Fortune Cookies

by forbiddenlight

Summary: Ginevra Weasley relates her life to the tellings of her fortune cookies.

A/N: I know, I know… I should be working on "What The Shrink Told Me" or "Snowing In July", but I ate Chinese today, got a super cool fortune cookie saying, and then got this idea. So, please enjoy, although this oneshot is pathetic. And short. Whatever.

Disclaimer: I don't own. Hardly anything. Except some clothes, a NEC PC, and some licorice sticks… Plus, I'm broke. And JK's richer than rich itself. Hmmm… Wonder where she lives…


Day One: You see darkness where others see daylight.

I suppose this one is true. With the war over, others are full of optimism for what is to happen next, which, they believe, will be for the wizarding world to live without fear, pain, or problems. But I know the truth. That with the slaying of one evil wizard another will rise up to his place. And soon. Who that may be, we do not know. We can only wait. Bleak times are in the future, if only everyone wasn't so blind to be unable to see it.

Day Two: You find treasures where others find nothing unusual.

This one is oddly true. No one found Draco Malfoy unusual. For a Malfoy that is. But I found him a treasure. A treasure worth going after. A treasure worth winning.

Day Three: A much needed vacation will help you in life.

Now this one is quite idiotic. Everyone needs a vacation. And a vacation typically helps you in life.

Day Four: A great future awaits you.

If only that was true.

Day Five: In your career you will fail, but you will be an ultimate success in love in the near future.

Career yes… Love… Not so sure. Draco is in love with that Parkinson girl. He will never love me, a Weasley.

Day Six: Seek those out that need your help, or simply a friend.

I'm best friends with Luna "Loony" Lovegood, aren't I?

Day Seven: Keep in touch with those you once held dear.

I should call Dean, Thomas, Michael, Seamus, Dustin, Harry, Oliver, Blaise, Peter, Max, Robert, and Caleb, then, huh?

Day Eight: Forgive yourself.

Hmm… Forgive myself? For what? The list is too long.

Day Nine: There is a silver lining to every cloud.

Ha ha ha.

Day Ten: Although you will suffer, you will, soon enough, be happy.

Although I will suffer I will be happy eventually. Whatever hicks wrote this need a life.

Day Eleven: You will fail before you succeed.

Don't we know.

Day Twelve: A letter of great importance has come to you recently. Heed it.

So that letter from my anonymous admirer shouldn't be forgotten? Oh, hell, alright.