Order of Things

Summery: It's been 5 years since Buffy Summers and co. fought the First Evil in Sunnydale. So, maybe it's high time she wound up in another adventure. But the rules have changed without her realizing it, and where once it was the slayer's job to save the world, it now falls to another. Buffy will have to find out just what her part in this apocalypse is, before it's too late. Btvs/HP

Pairings: Remus/Buffy (the only pairing going at the moment.)

Timeline: Set before the beginning (during the summer) of the 5th book for the Harry Potter universe and 5 years after the final episode of season seven for Buffy.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Buffy belongs to someone other then me and even the plot of this Fic is intersected with actual dialogue and situations from the book "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix." All I ask is that you don't sue me. Thank you.

Authors Note: This fic is a major work in progress. It is about 50 pages long and has a total (so far) of 9 chapters. I'll try and post once every other week, but I cant put up a chapter till it's totally finished. I have many scenes within the body of what I've written that remain unfinished, waiting for either inspiration or research. I also have scenes that I want to add too and places that need some serious tweaking. This fic is my baby, I've been working on it for a good long time so I want it to be as good as possible. Finally; though this is not my first fanfiction, its still stands as the first serious concentrated effort I've made toward a finished, complete (with plot) story.

Concerning the Buffy and Harry Potter Universes: Buffy is 27 years old, and Remus is (only just) 37, Sirius (who is the older of the two) is 37 as well. Buffy is spending the majority of her time in the Wizarding World, so the others (Willow, Xander, Giles, Dawn, ect.) aren't going to be around much. As for Harry, this fic takes place parallel to the fifth book, following the adventures of Remus and Buffy as they work for the order. At certain times the two 'stories' will connect and things will start sounding familiar as I start taking bits and bites out of book 5. Some things are going to change, others will stay the same. On an important note, I love Sirius Black, I love Remus Lupin, I love Buffy Summers and I love Harry Potter, these are my main characters. Lets all be clear on that from the start!  Now, finally, let's get on with the fic!

Chapter 1

Once More into the Fire…

"- And of course, with the wizarding economy as it is, it's truly no wonder!"

How do I get myself into these things?

Ordinarily, Buffy Summers would've been absolutely fascinated by every word uttered by the Minister for Magic, Cornelius Fudge. It was, after all, not everyday that she came across a minister for 'magic'! Unfortunately though, this was not the case; Buffy just couldn't bring herself to care about anything the pompous little windbag had to say.

Oh yeah, Giles 'asked' me too.


Normally the 26-year-old blonde didn't play the part of liaison-girl. Not for anyone, and certainly not for the newly reconstructed New Watchers Council, or the NWC. Buffy was, after all, a Vampire Slayer. Her job description was far more gore oriented then this political espionage spy crap.

Slayer: she who killed the big bad evil baddies, who spent countless hours of perfectly good shopping time with the bloodsucking undead. Yup, that was Buffy's life -or it had been- until 'Wicca Willow' had gone and transformed every last one of the world's potentials into fully fledged 'chosen one' slayers. Which meant that, technically, she wasn't so much the chosen one, but more like: one of the chosen. Technically anyway… but she 'was' the oldest living slayer to date. Which, you would think, would have its benefits; a little immunity, a few moments of special treatment. A dental plan even.

And yet.

After a life of making the hard decisions, and taking her lumps, (see aforementioned hard decisions) she was much happier these days playing follow the leader. Buffy found that she was good at point and shoot –see demon, slay demon- but still… Here she was, walking down a corridor with what had to be the slimiest politician she'd ever had the misfortune to meet – and that was including the snakey Mayor Wilkins the 3rd – all the while listening to him vehemently deny all the Dark Mojo that had been setting off all Willow's 'Evil from one to ten' scale; And according to Willow –who was generally correct about these things– it was a definite ten.

Of the uber evil kind.

When Willow had first gotten the funky new vibes she'd been pretty freaked out, and with good reason. Her hair had gone all inky and her eyes had blacked out; which was never a good sign. Willow hadn't had an incident with the darker side of the force for going on two years when this had all come out of the woodwork. Giles, who had been in deep research mode since the event, had proceeded to lay a new bombshell at the Scooby's collective feet.

Wizarding what!

The Wizarding World, a whole society of wand waving, robe wearing, witches and wizards –as well as a few other magical creatures- completely invisible to the rest of the populous, mystical or otherwise. So how, in all their 9 years of fighting side-by-side, did that little factoid never come up? Giles had looked pathetically guilty as he stuttered some long-winded explanation that could have –and should have- been summed up as 'it never came up' and then buried his nose back into his beloved books.

