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Chapter 12


All of a sudden there was a huge flash of light. Both inner Sakura and Sakura were thrown at each other. They collided with a big bang. Now instead of two Sakuras there was only one laying on the black ground, eyes closed, and motionless.


Inner Sakura and Sakura were now one. Sakura will now tell how she really feels, but is still sensitive.


With Sasuke and Sakura:

"Ouch..." mumbled Sakura as she slept on Sasuke's lap. Sasuke looked down on her. He felt kind of weird about this.

Sakura opened her hazy eyes. She felt really weird. She looked up and noticed that she was looking at Sasuke.

"Oh my gosh! I am on Sasuke's lap!" thought Sakura. "But wait...why am I on Sasuke's lap?"

"Sasuke-kun? Why am I on your lap?" asked Sakura.

Sasuke smirked his sexy smirk and looked down at her. His dark orbs pierced through her green ones. "Glad your back Sakura."

Sakura laughed shaikily. "Back...uh...but I never left Sasuke-kun. Where would you get

that idea? I mean I been here the who..." Sakura was silenced by Sasuke pressing his lips against

hers. Sakura was completley frozen.

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!" Thought Sakura. "What

do I do?" Then an idea struck her.

Sakura smirked her own smirk into the kiss. She started to kiss Sasuke back. She reached her hands up and ran them through Sasuke's hair. Sasuke stopped kissing her for air, and looked down at her. She was smirking playfully at him. Sasuke frowned. Sakura's smirk grew. She quickly pushed him away screaming "YOUR IT!" She ran away from him with Bandit smiling at them and ran after Sakura himself. Sasuke sat there for a couple seconds. He expected for her to blush and mumble, but this was funner. He quickly got up and started to run after her. Sakura ran all around Sasuke's house. She heard him chasing after her. She looked down at Bandit who smiled at her. She smiled back. This was fun! She was carful not to slip on anything. God only knows what would happen then

After about an hour Sasuke, Sakura, and Bandit all lay on the main room floor panting. They are one big happy family. Bandit smiled wickedly as he watched Sasuke and Sakura. They were laying awfully close to each other.Sasuke was telling Sakura all about his evil plan. When he started to tell her about finding Bandit she laughed because the name Bandit really did fit his character. Sakura told Sasuke all about her experience with her self.

Sakura finally bid goodbye to Sasuke. They had training tomorrow. "That's going to be fun" they both thought. Sakura said goodbye to Bandit and gave him a kiss, which to he smiled cheesily. Sasuke and her decided that it would be best if Bandit stayed with Sasuke since Sasuke didn't have to hide him. Sakura stood up and gave Sasuke a kiss too and the cheek and said goodbye

The next day:

Sasuke, like usual, was the first to arrive. He watched the steam move my slowly. He was thinking about all the changes in his life. Sakura was one of the biggest changes. Thinking of Sakura there she comes.

Sure enough there was Sakura walking down the path. When she saw Sasuke look at her, she smiled back. She walked across the bridge. The bridge was a little slippery. It must have rained some time during the night. She stepped in a puddle her foot slipped. She closed her eyes waiting for impact. "Dang it, I am such a klutz! I am just going to kill myself. Wait, why ain't I in pain yet?" Sakura opened her eyes to see that she was a mere foot away from the ground. She twisted her body around to see that Sasuke had caught her. He smirked at her.

"Sakura I really think that you need to hire someone to catch you all the time." said Sasuke.

Sakura smirked up at him. "I hire you."

Sasuke leaned in to kiss her, but someone had to ruin it. "Get away from my Sakura-chan!" yelled Naruto. Sakura and Sasuke sprung away from each other. Naruto started yelling at Sasuke, while Sasuke just smirked. Sakura rolled her eyes.

Off in the distance Kakashi and Bandit watched the three.teens. They high fived each other. "Good Job." said Kakashi. Banditmeowed in response.


The End

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