I don't Harry Potter or Naruto, damn the rotten luck.

"Ah, coffee," said a young man with a grin of thanks for the very awakening beverage.

A tapping at his window drew his attention away from his favorite morning beverage much to his annoyance, "Why does bloody mail have to come so early in the morning?" He went to window and opened it allowing not an owl but a very large eagle admittance. Right away the eagle held out its leg for him to take the bird's message, 'Lily Potter' was crawled neatly above the wax seal.

"Lily, letter for you," called James.

"I'm coming," she called back before she waddled into the kitchen. She was very pregnant and was expected to pop any day now. "Tenshi," she cooed as soon as she saw the eagle.

"You know this bird?" asked James.

"He the long distance messenger bird my cousin always uses," said Lily, "Give me the letter already."

James started to hand the letter over when she simply tore it from his grasp and undid the wax seal. Despite James' surprise at his wife's over eagerness he chose to ask, "I didn't know you had a cousin?"

"We don't talk often but he's my favorite bit of blood relation I have. If anything were to ever to happen to us and Sirius wasn't able, I would like little Rose to be raise by him," said Lily rubbing her stomach.

"I doubt anything would happen to Sirius, but I would rather Harry be raised by your cousin than your sister any day of the week," said James.

Lily chose to ignore James and instead focused in on the letter, "Oh this is wonderful, he's fallen in love."

"Congratulations to him then," said James, "What's this cousin of yours name anyway?"

"Arashi," said Lily.

"Why haven't you ever mentioned him before? For that matter why wasn't he at our wedding?" James asked slightly perturbed.

"He's the leader of his village," said Lily.

"Village?" asked James curious.

"You're not going to just let me read this letter, are you?" asked Lily setting it down.

"Not really, no," said James with a grin.

"Fine, I'll tell you the story," said Lily with a sigh. "My aunt, rest her sole, was very adventurous in her youth. When she was about eighteen she started to traipse about the world trying to see and do everything possible. Well, during her travels she fell in love with a man, he was half-Asian half-American. Anyway, when I was maybe thirteen, my Aunt, my Uncle and my Cousin finally came to visit us. That is one week that I will never forget."

"What happened?"

"Well, I remember having to hide every last bit of magical paraphernalia I had before they came. The idea was to slowly break it to my aunt and her family over the course of the week. However, on the day they arrived I met Arashi for all of about a minute when he started yelling at his mother and father that it was a trap of some sort and that I was trained. My uncle looked panicked for only a moment before my Aunt broke into a giant ear to ear smile. 'Lily's a witch isn't she?' Well, as you know my mother is not magical. In fact, she knew nothing of magic until I received my letter. So imagine my mother's surprise when my Aunt suddenly knew. Anyway, my uncle smacked Arashi upside the head for overreacting and we all had a good laugh about it. Apparently, my Aunt was a witch and attended Hogwarts, but my grandparents kept it secret from my mum. The idea was that if my mum ever got a letter they would tell her about it, but she never did. As a result they just, said my aunt won a scholarship to a very good school."

"I bet Petunia didn't react very well to that," said James with a grin.

"Not at all," said Lily with a silly grin, "Anyway, Arashi and I were thick as thieves that week and we've tried to keep in touch as much as possible."

"So what's all this about his village?"

"Well, you know there are several enclaves where wizards have completely cut themselves off from all outside contact? That they live in harmony with the muggles around them right?" asked Lily to which James nodded, "Well, he lives in one of the oldest that has developed completely away from almost all contact with the outside world. In fact, it's so large that there are actually several countries and villages and towns. It's really quite amazing, or so he has told me. Anyway, he is the leader of a village called Konohagakura."

"Where is this place that there are several countries?"

"Antarctica, quite powerful magic protects that place. Most people only see ice and snow and any one who travels along it gets caught in an illusion that makes them think they are actually going somewhere but are really just walking in circles."

James snickered at that, "I might have to try that trick."

"Oh, you would love Arashi, he was such a prankster when he came to visit. I don't know what magic he used or how he did it but poor Petunia had to be medicated for her nerves by the time he left," said Lily wiping away a tear of laughter.

"We have got to visit him once Harry is born," said James.

"I have asked several times if I could visit but he's said that it isn't really a good idea," said Lily, "The village, the whole continent for that matter, don't take well to any outsiders stepping foot there."

"Then he'll have to come visit us," said James.

"Do you really think that's safe with everything that is going on?" asked Lily.

James seemed to get serious for a moment, "Well, then once this whole mess is cleared up we'll be sure to have him visit, it's not Voldemort is immortal. He's going to slip up and when he does . . ."

"I hope so James," said Lily soberly before she smiled, "For Rose's sake."