Apparently the old Watchers Council – before it had gone boom- had diplomatic ties to Wizzarding communities all over the world, but had characteristically –and moronically- seen fit to draw up no interference clauses with them. So basically the whole world could be going down the shiter and they still would have been sitting on their stuffy British 'stiff-upper-lippish' assets.

And that was when Giles had done the unthinkable; he'd told Willow –of all people- that she wasn't a witch… technically.

That was a funny aneurysm.

Willow, who was quite scary when angry, had whined and pouted for hours –or days- about not only being a Witch, but also a darn powerful one to boot.

Hello, almost destroyed the world over here!

Predictably, Giles had polished his glasses as he had hurriedly tried to cover up his hasty faux pax; something about how Wicca and Witchcraft were merely different and that technically Willow was a Wicca or Wiccan, not a Witch. Willow hadn't taken the revelation very well; she was still moping, even now, weeks later.

Now Giles, having the most experience with this 'Wizzarding World' –in the sense that he'd known about it for longer then a few days anyway- would have been the perfect candidate to go and find out about their newest oogily boogily.

So why was Buffy here then? Why was Buffy being forced to deal with the insufferably self-important Fudge? Simple, because Giles had used her recent search for belonging against her, that's why.

Stupid Watcher.

'Buffy' he'd said, in his usual kindly and oh so knowledgeable way. 'Consider this as an opportunity for you to experience another culture, a way to broaden your horizons.'

Stupid, stupid Watcher.

So it hadn't sounded too bad really - at first. But that's before she'd met Fudge, and gotten to know just where she was going to be going. You see, the Ministry building itself was built underground, as Buffy had found out when she'd entered the complex via the street level phone booth. The Corridors- she was told by the condescending Fudge- were lit with charmed windows, so even though the sun on the surface was obscured by clouds heavy with rain, the hallways and offices remained warmed by an artificial sun. Still though, Buffy wasn't all to keen on being underground, something to do with her slayer-ness, or maybe just a by-product of the whole 'buried alive' fiasco from 6 years ago. Whatever the case, she wanted out.

Now would be good…

Buffy swept a long lock of Blonde hair off her cheek, sighing in frustration. Her orders had been so clear, go to the local ministry, find out what the badness was, kick its evil ass and go home; End of story.

But alas, she hadn't been anticipating Cornelius Fudge, who was busily trying her not so slayer-strength patience with his never-ending stupidity. The man had seemed honestly concerned at first, a little bumbling perhaps but still not all that bad. Then she'd viewed the true evil within; a slimy, self-serving know-it-all, who –ironically- knew very little of anything in the end. He'd been ignoring –and blatantly dismissing- every concern she'd brought to light. The little toad would have gotten along with Snyder like a house on fire. You know, if Snyder hadn't been eaten by the aforementioned Sunnydale demon-mayor-snake.

Ironic that.

"Look," Buffy snapped, her patients waning "While I'm sure Quidick is just marvellous, it's really not why I'm here."

"Quidditch" said Fudge, smiling in his self-important sort of way.

"Whatever," Buffy snapped, "all I care about is the uber evil thingamabob that you've been all 'mums the word' about this afternoon."

"I have told you" Here he reached out and patted her arm in what Buffy thought was supposed to be a calming gesture.

Buffy of course found it patronising and contemplated ripping it off and beating him with it.

"There is no need for alarm, I am sure you're mistaken; it is only natural of course. I've heard of these so called 'wiccans' the New Watchers Council employs; wandless indeed."

With a twitch, Buffy swallowed her rage. Her mouth opened and then closed multiple times before her voice seemed to come back to her. Luckily, for Fudge anyway, it was at this moment that he seeming to spot someone coming toward them from the opposite direction.

There were two men approaching, both were making her slayer senses go haywire.

The older of the two had on long navy Robes adorned with silver stars and was wearing a pointed wizards cap on his head. He had a long white beard and wore half moon spectacles over twinkling blue eyes. His aura spoke of power, plain and simple, but also of gentleness and calm… there was something all together trustable about the man, even if he did look like the clichéd Wizard archetype out of some fantasy novel.

The other, though, was a puzzle of a different sort. She found him altogether familiar and foreign at the same time. He looked to be in his later 30's, his face worn and weathered, but not by any means unattractive. He had soft amber eyes that spoke of a well-hidden fierceness within; he also wore frayed and patched robes that hid an underweight body. He definitely could have been a poster boy for the hard knock life.

