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It was an average day till Inner Sakura wanted to play.

Chapter 1

It was an average day in Konoha...

Team 7 just finished practice. (which wasn't very long considering Kakashi was 3 hours late)

A pink hair girl was staring at a handsome boy with black shiny hair. While a loud mouth boy was complaining that he was hungry and hasn't eaten ram en for a whole 3 hours. While their sensei was reading a perverted book. The boy, known as none other than Sasuke, turned to look at Sakura. He was trying to tell her something but all she was doing was thinking,

'Sasuke is so cute with his flawless face. Only if he would talk to me... wait he is?'

But it was to late because the only thing Sakura heard was "Watch, Pole."

'Huh? What could that mean...


Sakura walked into a pole.

Naruto ran up to the unconscious girl,

"Sakurachan are you all right?"

Kakashi put down his book and looked at his student lying on the ground.

"Ouch that had to hurt." said Kakashi

He went over and picked up Sakura and swung her over his shoulder.

"Come on you two I think Sakura needs to go to the clinic to see if she seriously hurt anything."

Sasuke was giving his 'I have way better things to do instead of helping stupid girls that can't watch where they're going' look. When Naruto started dragging Sasuke after Kakashi.

"Hey put me down dope!" said Sasuke

"No we have to make sure Sakurachan is all right." said Naruto

Now if any passerby would happen to see team 7 they would of thought Sakura and Sasuke had a big fight and Sasuke was going to get in BIG trouble, because they looked like this...

Kakashi is carrying a pink hair girl on his back that has a big red bump on her forehead.

A blond boy was dragging a reluctant blacked hair boy that had a glare that could freeze hell over. Towards the clinic.

Sakura's POV

'Ouch why does my head hurt?' Sakura thought 'Last thing I remember is looking at Sasukekun's flawless face then everything went blank.'

'That's because you ran into a pole smart one' said inner Sakura

'Oh...AHHH! I can't face Sasuke after he seen me do that and who in the world are you!'

'Remember ever hearing that voice in your head that tells you to do things that you would normally not do?'

'Oh yea that's you.'

'Yes it is I'm your inner self'

'I think I'm going crazy' thought Sakura, 'but might as well go with the flow.'

' I don't want to wake up. I can't ever face sasukekun again.

'I will for you.' said inner Sakura

'How will you do that?'

'Let me be out in the real world for a little while and I'll try ti make everything better for you. We'll switch places for a little while. We'll still be able to talk to each other and you'll know what's going on.'

'Ok as long as I don't have to face Sasukekun and as long as you promise me one thing.'

'Now what is that?'

' You will let me take control when I want it back.'

'Deal' said inner Sakura, but she was secretly crossing her fingers.

'Yea I might give you back control and I might not. Depends on how much fun I have.' thought inner Sakura.

Normal POV

Kakashi, Naruto, and Sasuke were all waiting for Sakura to wake up. The nurse said that she just got a bump on her head and she'll wake up in a couple minutes. The couple minutes turned into a couple hours though. Kakashi was reading his perverted book again. Sasuke wanted to be any where but there. Naruto was complaining that he was hungry. A little while later soon they started to hear Sakura moan.

"Ahh...uggg... my head hurts.' mumbled Sakura (A/N: This is actually inner Sakura but they don't know that.)

"Sakurachan is waking up." yelled Naruto very loudly "Sakurachan are you ok? How are you doing? Does your head hurt?

Sakura's vein started to twitch.

"Do you want rammen? How about...

Naruto couldn't finish his sentence because he was lying on the floor with a bump that is still growing on his head.

"SHUT THE HELL UP! yelled sakura.

The birds stopped chirping and everybody eyes were as big as plates.

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