James laughed and kissed his wife before she went back to the letter and James to his coffee.


"James, Lily, I will leave it to the both of you to select your secret keeper and perform the spell," said Albus Dumbledore before he stood to leave.

"No need to think about it, it'll be Sirius," said James adamantly all the while knowing that they had something different planned.

"I understand," said Dumbledore, "Well, then I will be sure to check on you in a few days, oh, and Happy Halloween."

"That's not until tomorrow," said Lily, "But thanks."

"Albus, before you go, there is something we wanted to talk to you about," said James.

"Oh, and what's that?" asked Albus.

"If anything were to happen to Lily and me," began James.

"Promise us," said Lily adding force to the request.

"Don't send Harry to live with Petunia, let him stay with Sirius," said James.

"And if something happens that prevents him from staying with Sirius, I want to go live with my cousin Arashi," said Lily, "Arashi is our age and he's about to have his first child. I know that Arashi will take good care of Harry."

"And where can I find this young man?" asked Albus knowing that he wouldn't like the answer he was about to get.

"He is the Hokage of Konohagakura, one of the villages of the Antarctica enclave," said Lily.

"I will do my best," said Albus not liking the request and planning to do otherwise if anything were to happen.

"No, promise me, I want your wizard's oath that if anything happens to us and Sirius isn't able to care for Harry that you will send him to be with my cousin," said Lily with a great passion.

Albus sighed, "I don't approve but I give you my wizard's oath that if anything happens, I will send Harry to his cousin until he is old enough to attend Hogwarts."

"Thank you Albus," said Lily. It was very evident just how grateful she was by the look in her vibrant green eyes.

Albus just nodded before he apparated away.

"Lily, that was a bit strong don't you think?" asked James holding his obviously very worried wife.

"Maybe, but I can't help this very bad feeling I've been getting," said Lily.

"Everything will work out in the end," said James kissing his wife.


"Albus, you can't seriously be thinking of leaving him here?" asked a very perturbed Minerva McGonagall.

"He will be safe here with his Aunt and Uncle," said Dumbledore with every intention of leaving the child on the step before him. Dumbledore turned to walk away but as he took a step there was a horrible pain shooting through his entire body that brought him to his knees.

"Albus," Minerva nearly shouted seeing her long time friend collapse in pain.

"Damn," said Albus as he tried to walk further away only to be jerked back as if attached to some sort of rip cord.

"Albus, what's happening? What's wrong?"

"I can't . . ." said Albus panting, "I can't leave the boy here. Damn that foolish wizard's oath. I should never have made it."

"What oath? What are you talking about?"

"I made and oath to Lily and James, that if anything ever happened to them and Sirius could not care for Harry that I would send him to Lily's cousin. I thought that because I worded it just so and because Harry has a cousin here that I could get around it but it seems I have no choice in the matter," explained Albus cryptically.

"What cousin?" asked Minerva.

"Lily has another cousin, he lives in the Antarctica enclave," said Albus.

"Albus, there are not but murderers and thieves in that place, you mustn't take the boy there. It'll surely mean death," said Minerva in an uproar.

"I know," said Albus a bit more forcefully than he intended. "However, I must see to this or risk my own death before I have a chance to teach the boy anything."

"He will grow up to be just like there kind, you can't do this," said Minerva trying to make Albus see the light of day.

Albus though actually chuckled, "I was afraid this may happen so I checked into it. The village Lily wanted Harry sent to was actually pretty decent. They are still like others of that nation but they are also one of the more peaceful villages. If nothing else, he will grow up learning to protect himself and being fiercely protected as well."

"I simply can't agree to this nor stand by and watch you do this so I will leave you here and hope that you come to your senses," said Minerva before she stalked away from the porch and unlit street.

"Well Harry, it seems we have another destination," said Albus recollecting the babe from the step.


Albus arrived before a village that looked to be falling apart at the seems. The large gate that stood before him was barely holding up and there was a very strong stench of blood in the air. Things did not bode well at all.

"Halt, who goes there?" asked a man as he appeared without noise before the elderly man.

"I am Albus Dumbledore, I am from the mainland. I have come to speak with the Hokage."

"You will have to hold here. It might take a while to find him," said the another man from behind him. It was then the man before him vanished.

Albus turned slowly to see the other man. He had a few rather unpleasant looking cuts and gashes in his clothing. "Might I ask, what has happened here?"

"Kyubi," said the man in near whisper while his eyes filled with dread.

"The demon," said Albus in an equal whisper of awe. One of the reason that the Antarctica enclave was avoid by most if not all wizards was because of the demons that still freely roamed the land, the most feared of which was the Kyubi no Kitsune.

"He attacked three days ago," said the guard, his eyes clearly reliving the event. "Only last night was the demon finally defeated. Yondaime-sama faced the monster from atop Gamabunta and sealed it away."

