A small silver-haired boy wearing tighty-whities and socks was seated at the kitchen table, reading the newspaper and sipping a mug of coffee.A patch of sunlight shone onto his face from the window, making him look particularly angelic. For a while, anyway.

"Sasuke! You little punk! Where'd you hide my homework!"

The boy showed no reaction, other than to take another sip of coffee.

"Sasuke! School starts in half an hour, I need that homework! If I miss any more, I get detention! Give it back! Sasuke!"

Sarutobi Sasuke gave a small sigh and shook his head. An older boy wearing low-riders (very low-riders) and a vintage t-shirt ambled downstairs running a brush through his black hair.

"It's not nice to hide people's homework, Sasuke. And you have school too, you really should get dressed. You can't go in your underwear. If you have Tora's homework, you should give it back."

The boy shook his head. "Should, should should. You should leave me alone, Yukimura. And the freshmen don't have school today, remember?"

A girl flew downstairs. Yuya, wearing a pink skirt, blouse, and flip-flops, was trying to tie back her blonde hair and get a bowl of cereal, and it was looking like she might mix the two up horribly in just a moment. Yukimura silently took the brush from her and started on her hair so she could concentrate on her breakfast. Yuya threw him a grateful look, and then gave Sasuke one of disgust. Whed they'd all agreed to be housemates, she was willing to ignore certain habits the men had, but first morning she'd walked down and seen him like that had nearly caused an inter-housemate war, with Sasuke maintaining he could whatever he liked, and Yuya insisting that briefs did not count as clothes. Of course, with Yukimura on his side, Sasuke could get away with anything. Yukimura probably liked seeing him like that. Pervert.

Benitora. Yuya. Yukimura. Sasuke. Kyo. Three seniors, one junior, one freshman. Five housemates, all trying to live without killing each other. Three of the four males all trying to sleep with something --anything-- female on a regular basis. In the case of those both willing and desperate, something male would do too.

That last, of course, applied to Yukimura, and the something male usually turned out to have silver hair and cats-eyes, a fact which had freaked out the other housemates to an undescribed degree the first time the two of them had actually slept together. Well, first time around other people. Who knew how long they'd been having this odd affair? Knowing Yukimura, since before it was legal for them too. Luckily for the other's sanity, Yukimura was popular with the girls, so he didn't usually have to resort to that.

They all had their little quirks. Yukimura not being able to sleep if he was alone, Sasuke having an odd dislike of wearing actual clothes, Yuya sleepwalking straight down the stairs and into a hospital bed half the time, Benitora having an insistance on taking a shower at exactly three am, and Kyo constantly drinking from the milk carton, all of these had taken some getting used to. There were a lot more than just those, of course. Yukimura was a raging alchoholic, despite being underage, and was always hiding liqour around the house. Benitora could never get people to take him seriously and was a show-off and the class clown to get attention. Kyo was constantly getting in trouble at school and had a well-earned reputation for being a bully and a jerk. Sasuke was also always in trouble. He was flunking at least half of his classes, and the others were convinced he was doing it to spite the guidance counselor, who knew full well how intelligent he was.

Yuya seemed the only one without problems. Even when she missed school due to sleepwalking-related injuries, she always kept up with her lessons. She was popular and had a lot of friends. She didn't know what she was going to do next year. The three older boys graduated, and that meant staying at home all day without her to mediate. Sasuke might get held back, and if he did, he'd probably just quit school.

Those were all on the back burner, though. Right now her main problem was getting ready in time to catch her ride to school without making everybody late. Sweet Yukimura, of course, was the only one helping. Sasuke was just sitting there listen to Benitora yell himself into an apoplectic fit and who knew where Kyo was?

Legendary Kyo himself, the thousand slayer, the demon-eyes, now posessing his rightful body and going to highschool, thumped down the stairs.

"Come on, Dogface, you're making us late. Sasuke, no one wants to see that. Yukimura, pull up your pants. Benitora, your homeworks on the hall table."

Yuya and Yukimura hurriedly kissed Sasuke good-bye and they all piled out the door.

Sasuke looked in his mug.

"I'm all out of coffee." He said mournfully.