regularly schedule music." The music came back on, a completely different song now. I finished in the shower and got out. I dried myself and put a towel around me then walked into my room and sat down on my bed. I looked at the clothes I set out before I got into the shower. I just finished getting dressed when there was a knock at my door.

"Yes?" I asked, walking over to my door and opening it, seeing my robot, Ray.

"Miss, there is a Galen here to see you. Should I let him in?"

"Yes, let him in." Even though Galen and I had been going out for a little over a year and he had been at the house many times, Ray always asked if he should let him in. Smiling, the robot knew my safety was important since my parents were hardly ever home. Hearing the front door open, I walked out of my room and down the steps. I saw him standing the living room, looking around aimlessly. He turned to me and smiled.

"Hey baby." He said as I walking up to him and giving him a kiss. He was wearing his football jersey. Every Friday, the football players wore their jerseys for school spirit. Football was big in the area. There was only a handful of schools who still had football and it was a very big thing for everyone.

"Good morning. Hey did, you hear about that Lanning guy that killed himself, I heard it on the radio a few minutes ago." I said, walking to the kitchen and grabbing some toast Ray made.

"Yeah, I heard it on my way over here." He said, sitting down on the couch. I put some butter on the toast and took a bite. Leaning up against the counter, I looked at my boyfriend. His brown hair was getting long and he was going to need a haircut. He was still tan from the summer and I had no idea how. It made me jealous a bit because I usually burned then tanned. It looked like it came easily to him. I looked at the clock.

"Let's get going then after I'm finished. I don't want us to be late."

"Don't worry, we'll be fine." He said, looking at me from the couch. Finished up the piece of toast, I brushed my hands of the crumbs into the sink and made my way upstairs. My backpack was sitting in my desk chair where I left and made sure I had all the things I would need. Grabbing my shoes, I tied up the laces and looked at my closet. I debated on grabbing a jacket but decided against it. Taking my backpack into my hand, I made my way down the steps and towards my boyfriend. He stood up when he saw me and I looked up at him, a smile on my face.

"What's that for?"

"I was just thinking you need a haircut." He laughed and shook his head, his hair going everywhere. We were getting ready to walk out the door when Ray spoke to me.

"Miss, your mother is going to be home early today. So, don't come home late after school."

"Okay! I'll try not to be!" I walked out the front door with my boyfriend following me. Walking over to his car, it still amazed me that he got one of the newer cars as a gift from his uncle. I opened the door and got in. Galen was in a moment later and looked at his phone. I hated when he texted while driving (even though the car did it for him), it still made me nervous.

"Jefferson Senior High school," he said and the car started moving. I put my backpack on the floor and looked over at him.

"Who are you playing tonight?" I asked him, scooting closer to him as he had his head against the back of the seat, eyes closed.

"Liberty, we're going to kick their asses tonight." He said, opening his eyes and looking to me. "You're coming to the game right?".

"You know I wouldn't miss it for the world. Remember, you're coming to my house afterwards and hanging out." I said, smiling. He gave a look. "What?"

"I don't know if I can. My mom would have a heart attack." Even though we had been dating a while, his mom wasn't a fan of me. I never understood why. Every time I saw her, I was polite and used my manners. Sometimes I thought it was my mere existence.

"Call her and ask. I really want you to come over." I said, giving him my puppy dog look. He sighed and called him mom. As he spoke to her, I stayed silent. I didn't want her to know I was in the car as while. I listened to the conversation and could hear something was up with her just by the sound of her voice. She reluctantly said yes, I was so happy. A few minutes later, the car rolled into the student parking lot. We got out and looked around. We still had a few minutes to spare. I slung my backpack over my right shoulder and grabbed his hand. We started to walk towards the front doors and saw more people as we got closer. I wonder what everyone was going to be saying about the Lanning guy.