"Dumbledore" Fudge greeted stiffly, "What are you doing here?"

Buffy sensed his unwillingness to converse with these two men with a sort of malicious glee.

"Ah, Cornelius," Dumbledore greeted civilly "I do believe they're serving Yorkshire pudding this afternoon, I hadn't wanted to miss it." Fudge grumbled irritably as Dumbledore tuned him out.

"But how very rude of me," he said, turning his attention to Buffy. "I am Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts, among other things."

Fudge went an alarming shade of purple, his nose flared… Buffy grinned.

"Come along now," Fudge said, trying to push Buffy down the hall.

But Buffy was having none of it; she stood her ground, much to the displeasure of Fudge. Albus and his companion were looking amused by her actions, and the smile on the younger, as-of-yet unnamed man's face, sent her heart a-flutter. Oh yes, definitely not unattractive.

"Hi, Buffy Summers. Is me, I mean." Buffy paused, flustered, and then charged ahead again. "I'm uh, I'm pleased to meet you Albus, and uhh…"

Buffy glanced at the second man from under her lashes, a small shy smile slipped onto her features and she flushed prettily. She realized belatedly that she was flirting with him; it'd been such a long while since Buffy had last flirted so openly with someone -or at all- and a tingle of uncertainty slid down her spine. The man in question put her fears to rest by blinking thrice, in quick succession, before a red tint flushed his face. When he answered his smile was slightly sad and wistful, but no less genuine.

"Remus, Remus Lupin"

Shaken not stirred

Buffy grinned at him, all the more intrigued by his hesitant reply. For a moment they locked gazes, and Buffy felt her breath hitch.

Dumbledore was looking mighty pleased as he watched the display, on the other hand Fudge was about to give birth to Fudge-lets.

"Ms. Summers" Fudge snapped, "I believe we had business to discuss?"

Buffy –annoyed at having been interrupted– turned to look at the man incredulously.

"I was discussing, it was you who was being all avoid-y!"

"Now Ms. Summers…"

"Don't you Ms. Summers me! I've been here for four friggin' hours, trying to find out about the new big evil a-brewin', but all you seem to want to do is talk about yourself, which I might add, is about as exciting as watching grass grow!" Buffy steamed. "So if I want to talk to Mr Dumbledore and Mr Lupin, then damn it, I'm going to!"

Dumbledore was watching her closely now, as was his companion, with something like admiration in their eyes, as well as a decent amount of surprise.

"This 'evil.'" Dumbledore began, "would be the return o-"

"Don't say it!" Shrieked Fudge.

"Of Lord Voldemort" Dumbledore finished sternly, his eyes watching Buffy for something; those eyes seemed to see more then she would have liked.

"Who" Buffy asked with an eyebrow quirked, "or what, is that?"


"You-know-who," Fudge interrupted "is dead. Please Miss Summers, do not go about causing a fuss over this. Just a schoolboy's story is all, I assure you. Pay it no mind." Both Dumbledore and Lupin looked angered by this statement, but before they could comment Buffy did.

"In my personal experience" She said, addressing Fudge directly, "just because someone's died, doesn't necessarily mean they plan on staying that way. Trust Me," She added at the end.

Fudge looked confused by this statement, but before anyone could comment another voice joined the fray.

"Fudge, I believe we have an appointment."

This man was powerful as well, but had neither the innate gentleness of Dumbledore nor the kindness of Lupin. Buffy found she didn't like the foul man at all; he was drenched in darkness.

Like a blonde serpent he slithered his way towards them. With impeccable robes and a polished silver staff, he was the very meaning of sleek and cool. His slate grey eyes looked in her direction for only a moment before she was dismissed.

Buffy's eyes narrowed.

"We must make this quick, Fudge, I have another appointment to attend, and I would not want to be tardy." Fudge seemed to sort of roll up into himself.

"Yes yes, Lucius, of course."

Instantly Fudge was once again all smiles -ever the yes-man, right to the last-. Well Buffy wasn't going to stand for it, she was not going to leave until she got the answers she came for in the first place!

"Hello! Having a conversation here. Wait your turn" Her snappy voice caused the snake to turn to look at her again, disgust marring his features.

"You'll find," The blonde scoffed, "That there is very little I must wait for."

"I wouldn't be so sure goldilocks. And just who the hell do you think you are?"

