BakuraxYugi. Relocated oneshot.


His heart pounded as he rapped his knuckles against the front door of the Bakura house. He's finally made up his mind to speak up. Even if he was morbidly rejected and threatened with various painful sounding torture ideas. He knew that perhaps it wasn't the best of times, knowing that Marik, Malik, and Yami, who for what ever insane reason was dating Marik, were all there. But he couldn't hold it back.

The door opened and he was greeted by Ryou. Those warm doe eyes were a comforting sight as Ryou invited him in with out question. He'd originally bailed out of coming in the fist place because he had homework to do. Of course that wasn't the whole truth either. He was too afraid to do, or say, something stupid, something that would dissuade Bakura from even considering talking to him.

But he'd already made his presence known and he couldn't back out this time. He wasn't surprised to see Malik bounce up and wrap an arm around Ryou's neck. Those two had always been close. So no one was surprised to find them in a relationship.

"Hey Yugi! Glad you decided to show up!" Malik said all hyped up on something that had either sugar or caffeine in it.

"Don't you have some dishes to wash hikari?" Marik called upon hearing the rabid hyper-ness of his ecstatic light.

"Shut up yami!" Malik's half shriek rewarded the others a few chuckles and giggles.

Ryou lead Yugi into the room. And as they entered the blanket strewn living room, Bakura sauntered out of the kitchen.

"Hey, you guys going to come get this damn food?" The white haired thief asked flicking his hair back.

"Cart it out here slave." Marik snickered as he replied.

"Come here so I can use your obnoxious hair to rest the tray on." Bakura retorted annoyed by the 'slave' comment.

"Hey hikari!" Yami smiled.

"Hi yami." Yugi replied quietly.

Malik giggled and launched himself at Bakura, making the white haired Egyptian step back startled.

"What the hell Malik? Get out from under my shirt! You're going to rip it you psycho!"

Ryou sighed and left Yugi's side to retrieve Malik from Bakura's T-shirt. He gently coaxed Malik out and held on to his wrist so he couldn't escape.

"Your hikari's nuts, Marik." Yami commented with a chuckle as he leant into the kisses Marik was plastering his neck with. Marik moved a hand to twirl a strand of Yami's hair as he smirked at the pharaoh in his lap.

"Oh yeah, that's my hikari."

"Oh will you two get a room." Bakura grumbled upon seeing the sight of the two lovers. "And preferably NOT mine!"

"You're just jealous Kura."

"I wouldn't go on believing that if I were you Marik." Bakura rolled his eyes as he walked over to Ryou. "Good lord hikari, are you getting into S&M now? I mean is there any particular reason you're sitting on Malik with one arm holding his arm, the other holding his leg and a sock in his mouth?"

"It's how we keep him from traumatizing people with his over hyper-ness Bakura." Marik answered for him. "It's better than what I used to do. I used to lock him in the freezer until he screamed loud enough for me to actually understand what he was saying."

"That's so like you." Yami snorted.

"Bakura?" Yugi spoke so quietly it almost came out as a whisper. Bakura turned to look at Yugi who was half hiding behind the vertical doorframe, with a face so red it could be easily comparable to the inside of Marik's microwave when he gets a new pet.

"Yeah?" He asked wondering why Yugi seemed so embarrassed. By now the others had noticed Yugi's predicament.

"Can I talk to you please?" He said shrinking away a little bit more. Now trying to avoid the curious looks he was getting from his yami, who wasn't so fond of the thief.

"Okay, um...sure." He said walking over to Yugi, ignoring the slight growling he heard from Yami. This was unusual.

He left the room with Yugi and walked into the little hall way. He stopped and turned to face the smaller one.

"What is it you wanted to talk to me about? It must be something you don't want Yami to hear. Are you out to kill someone? You need my help? I'll help ya. I'm good at that kinda stuff."

"No NO NO!" Yugi shook his head, furiously blushing. "That's not it. I...Well..." He paused uncertain of what to say next. He'd run over it in his mind a million times, but as he stood before Bakura, ready to speak, he couldn't find those well rehearsed words.

"Just say it Yugi." Bakura crossed his arms, trying to not to get annoyed.

"I...I..." He gulped and just let it go. "I LOVE YOU! There I said it..." He looked down too scared to see the reaction from the thief. He was prepared for rejection, though he knew it would hurt just the same, but he knew the possibility was strong.