"Sealed?" asked Albus knowing how great a toll it must have been to do so.

"He gave his life to seal away the demon into a newborn child. But, Sandaime-sama refused to destroy the sealed demon-child now. The threat is still there but he won't see reason," said the addled guard.

"I see, then Arashi is dead," said Albus gleaning the information he needed. If that was the case the oath magic should have broken by now and he would be free to place the child where he felt him to be safe.

Suddenly the guard dropped to one knee, "Hokage-sama."

Albus turned back towards the gate to see a man his own age, maybe slightly younger holding his own buddle of cloth in his arms.

"How may I help you sir?" asked the Hokage.

"I am Albus Dumbledore, I have come from the mainland looking for Arashi, but alas, I have just heard of the tragedy which has befallen you," said Albus.

"I am Sarutobi, please come in and speak with me. Perhaps we could provide you some milk for the baby," said the Hokage politely.

Albus nodded. It was very rare that anyone in this land showed such kindness, especially to an outsider such as himself. It was a rare chance to see how these people really lived and worked day in and day out.

"I am sorry for the mess, but as I'm sure you heard, we've had something of a natural disaster recently," said Sarutobi as he guided Albus up the street to the largest building in the village.

Once inside the office Sarutobi placed the babe in his arms in a playpen across from his desk. Albus didn't see the harm in allowing Harry to join the other babe.

"Please sit, can I offer you anything to drink?" asked the Hokage, "Perhaps a lemon drop, they are very hard to come by here but I do so enjoy them."

Albus smiled, this was a man after his own heart, "Thank you, I rather enjoy these myself."

"So tell me, what brings you here seeking Arashi? Has something happened to his cousin? He frequently spoke of her and of how worried she'd been recently. I can only assume you are here as a result," said Sarutobi.

"I am indeed. Sadly, Lily and James Potter were both murdered last night," said Albus grimly.

"I see, I most sorry to hear that. For them to die on the same evening that Arashi gave his own life," said Sarutobi sadly and just barely glancing at the crib.

"Is that the boy that was used to seal away the Kyubi?" asked Albus out of curiosity only.

Sarutobi nodded, "Arashi wanted that boy to be seen as a hero, but the pain is so fresh in the people's minds that they only see the demon and not the child. It is a sad affair indeed.

"I see," said Albus.

"What of the child with you? Is he Arashi's baby cousin that he was showing off pictures of to me for the last year?" asked Sarutobi with a chuckle.

"His name is Harry," said Albus.

"I see, then you intended to leave him in the care of Arashi and his wife?"

"I did, but with Arashi gone, the blood protection I intended to use will not work. But all is not lost. Lily has a sister, I can place the boy with them," said Albus, "I mean no offense to you, but I feel he will be much safer there. I only brought the child here because I swore an oath to Lily that I would leave Harry with her cousin."

"I take no offense at all," said Sarutobi, "I completely understand your situation, however, now that I know all the circumstances, I cannot allow you to take the boy from this village."

"I beg your pardon," said Albus not liking in the slightest where this was going.

"I don't believe your magic will allow you to take him either if you have sworn an oath to leave Harry with his cousin. For you see, he is currently sleeping next to his cousin," said Sarutobi.

"You mean," said Albus looking back at the sleeping children.

"Indeed," said Sarutobi.

"Where is Arashi's wife then?"

"She died during child birth," said Sarutobi.

"My word," said Albus, "Then they are both the only family they have."

"I cannot in good conscience allow you to take Harry away from Naruto," said Sarutobi, "Arashi has given so much and lost everything so that his son would live. Naruto has nothing left in this world and I will not let you take that only family he has away from him."

Albus didn't like this at all. He was cornered. He had no choice but to leave the boy here. He fulfilled the oath without even knowing it and now he had to abide by it. "I understand, but understand this. Harry will come to Hogwarts to learn our magic when he turns eleven."

"I will not prevent that from happening. I would not deny Harry the chance to learn about his parents magic or the world they lived in. However, I expect Harry to return here every summer for training and testing," said Sarutobi.

"You intend to train him to be one of you then?" asked Albus a bit offensively.

"His parents were murdered, I will do what is necessary to see to it he remains, alive and healthy and if I can, I will give him the skills to take his revenge when the time comes," said Sarutobi making a subtle attack on the ability of wizard magic's potency.

"So be it, but if you twist him into an unnatural killing machine I will hunt you down and take my own revenge," said Albus hotly before he disappeared with an angry pop.

Sarutobi smiled, he liked Albus a lot. He then looked to the two babes, who were now snuggling with each other sleeping peacefully. These two would be most interesting to watch as they grow.