"I am no concern of yours…" The man said, as he dragged his eyes up her form lewdly, taking in her Wispy skirt, cream blouse and blue Jacket. Buffy glared at the intrusion on her person. "But, you may yet have your- uses- I am Lucius Malfoy. You should know your betters girl."

The five of them stood in the hallway eyeing each other. Dumbledore and Lupin were behind and to her right; she could just make out the furious expressions that had come to both their faces at Malfoy's crudeness. Malfoy was squarely in front of her, in a brazenly confrontational way that reminded her that the man had no clue that she could break him into two. Fudge had edged away from the confrontation but remained close enough to them that he could meekly voice his disapproval from behind his hands.

"Lucky for me I don't have any betters then, isn't it? Now why don't you slither on, you've interrupted for long enough."

"Interrupted have I, Oh dear, what a shame." He sneered with false sincerity, his tone implying his belief that anything she would have to say was of very little import. Buffy bristled.

"What was it that you were – conversing about, then, if I may?"

"Voltron, or… whatever" Buffy snapped, but as soon as she'd uttered the name she'd known she got it wrong. She flushed slightly at his condescending look but held her ground.

"And what would a Mudblood know of the Dark Lord." Buffy blinked, knowing from his tone that somehow she'd just been insulted, and not liking it one bit.

Remus made a sort of strangled noise in the back his throat and took at step forward, his kind eyes blazing with anger.

"Watch your mouth, Malfoy," He growled.

Dumbledore put a calming hand on Remus' arm –Buffy noted the affect was instantly achieved- but his own eyes were burning as well.

Fudge laughed nervously, his hands fluttering about in the air, "Now, Lucius, really…"

Buffy took a step forward, her eyes narrowed. Lucius was a good three heads taller then her so she had to look up at him awkwardly, but she'd be dammed if she were going to let him think he could intimidate and insult a slayer!

"I may not know what that means, but you'd be wise to take it back. You don't want to mess with me… " She said dangerously.

Obviously the veiled warning was a little 'too' veiled because he snorted and his expression contorted into a disgusting sneer –Buffy wondered if he had any other kind-.

"Really?" He drawled unbelievingly, tapping the floor twice with his staff.

Buffy smirked "Really. And what's with the cane gramps? Over compensating much?"

The Minister made a high-pitched sound and covered his face with his hands, his neck and face flushed brightly. Dumbledore wore a surprised sort of amused expression, his lips twitching. Lupin choked loudly and smothered his laughter under a hand.

Buffy grinned snidely at the sputtering Malfoy, not choosing to attempt to hide her amusement in the least.

"Why you-"

"I mean really, who are you kidding Lucy? This whole 'look at me, I'm a pompous bag of shit' 'tude of yours, really isn't making you any friends."

"Fudge" He growled finally, "When did you start letting in just any crass yank mud-"

Before he could even finish the sentence Lupin was lunging toward him with a snarl. Thankfully Dumbledore took a firm grip on his companion's robes so that he never reached him.

"Isn't that sweet, I do believe you have yourself a beast to protect you."

The comment made little sense to Buffy's angered mind, but she filed it away for later evaluation.

"I don't need anyone to protect me." Buffy said with a smile. "You on the other hand, may."

Lucius laughed mockingly "Protection from who- you? I think not"

"Oh I wouldn't be too cocky Lucy boy, while we both know you're –lacking- in certain areas," She said, looking pointedly at his staff. "I'm sure I could still manage do quite a bit of damage."

Lucius flushed at the snorts and snickers from the two men behind Buffy and brought his staff up in a threatening manner. "Someone needs to put you in your place!" And then the silver staff was whizzing towards her head in a wicked downward arc.

In those moments there was no time to react, even as Dumbledore, Lupin, and alas even Fudge, reached for their respective wands they knew that the metal serpent head would connect with Buffy's skull and do irreversible damage. That is, it would have, if Buffy weren't the slayer.

Buffy caught the staff in one hand, and twisted it around so that, using Malfoy's own momentum, his arm came up and around, his back to her. The staff connected strongly with his windpipe, his arm and shoulder caught between the wall and Buffy's iron grip. The gleaming staff lay across his throat choking him when Buffy so chose.

"Now then," she said calmly. "I really think you should learn to control that temper of yours before it gets you hurt." Lucius made a vile comment then so Buffy pushed harder until she heard Lucius gurgle.

"I think it would be in your best interest to stop… pissing… me… off"

Remus and Dumbledore's eyes watched the display with equal amounts shock and awe.

