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A tall figure stood watching the quiet suburb from the shadows. His eyes were fixed intently on one house in particular- a house no different from its neighbors, a house no different in any way from all the other cookie-cut copies that surrounded it. The hot summer day was drawing to a close, giving way to a hot summer evening with not even a breeze to give relief from the oppressive heat.

He turned to the slight figure that was standing next to him. "Are you sure this the right place?"

The companion nodded. "I think I can recognize a seal that I created. It may have been five-hundred years ago but that is still my power I am sensing."

"Don't get your knickers in a twist. I was just checking. Can you imagine the scene if you were wrong? How exactly would we explain that one to my brother?"

"Knickers? You really have submerged yourself in this culture haven't you?"

"Well you know what they say. When in Rome…"

"Should I be at all worried that you have picked up such a human saying?"

"That's up to you. Let's get back to the house before the guards start to notice their house is being cased."

"Great, now its thieves cant. What is the world coming to? It's bad enough you are trying to pick up the accent."

Still bickering the two figures turned and made their way back to their car. The setting sun caught the taller person's eyes with a sudden dying flare. And for that instant his eyes glowed a deep, unholy gold.

Inside the absolutely normal house that was being 'cased', a decidedly abnormal boy was staring out his window where he could have sworn he had seen a gleam of gold. He watched for a minute but decided he must have been mistaken. That or his guards were getting even more clumsy. With a sigh, he flopped back onto his bed. Staring at the ceiling seemed to be the only thing he did these days.

Harry Potter was bored. He was also depressed, pissed off and more then slightly sick. It was now two weeks into summer break and it seemed to be playing out as a repeat of the last year. Not that Harry really wanted to get letters offering condolences and platitudes about his godfather but anything was better then staring at his ceiling by day and the mad escapades of Voldemort by night. I mean, with a snake? That had just been nasty. Harry was only thankful that he no longer saw these attacks from the eyes of the Great Evil himself but was now an impartial observer. It was these nightly meetings that left Harry feeling ill and unclean, wanting nothing more then to scrub his mind out with the strongest bleach.

Over the past two weeks, Harry had come to terms with the prophesy Dumbledore had imparted to him at the end of the year. He was still pissed that Dumbledore hadn't told him years before and was pissed that the Headmaster felt the night of Sirius' death was the proper time to inform him with the details of his 'fate'. However, he was more pissed off at himself for not feeling more pissed off about Dumbledore's actions.

'I,' Harry decided, starting at the one crack on the ceiling, 'Am far too understanding. That's my problem. Once I have time to think things over I see the other side and that keeps me from staying pissed off. Damn. This means I'll have to apologize to Dumbledore.' Harry sighed gustily. That was going to be an awkward conversation.

For all Harry's maturity on the matter of the Headmaster's duplicity, he still had some remarkable blind spots that he refused to even consider. Snape. Just thinking about the Potions Master made Harry's blood boil and a red-ish haze tint his vision. 'That bastard accused me of acting like a child when he's the one who won't let go of a grudge from twenty years ago.'

Harry, despite his unwillingness to compromise in certain areas, had done some remarkable growing up during the summer. He had realized that Sirius would be angry if he moped around all summer and let himself rot away in a puddle of angsty depression. He had also realized that prophesy or no prophesy he still would have gone after Voldemort and his DeathEaters. Revenge is a strong motivator. The prophesy just gave him an extra excuse. A reason to give to the press when he ripped Voldemort's head from his shoulders. He had made a list of those DeathEaters he personally wanted and the ways he would carry out their deaths. Looking over this list, made after a particularly bad night, Harry decided he would not show it to anyone. This was a side of him he hated and he was sure that it would only give credibility to the rumors that Harry Potter was evil and well on his way to becoming the next Dark Lord.

The idea of killing Voldemort and his DeathEaters no longer was so repulsive. The nightly visits destroyed any and all pity he had for them and easily justified the death that would be coming their way. And again, revenge was a strong motivator.

Harry's aunt and uncle had left him alone for the most part. They only demanded a few chores a day. The threat from Moody and the other Order members seemed to make an impression in his uncle's small mind. Aunt Patunia was too preoccupied with the messy divorce that was playing out across the street to pay attention to her unwanted nephew. Only Dudley seemed to remember the other boy in the house and after the Dementor incident he was more then willing to leave his cousin alone.

Night slowly fell over Privet Drive. Harry's stomach was a knot of unease as once again he prepared himself for another night in hell. He had tried everything to block out the images but it seemed that the possession from last year had opened yet another connection between the Dark Lord and the Boy-Who-Lived. Instead of clearing his mind, Harry concentrated instead on pushing his emotions into the background. The more emotional he was during the meetings, the more he remembered and the more he felt.

As Harry attempted to sleep, a group of three sat around a table in a small hotel room trying to come up with a way to tell their target he had a big surprise coming to him on his birthday.

"Look, we can't just walk up to him and tell him 'Hey! Your great times ten grandfather was not exactly human and on your birthday you are going to get some of those powers.'" This was the slight figure that had been watching Number 4 Privet Drive that evening.

"Why not?" The tall companion now spoke up. "It seems to be the best option."

"He'll think we're crazy, won't believe us, and if we're lucky he'll just call the police and not the mental hospital. Who in their right minds would believe that there is another world hiding in plain view from this one?"

"I still think…"

"And that is why you are an idiot and won't ever stop being an idiot."

"Bastard! Do you want to say that again?"

"You are an idiot…"

"Boys! Don't make me seal both of you to a tree again!"

Under the fierce glare of the priestess the two brothers settled down. Kagome Higarashi resisted the urge to bang her head on the table. Five-hundred years and the two siblings were still at each other's throats.

"We're going to have to tell him soon. It will be easier to break the seal before his birthday. That way I can break it gradually. It won't cause him as much pain. Otherwise he'll be getting everything at once."

"Do we know what kind of blood he should be expecting?" Sesshoumaru hadn't changed much in five-hundred years. His hair was shorter to fit the styles of the day, his kimono had been exchanged for an expensive Italian suit but his regal bearing was the same. As was the cold arrogance in his eyes.

"No," Kagome rubbed her face with her hands. "I have no idea what kind of demon his great-whatever times-grandfather was. There really wasn't much to go on back then. It never occurred to me to ask."

"Oh great! So we're going into this blind!" Inu-Yasha's ability to open mouth and insert foot hadn't diminished either. He just tended to hide it better.

Kagome glared at him. "Well excuse me mister! It wasn't exactly pressing information to know at the time. I never expected to live to see his 'fated' descendent much less be the one to find him!"

Sesshomaru rolled his eyes. Five-hundred years and they still fought like a newly mated pair. "Stop it you two. I have no desire to watch your bonding behavior. Try to get his trust when you move in. Try to find out his birthday and we'll go from there." With these parting words the Lord of the Western Lands made his exit from the hotel room, leaving his brother and his brother's mate to much more engaging activities.