"Now see I know you'd never lie, you're not that kind of person, but to say you love me? That's questionable Yugi."

Yugi looked up and found, not anger, nor disgust, but pure unfiltered confusion in those deep auburn eyes.

"You're the kind of person with the heart of gold. You know that I'm certainly not one of those. I have little to no deeming qualities to a person with such a high level of morality. So I have to wonder why you would feel that way."

"I do...I don't know...But...I feel comfortable around you...I find myself thinking about you ALL the time. And I fantasize..."

"Oh?" Bakura raised an eye brow with a slight smirk.

Yugi blushed even darker and stared back down at the floor like a bomb was going to go off if he broke eye contact with it.

"What kind of fantasizing?" Bakura pressed as he leaned closer to Yugi until the boy was backed against the wall and he had both hands against the wall on either side of Yugi's head.

"You know..." He said choking on the words..."I think feel your lips on mine...For you to hold me...And...For you to..." He gulped. "Love me."

Bakura blinked as the words him him like a 2 by 4. Someone wanted him. Some one actually wanted his love, and loved him even knowing what kind of person he was. His mind was telling him that it didn't make sense. He kept repeating. 'This whole thing is questionable.' But his heart stomped out the question until it was merely a dull echo of what the thought had once been.

"...Are you serious?" Were the words he finally was able to come out with.

"I'm as serious about loving you as you are serious about wanting to rip Yami's eyes out with a fork."

Bakura closed his eyes as he let out a chuckle and fought the need to erupt into laughter. It seemed Yugi had a sense of humor of his own.

"I...I don't know what to say...I've never been faced with this before. Especially not from one who deserves much more than I could ever give."

"Now Bakura, just because I put up with Yami doesn't make me special."

"Heh." Bakura smiled again. He reached a pale hand out and ran the back of it along the side of the smaller one's face. "You know, how badly I would corrupt you?"

"For my sake, please corrupt me!"

"You know what you're asking of me right?" Bakura leaned in closer his face angled only inches from Yugi's.

"Yes...I do..." His answer was quiet but easily heard as Bakura closed the space.

Lips interlocked in an embrace that sparked for both. Bakura'd never liked butterflies, but the ones fluttering in his stomach were welcomed with open arms. Both closed their eyes to enjoy the taste of the other, as they delved deeper into their kiss.


The two broke a part very quickly. And both turned to see of of the people from the previous room gawking at the from the end of the hall way.

"Um...YOu wouldn't believe me if I said I was giving him the Hiemlich manuver would you?"

"Of course we wouldn't you idiot...because mouth to mouth is CPR not Hiemlich manuver." Marik snickered at the thief.

"I hate you Marik."

"What the hell were you doing to my hikari!" Yami howled.

"Nothing, um..."

"He was kissing me, what else? I'm sure you know what that looks like," Yugi answered.

"Damn Yugi grew balls." Marik commented before recieving Yami's elbow in his gut.


"Don't start with me Yami..."

"Yeah baka pharaoh, you got your own boyfriend, so leave mine alone."

Yugi gasped and turned quickly to look at Bakura. Bakura winked at him and Yugi smiled.

Yami gaped at them unable to find words to say.

"So that aside," Bakura said grabbing Yugi's hand, "Let's go somewhere else, I'll steal you something real nice. Or kill someone for ya..." Bakura snickered. "Later pharaoh!" He taunted sticking his tongue. And the two left out the front door leaving three very confused people and a frothing Malik behind.

"So...were you serious of just saying that to get under Yami's skin?" Yugi asked as they left began onto the sidewalk.

"Oh I meant it. By the way, is there anyone you want dead?"

"You're crazy you know that, but then again that's half of what I like."

"I'm not crazy! I'm perfectly sane!"

"That's questionable."

"Hey that's my word! You can't take my word! Guh that's like cheating!"

"You gonna punish me for it?"

"Yes I shall! Let me find a dark corner then I will!" Bakura huffed.

"You know...I think this'll work...I mean if Yami and Marik can work...I think anything could work..."

"Oh there's no questioning that. By the way get back over here so I can finish kissing you!" The yami pulled Yugi close to him.

"Ah very well koi!" Yugi smiled. Oh yes, He was definately glad he came. Though...He'd still have to worry about Yami sending Bakura to the shadow realm..But then again...all he would have to do is give Bakura a fork and free reign to Yami's eyes and every thing would be just fine...

Just fine indeed.


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