After a moment's hesitation, and seeing a few men that looked suspiciously guard-like looking their way, Buffy let him go with a sigh, throwing the staff at his head, which he just barely caught.

Malfoy pushed away from her, sneered, and started to unsheathe his wand before thinking better of it. –There were two rather pissed off wizards behind her-

"What are you?" he growled. Righting his robes that had become mused when he had rather unceremoniously hit the wall.

"Me? I'm Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, and you are still pissing me off."

Remus Lupin gave a kind of shudder, before he stiffened. Lucius caught the movement and hid his shock behind a cold laugh.

"Isn't that just a coincidence, here is a slayer right where she is needed. A horrible disgusting beast is in our midst. Surely you will rid us of it?"

Buffy threw him a nasty look.

"Don't tempt me, peroxide"

"No, my dear" Lucius said thickly, "your very own Lupin happens to be a Werewolf!"

Throughout this encounter everyone had stayed very still. Fudge looked seriously like he was about to be ill, Dumbledore seemed ready to stand in-between Buffy and Lupin, Malfoy was looking decidedly smug and self congratulatory. But the only one Buffy seemed to see was Remus Lupin.

He was holding Dumbledore to one side, his eyes were sad, but also accepting, as if his fate was to be dismembered by a slayer; and that was okay. As if he was facing some sort of deserving punishment. Like he believed that he should somehow have to answer for being furry 3 nights a month, as if he had any choice! It caused Buffy's anger to soar into a righteous fury.

Buffy locked eyes with his, her anger clear to see.

Lupin flinched as she moved towards him, but didn't otherwise move.

Buffy stopped before him, her eyes softened and a smile burst onto her face.

"You're a werewolf?" she breathed, "That… That is so totally cool! Do you know Oz?"

Remus blinked as though something very shocking had just happened.


"I guess not, huh." Buffy sighed. "It's not like you have a members list or anything… -you - you don't, do you?- but hey, that's okay. I'm not a total spaz, I knew there was something about you, but I got distracted by your…"

Buffy stopped, blushed, and then smiled mischievously.

Remus had been lost for the majority of the ramble but still had caught enough to flush a little in his shock.

"N. No, I'm afraid I don't know…"

"Oz… yeah he's all wolfie too. Got bit by his baby cousin Jordy. Nasty shock, especially to his girlfriend."

"Ah, how did you know that he was-?"

"A werewolf? He tried to eat us, that was our first clue, and then there was all the hair and stuff… It kinda just fell into place from there."

Remus chucked a little and Buffy grinned.

"He was, ah, a friend of yours?"

Buffy nodded, "of course he wasn't a werewolf when we met him, but after we found out we took care of him"

Remus gulped audibly, looking a little worried again. Buffy's eyes widened and she clarified hurriedly.

"Oh, no no no, took care of, as in, you know cages, tranqs, puppy sitting. That kind of take care of, not the slayery kind of…"

An enraged shout startled her out of her conversation.

Lucius Malfoy was livid; high spots of colour had risen on his otherwise pale face.

"What do you think you are doing –flirting - with him, he's a werewolf you daft bint, your supposed to kill him!"

Buffy's jaw dropped.

A second later Lucius Malfoy was holding his face in shocked agony, his nose bleeding all over his nice 'expensive' robes.

"First off, Blondie, you call me one more name and your nose won't be the only thing I break. Capeesh? And, Hello, are you damaged?"

Buffy blinked and grinned at her own pun.

"Mentally challenged? I thought we already had this conversation a few minutes ago, the whole 'mess with me you'll be sorry' spiel… you remember the part where you hit the wall? And excuse you? Just who are you to pass judgment on this man just because he happens to be a werewolf? Bigotry and Evil are two things that I will not tolerate."

"He's a bloody Werewolf you trollop! Not a minority!" This might have angered Buffy except for the fact that the man sounded down right pathetic speaking through a bloody handkerchief.

So Buffy just rolled her eyes in annoyance.

"You really are deficient aren't you? Fine, Mr. Malfoy- I can't make this any clearer - the only evil thing I'm interested in slaying right now is your pale ass, so why don't you get gone."

Malfoy glared for a good minute before he turned and stalked away, his robes billowing out behind him.

"You might want to have that looked at!" Buffy called after him, and then turned to the men behind her.

"Kinda has a flair for the dramatic that one, doesn't he."

Remus Lupin and Albus Dumbledore shared a look.

Cornelius Fudge, Minister for Magic, gave a dismayed cry.

Buffy Summers, slayer, grinned.

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