Fanfic: Naruto

Title: Dreaming of You in My Heart

Genre: Romance-Drama

Story: If the one you love vanished all of a sudden, would you do anything to find that person? Or would you move on with life, living with out that person. SasuHina all the way!

Author's Notes: Hey, readers! This is another SasuHina story and I hope that you guys like it. I know that I haven't been updating my other stories but I will. I'm just at a writer's blocks, but I have written more than two pages in Are You the One Making Me feel this Way? So that is something I am going to update. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy and I hope to keep updating, but with school, it's going to take a while. Please enjoy. This story I wrote a long time ago and I just want to post it up to see what you guys think. Enjoy!

Chapter 1:

I never wanted her to go away

To leave me here by myself alone

"Sasuke!" cried a sixteen year old Sakura. She opened the apartment door. It was the middle of the night, but she was worried about him. She had a gray jacket on and pajamas also. She placed on some sandals and she was breathing hard as sweat fell down to her face.

A sixteen year old boy was dangerously throwing things on the floor like the phone, plants, and furniture. He turned to face Sakura angrily with sweat dripping down his face and he looked at her with fierce eyes.

Sakura's eyes went up in shock and she hurried and grabbed Sasuke's arm," Sasuke! Stop this madness! What are you doing?"

"Let go of me!" cried Sasuke angrily, yanking her away from him as he went to a closet and took out a coat. He then slipped on his shoes and started for the door.

"Sasuke!" shouted Sakura, falling to the floor, crying as she looked at his back," Please, you have to stop this nonsense. She isn't going to come back."

Sasuke stopped as he almost headed out of the door. Silence.

"Please," pleaded Sakura, crying as tears hit the wooden floor," Hinata's vanished. Can't you accept that she left you?" She couldn't help this immense pain that was in her heart when she found out that the Hinata and Sasuke were dating for these five months. Hinata now had suddenly vanished a week ago and Sasuke had been going crazy to find her. Her things were gone from her apartment and there was no letter. She and Sasuke used to go out before Sasuke called it quits and dumped her. But she still loved him a lot.


Sakura sniffed and looked up, tears brimming in her green eyes. Sasuke had turned around and walked over to her. He shook her shoulders as if she was crazy.

"You don't understand," cried Sasuke, glaring at her," She would not do this. Never."

Sakura stared outrageously at Sasuke's outburst of emotion. All of her life, she has seen him quiet and now that Hinata and him were together he was beginning to change.

"Sasuke," said Sakura, softly, amazed at his action. But she wouldn't have it. Hinata was gone and that was enough to prove to her that their relationship was over. She then shook his arm away from her and she shouted at him," You fool! Don't you understand that I am still here for you while Hinata is gone! How much do you know of this Hinata? How did you actually meet anyways? What if she did this on purpose!" She looked at Sasuke straight in the eye.

Sasuke just sighed out of frustration and got up, ready to leave.

"Wait, Sasuke!" said Sakura, running up to him, grabbing his arm," You have to stop this. You know that the police cannot find her and she has no family! Maybe she decided to leave on her own." She leaned on his arm and closed her eyes," So please. I don't care if you don't love me, but please, stop doing this to yourself." She cried on his shoulder as the two just stood there.

Suddenly Sasuke just fell to the ground on his knees and so did Sakura.

"Sasuke?" said Sakura, leaning to see his face to see if he was alright. Her eyes went big.

Sasuke was crying. Tears were literally in his eyes and he was actually crying. He leaned on a wall and just cried. His usually onyx eyes were now turned into blazing red sharingan eyes. He angrily pounded the wall near him and a dent was on it.

Sakura was now standing in front of him, kneeling on her knees.

"Hinata," said Sasuke, suddenly stop crying. He then shouted," Where are you!"

Sakura cried also, not just for Sasuke, but for Hinata also.


Sakura looked up and saw a sixteen year old girl. She had short blackish bluish hair and white pearly eyes. Her short hair was behind her ears.

Sakura was sitting in a bench at the park and tears were in her eyes.

Hinata sat down next to her and she was silent.

"What are you doing here?" sniffed Sakura, wiping her tears away with a tissue. She had ran all the way after school ended and she hadn't noticed that her fellow school mate had followed her.

Hinata smiled and sat next to her," Do you mind if I sit next to you?"

Sakura shook her head," Go ahead."

"Sakura," said Hinata, staring straightly ahead of her, she closed her eyes," I know that you found out that Sasuke asked me to be his girlfriend and that is what is making you sad, right?"

Sakura blushed in embarrassment but spoke," You could say that."

Hinata only frowned and then she turned to Sakura," I don't know you very well, but if it makes you feel this bad, I'll decline his offer." She watched as Sakura cried out some more tears and Hinata smiled a bit," I don't want anyone crying over a person like me."

