Title: Truth and Peaches
Author: Elf Asato
Written: October 14, 2005
Summary: I couldn't resist! A drabble spanning forty-five seconds of the morning's breakfast in Peaches.
Disclaimer: Yuki Kaori has that lovely honor.
Notes: 23 52flavours. You could probably read this without having read Peaches, though...haha, I don't know why you wouldn't have read it! ;) Additionally, peaches sort of became an in-joke as a result of writing Peaches. They're "ass fruits", really...

Truth and Peaches
By Elf Asato

Ten minutes and fifteen, sixteen, seventeen seconds. That's how long Cain Hargreaves stared at his breakfast that morning.

Eighteen, nineteen.

And opposite him Riff had sat, waiting for ten minutes, twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three seconds and counting, patiently waiting for his master's first move.

Twenty-four, twenty-five.

A maid hastily fetched a wooden spoon from the kitchen for the afternoon's meal.

Twenty-eight, twenty-nine.

Cain still sat, staring.


Riff's head was pounding from lack of sleep as fifteen more seconds crept by in silence, moving the count up to ten minutes and forty-five, forty-six...

"Oh bloody hell, sir," Riff muttered as his professional facade slipped and he rubbed his face in exhaustion, not meaning for his words to be heard, "just eat yourself!"

Fifty. "Tell me the truth, Riff, is my rear really that large?"

Five seconds later, Riff's professionalism was lost altogether after a grand total of eleven minutes, and he left the dining room to go back to sleep.