"What are you saying?" asked Sakura, wiping her tears. "You're sweet, kind, pretty, and everyone doesn't hate you."

Hinata only gave a smile," That's the first time anyone has ever told me that." She frowned after that," But really, to tell you the truth, everyone thinks of me as a shy and average-grade person." Hinata blushed," It's true."

Sakura blushed also," Well, I guess I did think of you like that. You are always so quiet and you hardly talk to anyone in school."

Hinata only looked away," I really don't know why Sasuke asked me, but I-"

"Look," said Sakura, smiling, standing up, sniffing a bit and her eyes were red," He's a nice guy when you really get to know him. Believe me, he is a hard guy to get through though. It took me so long to just get him to talk more than four words in our relationship." She then patted Hinata's shoulder and waved back.

"Good luck! Thanks for cheering me up!" exclaimed Sakura as she ran away from Hinata," I really have to go now. My parents will kill me! Bye Hinata!"

Sakura saw Hinata smile and wave back.

Sakura cried. She would never have expected Sasuke and her to fall in love with each other so much. It hurt her more that when she left that day, Sakura knew that their relationship would fall apart and so she wished Hinata good luck, knowing that their relationship would never work out. But she was wrong. He actually smiled after their relationship. They laughed with each other and held hands and became so close. Even though it only lasted for six months, she knew that they were serious about each other.

"Hinata," said Sasuke, saying her name with ache and desire. He missed her so much and he feared for her life. Where would she go? There was no where that Hinata could go. She had lost her family long ago and had no one.

Sasuke closed his eyes as he leaned on the wall. He remembered her telling him that her grandmother died a year ago and so now she was on her own. Hinata worked on school days and on weekends. He never knew what it was like living with a job. He was rich, his father a corporate manager. He decided to move out of the house and his father didn't really care. His father paid for his bills and so he didn't have much to worry about. All he had to do was keep up his grades in school so that he would be able to attend a good university and be able to take over his father's business.

"Please," pleaded Sakura," Don't go after her anymore, Sasuke. She left. There's nothing that you can do."

Sasuke opened his eyes and they were still the red sharingan eyes. "No, I won't believe it. She's not like that. There must have been a reason. A damn good one for her to leave with out telling me at all." He started to get up," I'm going to look for her."

"Sasuke!" shouted Sakura, tears running down her cheeks," Please. It's so cold out there, you could freeze to death! Just stay here with me! I will always be here for you. Why can't you just understand? I am telling you that I love you, Sasuke! With all my heart and soul you will always be in my heart." She practically shouted and declared her love for him," I never wanted to break up with you. I love you so much. You broke my heart but I'm still here. Waiting for you to realize that I am so much better than Hinata. You deserve so much better, Sasuke. She's just a shy and average-grade girl. Our fathers know each other so well. We belong with each-"

Suddenly she felt him grab her shoulders and pin her to the wall. Sakura suddenly stopped talking as now he was hissing at her with glaring anger.

"Don't you dare call her that," said Sasuke hissingly through clenched teeth," Hinata is not like that. Maybe she seems like that to other people, but there's more to her than you think."

Sakura stared in disbelief at what she was seeing. Sasuke had never been so crazy-like at all. But Sakura raised an eyebrow," Oh yeah? I guess than! She's a horrible person. She leaves the one she loves and runs off with out telling anyone." She could feel Sasuke loosen his hold as his eyes became more lost. Sakura liked what she saw and began to talk more," Yep! That's the person I see from her. She's an evil woman in my eyes, who doesn't care about anyone. All she wanted was to break you heart. You are a fool to fall in love with her Sasuke. What has she to offer you than me?" Sakura spat in his face. She knew that she was hurting him. Hurting him so much. But this is what she needed to do if she wanted to ensure their relationship to come back again.

"No…she…wouldn't," said Sasuke, his voice weakening and his eyes coming back to black onyx eyes. He suddenly fell down to his knees again and now he felt so weak. It was true. Hinata had broken his heart. To so many pieces that it was too much to count.

Sakura bent down, not scared anymore, clear to her that he was now hers now. She caressed his cheek and lowered her face towards his. Her tears now gone and determination was clearly written in her eyes. She lifted his eyes towards her so that she could stare at those eyes.

"Sasuke, I will always be here for you," said Sakura with confidence," No matter what, I will never desert you like Hinata."

She than leaned in for a kiss and their lips touched. His lips were cold and wet.

She knew that it would take time, but she could wait. Wait until his heart would be completely hers and than things could end up being her way. His whole heart would be hers and Hinata would never be able to take it away.

Not with out a fight.

Author's Notes: Yep, I made Sakura evil in this first chapter. It could only get worse. But believe me, questions will be answered in the story and this may have been a bit confusing but I hope you guys like it. Please review so I know what you guys think! My reviewers will always be appreciated in my heart whether you give flames or not.